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    I was writing this for my friends and I in honor of HG/SS release and decided I might as well post it. As of right now, it's definitely no more than PG. I can't see it going far above PG-13 and if so, only for battle scene descriptions and maybe the occasional swearing.

    So this is the prologue but I'm calling it part one. Let me know what you think. Part two will be up in a matter of minutes.


    My eyes fluttered open and I rolled over, savoring the feeling of the warm sheets pressing down on me. I turned my head slightly so that the fluorescent light of the clock peeked into my line of sight. It was nearly eleven. Realizing that I had things to accomplish this weekend and that my Saturday was nearly half over, I pulled myself out of bed and stumbled into the shower.

    I let the warm water soak into my skin, rejuvenating and reviving me. After toweling off, I brushed out my fine, strawberry blonde hair. From my closet, I selected a ratty pair of dark blue jeans and a black Boys Like Girls t-shirt. I found my glasses dangling off the end of my nightstand. Once I had thoroughly cleaned them, I placed them on the bridge of my nose, the green tints in the frames accenting the green in my teal eyes.

    I collected my book bag and settled myself on the couch, ready and willing to begin work on my paper for English. Since working in silence was not my forte, I set my iPod to shuffle and started my research.

    I worked diligently for at least an hour. However, a familiar song danced in my ears, demanding my full attention.

    “What kind of pokémon are you? How do you do the things you do?” I sang along with the music.

    Suddenly my determination to knock out the majority of my homework faded and my desire to play pokémon took its place. I shrugged, setting my books aside and scurrying into my room.

    I pulled the ancient Game Boy Color from my closet along with my Red version. Shoving the cartridge into the console, I turned it on and watched the opening sequence. Though I already had a saved game on file, I opted to start a new one.

    As I was entering my name, I felt a tug in the pit of my stomach. The pressure on my abdomen was building and soon I could feel it throughout my body. I dropped my game onto the carpet as my arm muscles surrendered under the weight. The force rolled my body off the sofa but, instead of falling onto the floor, I was simply falling.


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    Before I knew it I was on my feet, as if nothing had happened. However, something had obviously changed. I was no longer in my living room, but in the middle of a bedroom that most certainly wasn’t mine.

    The small, wood-paneled room was mostly bare. A twin bed sat off to the left. An antiquated computer was propped up on a desk and a Nintendo 64 was hooked up to a TV that appeared to be older than I was.

    I checked the desk drawers and found a tiny, purple spray canister. While I had no idea what function it served, my intuition told me it would be useful. I slipped it into my pocket and proceeded down the stairs in the corner opposite the bed.

    The downstairs featured the same drab sense of décor. The one room consisted of a dining table and four chairs with a small television on a video stand. There were no pictures on the walls, no clues as to whom inhabited this residence at all. I looked around a second time and made for the door. If someone did live here, I didn’t want to be caught trespassing if they returned.

    Shutting the door behind me, I observed the quaint, picturesque town. The sky was a flawless blue with nary a cloud in the sky. The trees danced as a light breeze ruffled their boughs. A stream snaked through the town leading to the ocean, visible in the distance. There was a smattering of houses, all placed along the river. Farther down the road was a huge, white building unlike any other edifice in the area.

    A door opened and I turned my head toward the sound. The house adjacent to the one I’d just emerged from had its front door flung wide open. A young girl wandered out, holding a book in one hand and a blue, stuffed bird in the other. She sat down against the side of the house, the book propped open on her legs and the bird in her lap.

    I walked toward her. Before I reached the girl, she looked up at me and smiled. Her caramel hair was braided into one long plait down her back. She had chocolate-colored eyes, a bright smile, and a purple and white checkered jumper.

    “You must be looking for Grandpa. He’s at his lab,” she stated, pointing toward the white building.

    “Um… thank you,” I said, rather confused. “My name is Andrea.”

    The girl giggled, as if I had just told an amusing joke.

    “I know!”

    Without an explanation, she scampered into the house. I scratched my head and frowned.

    What did she mean by that? I wondered.

    Regardless, my best course of action was to head toward the laboratory down the road. I followed the curving river, watching the occasional fish shoot toward the vast ocean.

