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Thread: Awakening of Darkness: an AAMayL fic

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    Default Awakening of Darkness: an AAMayL fic. (Rating: PG)

    Okay, I’m starting a Fic. Yes, it is an AAMayL; though the title makes it sound like it’s not. It’s only my first so it might take a while for each chap. So, please, read, review and reply! Oh, one more thing: the chaps might be short in the beginning but they’ll start to get longer. Also, I’m not sure how chaps there will be, but there should be at least 7 or 8. Anyway, here it is:

    ~Awakening of Darkness~

    Chapter one: Chaos in the Shadows

    It was a bright, sunny morning as Ash sat on the riverbank just outside of Fortree city.
    “Hey, Pikachu,” he said. “Do you think I can get my last 2 badges by the time May gets all her ribbons?”
    Pikachu started to say something, but May showed up.
    “I don’t know. Can you?” May said. She appeared of nowhere, as Ash was used to, but this time he did not expect it, and he tumbled into the river because of this. “Do you think so?”
    “May! I thought I told you to warn me next time you try that!” Ash snapped at May, although she knew he was just joking around. May has had feelings for Ash since she first met him, but didn’t know if he felt the same. And she didn’t know how to tell him. Of course, Ash has same problem, too.
    “Oh, sorry.” She told him, “I forgot. But next time, you should be ready!”
    “Next time?!” Ash yelled, “What do you mean, next time?”
    “Pika! Pika!” Pikachu said. Ash knew what he was saying, because of the fact that he had been with Pikachu since he was 10.
    “Uh, May, we should get going. If you look behind you, you’ll see that Brock and Max are waiting for us!” Ash pointed to show where they were.
    “Yeah, you’re right. Well? What are you waiting for? C’mon! They might leave us here…” She said out loud, …but, actually some alone time with Ash might be just what I need right now. She thought.So she followed Ash over to Max and Brock. Little did they know, they were being watched by a mysterious stranger.
    “How can they be having fun at a time like this?” the stranger said to himself, “Don’t they know that an unstoppable evil will soon take over the world? I have to warn them! No one will be safe when this happens!” he ran from his hiding place, “Hey you! You have to get out of here, NOW!!!”
    “Who are you?” Ash asked, “And why are you here?”
    “My name is of no importance, and I am here to warn every person of an event that will occur in the future!"
    It was May’s turn to talk now, except she was whispering to Ash. “Look, I say we ditch the freak on three. Ready? 1…2…” She was cut short by Ash, before she could say “3” and run.
    “Wait. Maybe we should hear him out. You know, in case he has any info on this so-called event. So? Talk now.”
    “Okay,” the stranger said, “Look, in the future, an unspeakable evil will arise and try to take over this land.” He continued, “In turn, he will not be satisfied by ruling only Hoenn, and try to take over this entire planet! I have a feeling that you are the one chosen to stop this evil.”
    "We’ll see, in the future, if you are right or if you’re just messing with our heads.” Ash claimed. “Yeah, right” He added sarcastically.
    The stranger walked away. “Oh we’ll see, all right. We’ll see... And you will be the first to find out how wrong you are, little boy!” And for some reason, Ash had the same feeling too. “Hmm, weird” Ash thought.

    To be continued…

    Was Ash really the chosen one or is this somebody’s idea of a joke? Find out in:     Spoiler:

    You Likie? I had my sister read it and she liked it, So I hope you do!
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    Here's my finally revived Fan-fic: Awakening of Darkness: an AAMayL Fic. Currently on chapter 14. Dive into the story of Ash, May, and the rest of the gang as they stop an ancient evil from taking over Hoenn, and eventually, the rest of the world!

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