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Thread: Hidden Ruler of the Resort Area

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    Default Hidden Ruler of the Resort Area

    In Platinum, the dude in the Resort area, swimming in the pool by the Ribbon Society, says that something 'mind-blowing' lurks in the Resort Area. I'm fairly certain that if you whip out your Super Rod (as he suggests), you won't be catching any Lugia. Is it just Seaking he's taking about? I think I liked him better when he talked about Vaporeon in DP...

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    Its not its a Magikarp lv100
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    ^ yeah

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    Actually, it's Magikarp at any level, from 1-100. The benefit of this is that you can quickly get a high leveled Gyarados ready for online battling and the Battle Frontier without having to do a lot of level grinding (I actually used this tactic for my Gyarados).

    The trick is to get a syncronizer (like Abra or Ralts) with the nature that you want, give them a smoke ball, and not accept any Magikarp that is lower then level 49. One net ball catches Magikarp 100% of the time. After capturing your Magikarp, use an iv calculator to check the ivs. If they are to your liking, then simply ev train it and level it up once. Then use a combination of tm's, move tutors, and move relearners to get the moves that you need. If the iv's aren't what you are looking for (or you have a bad nature), then simply reset the game and try again.

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    Yep, simply the 'secret' is that you can get Magikarp from level 1 to 100.

    And that's...basically it, so closed.

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