    The building was not far, no more than a quarter mile. As I approached, I saw that the sprawling ivory structure was built like an enormous warehouse, with a domed top made of glass. Machines were visible through the windows and gave the impression that it was used as an observatory.

    I walked around to the front of the complex. Automatic glass doors slid open as I advanced. Hesitantly, I stepped inside.

    The room was crammed with several different machines, the humming terminals and flashing lights overwhelming my senses. Before I had a chance to investigate, a man materialized from an upstairs room. He was in his late fifties or early sixties, with neatly groomed gray hair, dark eyes, and a welcoming smile. Under his white lab coat, he was wearing a pair of khaki pants and a light blue polo shirt, both of which were badly wrinkled.

    “Ah, I see you arrived safely,” he mused. “Wonderful. Where are the others?”


    “Oh… I suppose you wouldn’t know.”

    He walked over to a computer and began typing furiously. A few moments later, he relaxed.

    “Both are on their way. Now, we wait,” he muttered.

    “Wait for what?” I asked.

    “The others, of course,” he replied, chuckling.

    I tapped my foot against the clean, white linoleum.

    “Do you mind filling me in? I mean, you apparently know me. So did the little girl up the road. What-“

    “You met April? Wonderful. She’s my granddaughter, you know,” he remarked happily.

    “Yes, she’s a doll. Where are we? What’s going on?”

    “You mean you haven’t guessed?” he wondered, genuinely surprised. “You’ve been waiting for this for such a long time!”

    “I was working on my paper and then… I fell over and… I don’t know what happened. I was in a house… a house that wasn’t mine.”

    “What were you doing right before you fell?”

    “I told you. I was working on a paper.”

    “No, immediately before you fell.”

    I stopped to think. For some reason, my memory was cloudy. As realization hit me, I gasped.

    “I fell into the game. This… this is your lab. You’re Professor Oak. This is Pallet Town. I was in Ash’s house!” I babbled excitedly.

    “Yes, very good. Now-“

    “Wait, does this mean that I get a pokémon? Am I going to be a trainer?” I yelled.

    “Relax, Andrea. I’ll explain everything once the others arrive.”

    “Who are the others?”

    “You’ll know them when you see them,” he responded mysteriously.

    I opened my mouth to ask for clarification but before I had a chance, the doors slid open to reveal someone I recognized.

    “Eric?” I uttered, eyes widening.

    Eric was one of my best friends. We’d met in middle school and been essentially inseparable ever since. He had shaggy, mahogany hair and hazel eyes peeking out from behind his glasses. Eric was very tall and very thin, with cobalt blue jeans, a black t-shirt, a white button-down over shirt, and a silver tie. He was dressed to impress, as if he had been expecting to visit the childhood video game all along.

    “Oh hey, Andrea! How are you?” he asked calmly.

    “I… um… yeah,” I said articulately.

    “Hello, Eric. It’s very nice to meet you,” Professor Oak greeted, extending his hand.

    “You too, Professor.”

    I stared in amazement.

    “You knew? How did you know? I didn’t know!”

    He smiled at me.

    “Then you obviously weren’t paying attention. There was a flock of Pidgey in the tree by Ash’s house and there were schools of Magikarp swimming in the river,” Eric explained, patting me on the head.

    “I… well… shut up.”

    “Not to mention, I was playing my pokémon video game before I showed up here. It was the only logical step beyond a vivid dream.”

    “I was playing my game, too!” I exclaimed.

    “Yes, that was my doing,” Oak admitted.

    “How?” I wondered eagerly.

    “All in good time, Andrea. I will explain everything once everyone has arrived.”

    “Who else are we waiting for?” Eric asked.

    “You’ll see.”

    Oak refused to elaborate, despite further questioning. We muddled around for another half hour, Oak deflecting my inquiries and Eric examining the miscellaneous machines set up throughout the room.

    Suddenly, a door opened on the second level.

    “Sir, our cameras have caught sight of Target 3 moving toward the northern border,” said a young man in a lab coat.

    He appeared to be one of Professor Oak’s assistants. He had thick black hair that had been gelled back, round eyes behind ovular lenses, neatly ironed black slacks, and a pressed blue button-down shirt. He had several pens in his breast pocket.

