Wow, this one was as funny as people said it was. The whole episode was really comical, especially Brock.XD I noticed the sound effects that Dogasu mentioned and I thought they were completely out of place. I never really liked those type of sound effects anyway, but I like them even less now. I guess I'm not the only one who thought the animé did a much better job presenting Mawile than the games did. Before I saw this episode, I thought Mawile was really weird-looking, but the one in this episode was really cute, and so was her trainer.^^; With all the comedy in this episode, one thing really made me laugh. I loved the part when Corphish is flirting with Mawile and he comes running back after being rejected the first time and is stunned to see Mawile clinging to Lombre. Brock runs over and starts to cry, followed by Corphish... and then Torkoal starts to cry for no reason.XDD That was so funny!