    “Apprehend her immediately!” Oak exclaimed, darting up the stairs, across the loft and into the door from which his aide emerged.

    Eric and I were left alone in the main room.

    “Who do you think is joining us?” I asked.

    “I don’t know, but I’ll bet it isn’t a coincidence that both of us are here.”

    “You’re right. Oak painstakingly planned every detail, down to the method and time of our arrival. I bet he picked three people he knows will work well together.”

    “Oak referred to Target 3 as a ‘her’, so we know it’s a mutual female friend.”

    “Hmm… that does narrow it down,” I mused.

    I took a seat at Oak’s desk as Eric sat down on the countertop.

    “Ashley?” he suggested.

    I frowned.

    “I doubt it. I mean, I like her well enough but I wouldn’t consider her for a role like this. Which of our female friends play pokémon?”

    We pondered different possibilities for several minutes. Getting up, I began pacing around the edges of the room. I felt like the answer was close to the tip of my tongue, but alas I couldn’t come up with a name. Then it hit me. Literally.

    “OW!” I cried, falling over as another person rammed into me.

    “Angie?” a familiar voice said above me.

    I blinked. Lying on top of my now bruised body was Morgan, my first best friend. She was of Chinese descent, with her black hair cut above the shoulders and her almond-shaped eyes full of fear. She had on light blue jeans and a form fitting green t-shirt with a talking gumball machine pictured on it.

    “Morgan? What are you…”

    Realization rolled over me. Morgan was our third. She was a mutual friend with an interest in pokémon. It saddened me that I didn’t think of it sooner.

    “Angie, what’s going on?” Morgan asked quietly. “I was with Daniel and then out of nowhere my stomach hurt really badly. He took me home, but then I got the sudden urge to play pokémon. I found my Blue version under the bed along with my ancient Game Boy Advance. As soon as I started to play, my stomach exploded with pain and… yeah I have no idea what happened, but I ended up in a house that wasn’t mine. I started wandering around but I didn’t know where to go until a bunch of guys in white coats came after me. It was terrifying! I ran in the opposite direction and… well, here I am.”

    “I could explain better if you climbed off my chest,” I wheezed.

    Morgan smiled sheepishly and rolled onto the floor. Eric waltzed up and joined us.

    “Hey, Morgan,” he said.

    “Hey, Buffalo,” she replied.

    I laughed. Eric pushed me over, knocking me into Morgan who, in turn, tumbled into Eric. When Professor Oak returned, he found the three of us rolling around on the ground, giggling like school girls.

    “This isn’t quite how I imagined it,” he muttered, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

    We all righted ourselves and stared expectantly at the professor. He rolled his desk chair over to our lopsided circle, took a seat, and began his tale.

    “Several years ago, I attended a conference where, on a tangent, we discussed the possibility of other dimensions. As a scientist, my interest was piqued and I set to work at once. I designed a small portable device and several transporter chips. With the help of my assistants, I build a reactor that supposedly generated a small worm hole connecting the two dimensions. Through that hole, I sent my work. It took almost a year and a half before I saw any results. One day, a blip showed up on my radar. My computer program was devised to communicate with the transporter chips, to relay information to me. What I saw was a pixilated version of this world. The travel between dimensions acted on the chips and, essentially, turned them into a game. The game was discovered and marketed by a Japanese company. Soon, millions were showing up on my radar. I couldn’t check all of them, but I tried. However, I gravitated toward certain trainers,” he said, motioning to us. “The next part of the experiment was activating the transport mechanism built into the chips. I successfully brought in a group of three trainers, much like you. Unfortunately, that trial didn’t pan out.”

    “What happened?” I asked, engrossed in the story.

    “They made it through to this dimension, but they landed in the middle of a Team Rocket base, instead of in Pallet Town. Apparently, the machine had been calibrated improperly. Well, the Rockets have taken them in and begun training them. Despite the fact that their game records had shown the utmost care for their teammates, they are proving very difficult to straighten out. They’ve attempted to commandeer my lab three times already.”

    “When did you bring them here?” Eric inquired thoughtfully.

    “See, time travels differently between the dimensions. While they have only been here for a month, I brought them from your world over six years ago.”

    “Wait, hold on a second. Does that mean we’ll return into the distant future when we go back home?” Morgan interrupted.

    “As of right now, yes. But my aides and I are hard at work to adjust the time and place to which you return. Hopefully by the time you have finished your mission, I will have that option available.”

    “Mission?” I questioned.

    “Ah yes, it’s more like a very large favor. Andrea, Eric, and Morgan, I would like you to stop the rival gang from climbing the Team Rocket ranks and assuming executive positions. I know they are skilled and, if given the opportunity, they could lead the Rocket Revolution. Please, I need your help,” Professor Oak pleaded.

    I glanced right toward Morgan, and then left towards Eric.

    “I believe I speak for all of us in saying that we will do everything within our power to help you,” I stated.

    Oak’s eyes shined as he smiled broadly. He rolled over to his computer and punched a few buttons. A small hole opened up in the floor and a cylindrical stand rose up. I got to my feet, as did Eric and Morgan. The cylinder was sea foam green with a wide, white stripe around the center. On top of the platform were three pokéballs.

    I stepped forward eagerly. Before I had a chance to do anything else, a thunderous crash echoed off the walls. Clouds of thick, black smoke flooded into the room, making it impossible to see and very difficult to breath. Malicious laughter ensued, followed by footsteps and hands shoving me backward.

    “Pidgey, use gust to clear the smog!” Professor Oak ordered.

    A wind whipped my face and blew the gas out of the seriously damaged window. As it receded, we saw three people dressed in black uniforms running toward the wreckage.

    “They stole the pokémon!” Morgan cried, pointing at the cylinder.

    She was right. There were three empty holes where the pokéballs were resting just moments ago.

    “Ah, this appears to be your first test as pokémon trainers,” Oak mused. “You must go catch them immediately. Pidgey, go with them and guide them in the right direction.“

    The tawny bird soared after the criminals, Morgan, Eric and I following close behind. Pidgey took us around the back of the building and up to the northern part of town. As we ran, the stream beside us widened until it became a large pond. The pond water was slightly murkier than that of the stream, particles of loose sediment floating about on the surface.

    Pidgey cawed and zoomed forward; directly ahead of us the three hoodlums were running along the edge of the pond about to follow the river upstream. The bird pokémon zipped in close and clawed at the face of the person holding the sack. The three delinquents fought as best they could, hands flying everywhere. However, Pidgey was much too agile for any strike to hit its target. During this time, we got a good look at the three of them.

    The lone girl was responsible for the bag. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into two pigtails and her dark blue eyes were focused intently on the pokémon attacking her. She was taller than either of her companions and was very thin.

    One of the boys appeared to have bypassed puberty altogether. He was very short, with a high-pitched voice and no trace of hair anywhere on his body. He had sandy brown hair and watery blue eyes.

    The last boy was about my height, with shaggy black hair and brilliant green eyes. He looked very strong, despite the fact that he was not muscularly built, and had an expression of unadulterated hate that stopped me cold.

    All three team members were wearing the same outfit: a long-sleeved, black shirt with a crimson R emblazoned on it, black pants, and black shoes, topped off with a black cap featuring the same R.

    Pidgey drove them backwards toward the water. The bird ducked and jabbed, forcing them away from its razor sharp beak. Just then, the girl lost her footing on a patch of mud. The bag flew from her hand and into the water, sinking towards the bottom.

    I immediately dove into the pond. Visibility was terrible but I swam in the direction of the bag. I felt the water in the pond ripple and heard two successive, muted splashes; Eric and Morgan had joined me. I surfaced for air and then pushed harder across the pond. Pidgey was doing a terrific job holding the villains off, but I had no idea how long the pokémon could keep it up before it got injured.

    I popped up quickly. The other trainers had drawn their pokémon to fight for them. Pidgey was fighting a Geodude, a Mankey, and a Rattata simultaneously. Diving back under, I knew I needed to find the pokéballs quickly. My head struck the edge of the pond at full force and I was sent careening backwards. Ignoring my massive headache, I gulped down a quick breath and dove towards the bottom. My hands frantically scoured the lakebed, flying over the ground. At last, I touched something smooth. My hand closed around it and I shot to the surface, not waiting to look for the others.

    Pidgey was in bad shape. One of its wings was bent and it had a large gash on its stomach. I hauled myself from the pond and, dripping wet, I entered the battlefield.


    I hurled the red and white orb in the air. In a burst of red light, a shape emerged and quickly became more defined. The pokémon was a little fire lizard, about two feet tall, with green eyes and pointy teeth. At the tip of his tail, a flame flickered.

    “Charmander, use Ember!” I commanded.

    The pokémon opened its mouth and sprayed a thin stream of fire at the wall of opponents. Pidgey attempted to continue its assault, but its wounds were too severe.

    “Pidgey, return,” I called.

    The bird pokémon happily retreated but, instead of coming back to our side of the field, Pidgey collapsed on the spot.

    “Go, pokéball!” Eric yelled from somewhere behind me.

    I turned to watch as a squat pokémon appeared. The creature was a quadruped, with stubby legs, bluish-green skin and red eyes. A large green bulb covered his back.

    “Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip on Geodude now!” Eric ordered. “Andrea, take out Mankey and leave Rattata for Morgan.”

    I nodded, refocusing my attention.

    “Charmander, get close to Mankey and use Smokescreen, then use Scratch.”

    “Dodge and use Low Kick!” the man with the fierce eyes shouted at his Mankey.

    The Mankey rolled away from the Smokescreen, but the thick gas acted as a protective cover for Charmander.

    “YAH!” my other best friend laughed, flying up out of the pond, holding onto the back of a blue, shelled creature with auburn eyes and a yellow underbelly.

    She released the turtle and landed on her feet, the pokémon falling in next to her. I would have laughed and commented on how such a graceful entrance was so uncharacteristic, but the battle was raging and demanded my attention.

    “Morgan, take on the Rattata,” I directed before turning back to my own fight.

    The Smokescreen was quickly dissipating so I knew I had to act quickly.

    “Charmander, use the gas as a shield. Dart out and Scratch Mankey when you can!”

    The lizard did just that. Mankey danced around the outskirts of the Smokescreen, trying to lure Charmander out. However, if Mankey ever got too close, the pokémon whipped out its claws and hacked at the pig monkey.

    “Charge it, Mankey, and use Karate Chop!” the Rocket grunt roared.

    Mankey stormed into the cloud of black gas in a blind rage. I felt the ground shake beneath me as a high powered blow struck the earth, shooting billions of particles into the air.

    “Get out, Charmander, and ignite the dust with an Ember!”

    Charmander dove away from the smog and fired a spray of flames into it. The particles ignited, creating a massive explosion with Mankey at the center.

    “ESCAPE, MANKEY!” he bellowed, but his warning came too late.

    As the flames dispersed, we found Mankey facedown on the ground, unmoving. To my left, Eric had made quick work of Geodude. The stone pokémon was also on the ground thanks to Bulbasaur’s Vine Whip. On my right, Morgan was pulverizing Rattata. Squirtle’s Bubble collided with the mouse pokémon right between the eyes and knocked it out cold.

    The brutal young man kicked his Mankey in the side before recalling it. He glared at me and I felt the hatred flowing from him.

    “Don’t think this is the end,” he hissed.

    He and his teammates dashed away in the direction they had originally been heading. Morgan cheered.

    “We did it! Yeah!” she exclaimed, hugging her partner.

    The Squirtle pretended to wince and attempted to shove Morgan away. She would have none of that and continued to embrace it until she was satisfied.
    I galloped over to Charmander and fell to my knees.

    “It’s very nice to meet you. You battled wonderfully and I’m proud to have been your partner,” I remarked quietly.

    The lizard shuffled bashfully. I extended my arms and was pleased to find Charmander welcomed the gesture. Standing up, I held the warm creature. I could feel the blush rising on its cheek.

    Eric patted his Bulbasaur’s head awkwardly before walking over to the crumpled Pidgey. He carefully examined the bird’s wounds before pulling a familiar, purple squirt bottle from his pocket and spraying the liquid all over the pokémon. Immediately, its wing straightened and the cuts began to mend themselves. Pidgey’s eyes fluttered open and it nuzzled Eric’s hand.

    “You’re okay, girl,” he said gently.

    “Wait, it’s a girl?” Morgan wondered. “How do you know?”

    Eric gave us a brief lesson in differentiating between genders, explaining how the markings and coloration were always slightly different.

    “I would wager to guess that all three of our starters are male, based on the male to female ratio,” Eric stated.

    Morgan and I nodded in agreement of his assessment.

    “We should get back to the lab,” I said.

    Although my watch had stopped upon arrival, the position of the sun gave the impression that it was after four in the afternoon.

    Eric perched Pidgey on his shoulder and allowed Bulbasaur to walk by his side while Morgan opted to give Squirtle a piggyback ride. I cradled Charmander in my arms, like a newborn baby. The gentle rocking motion of my steps was lulling him to sleep. The ghost of a smile played across his small face; it was possibly the most adorable thing I’d ever seen in my life.

    The trip back to the lab was a quick one and we arrived in less than ten minutes, strolling at a leisurely pace. We came through the front door to find Professor Oak talking with a police officer. He turned to us.

    “Ah, I see you were successful! Very good.”

    He evaluated the situation, observing each of our pokémon before returning to his conversation with the cop.

    “Well Officer Jenny, it seems that there is no permanent damage. If you’d fax me a copy of the official report so I can send it to my insurance company, we’re all squared away.”

    “Will do, Professor. Nice to meet you kids,” she said, striding briskly through the front entrance.

    Oak gave his associates a meaningful look and they left him alone to address his protégés. He faced us and smiled wearily.

    “You three have done an excellent job. You not only stopped a heist, but you managed to control unfamiliar pokémon with no prior experience. I couldn’t have asked for a more able group for this job. Now,” he started, motioning to the pokémon, “it seems you have already made your selections. Generally, the process is less hectic but, judging by their content expressions, it seems your pokémon have no regrets.”

    Oak pressed a button on a remote control he pulled from his pocket. The cylinder reemerged from the floor, this time empty. Once it stopped moving, the professor hit another button and the sides of the platform swung open, revealing three backpacks. The lime colored satchel had my name embroidered onto the front, just like the blood red on sported Morgan’s name and the obsidian one bore Eric’s.

    “These backpacks have been engineered especially for you and your needs. They were designed to provide the maximum amount of carrying capacity with the least amount of weight. Your bedding is on the top of the bag and it has a small, battery-operated motor that inflates and deflates the mattress and several types of blanket for any type of weather. Clothes have been funneled from your closet into these bags-“

    “How did you manage that?!” Morgan exclaimed.

    “It would take more time to explain than it’s worth. Anyway, all your personal supplies and valued belongings are within the bags already, along with a sizable cash allowance, a collection of restorative items, and a ration of food.”

    He placed the bags at our feet and withdrew a red device the size of a paperback book from his pocket.

    “This is a pokédex. I have registered one of these to each of you. These three devices are special in that they are preloaded with more information than a standard pokédex. Not only will they identify pokémon, but they will also provide you with height, weight, gender, abilities, and moves learned as well as tips concerning the training, care and capture of pokémon.”

    Professor Oak set them down next to our backpacks.

    “I’ve placed a handful of pokéballs in your sacks…”

    He scratched his head and looked around as if he was looking for something.

    “I believe that’s everything you need. Keep me up to date on your progress and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions. The first gym is in Pewter City by way of Viridian and its forest. Good luck. Come along, Pidgey.”

    I had almost forgotten about the bird on Eric’s shoulder. She looked toward Professor Oak and cooed morosely. The professor chortled and rubbed her head affectionately.

    “Well, if you’d prefer to go with him, I won’t stand in your way. Have fun, my girl.”

    I gently woke Charmander and his eyes flickered open. He yawned and pawed at his eyes, stretching out in my arms. I set him down on the linoleum and swung my backpack onto my back, pocketing my pokédex.

    Squirtle jumped down from Morgan’s back so that she could grab her equipment while Eric’s Pidgey fluttered to the floor, allowing him to bend over and collect his belongings.

    Packed up and ready to go, we strode from the lab with our new partners in tow, ready for our adventure to unfold.

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