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    Heart of what does the title of this fanfiction mean? I guess you'll have to find out. Rated PG-13 for violence and mild sexual themes.


    The dimly lit room was filled with the chatter and squeaks of countless creatures, all vying for a seat in the front. Even though they had specific seats, they still wanted a place in the very front, so as to be able to hear and speak their opinion. A gavel’s strike resounded, and all of the chatter that buzzed in the room just a few seconds ago was replaced by the scuffle and scurrying of feet little and big.

    A creature walked into the room, but it was not a creature that one would expect to be seen. It was a mouse…but this mouse was as big as a small dog. However, this would be the last thing you would notice, as this mouse had a yellow body, with brown stripes on its back. Its tail seemed to be forged from a lightning bolt, as that was the shape of it. As its tail came closer to connecting to its body, the coloration of bright yellow darkened until the area that it connected was pitch black. Its ears were extremely pointy, and the tips of its ears were the same color as the base of its tail. Its cheeks sported a pair of red circles that seemed to crackle with energy, and its mischievous face did nothing to convince an onlooker that it wouldn’t try and shock one of the things that were sitting in the giant room.

    The creature cleared its throat, and in a squeaky voice, said, “The Creator and the Lifegiver have arrived, make way for Lord Arceus and Madam Mew”. The creature then ran to its seat in the third row of seats.

    The two creatures that walked in were so beautiful that not even the coldest of hearts could just look on and not think that they were important. The Creator was a hoofed albino deer, but around its torso was a circle of what appeared to be tentacles at first. On closer inspection, one would figure out that these were actually horns, and seemed to wriggle as it trotted in. Its face was the only thing that seemed remotely scary about it, as it looked like a battle helmed soldier’s head that was slightly flattened.

    The Lifegiver was possibly even more beautiful, a pink cat the size of an adolescent cow. Its hind legs were never used, it seemed, as it floated in with Arceus. Despite this, they were well developed, and seemed to be made for leaping, even though the monster never needed to use its hind legs. Its large eyes looked full of curiosity and mischief, as if the world were a giant playpen. However, if one looked close enough, you could see a bit of worry in the creature’s eyes.

    The pair of important figures turned to face the crowd of silent, but seated creatures. Arceus then spoke, saying, “We have disturbing news, my friends. Mew and-,”but his speech was cut off by a loud hissing noise and a rather guttural growl.

    “Gonna eat more of my kinssssmen, are you, Zangoosssssse”, the hissing voice said indignantly to another creature. The other creature roared in rage, “How dare you sully our noble kind, Seviper. Your filth are always blaming us for driving you to the barren wastelands and murky swamps”.

    The “Zangoose” was a creature resembling a white mongoose. It sported a pair of razor sharp claws that looked as if it could slice through solid steel like butter. Its eyes, though rather mean looking, were a bloodshot red with black irises. It was able to stand on its hind legs, but sometimes crawled on all fours like any other. On its belly was a large red zigzag shape, which made it look even more intimidating. If one didn’t know what a regular Zangoose looked like, one would think this creature to be horribly injured. However, this was a false assumption, as the pattern was merely part of its fur. This was Zangoose, a rather new member of the group of creatures. He was a rather kind fellow most of the time, but when Seviper opens its trap, old rivalries break out and they often end up fighting.
    Seviper was a large, midnight black snake with different patterns of gold, purple and blue placed seemingly randomly on its skin. At the end of this long tube of flesh and bone was a hard, arrow point-shaped tail. At the other end of its body was its head, an egg shaped hold for its blood red fangs. Its wicked looking eyes were as red as its rival, Zangoose. Its scaly hide was rather smooth to the touch, and this particular Seviper made sure that every single scale was shining perfectly. If even one scale was not shining, Seviper was not happy.

    A smaller looking Pikachu looked at the two feuding rivals, and sighed. Pichu was actually older than Seviper and Zangoose. In fact, Pichu was a senior member of the group, older than most of the other members, even some of the leaders of the organization. “If you two can’t behave,” it squeaked, “then you will be asked to leave. Leave your petty arguments for a time when we’re not in crisis mode.”

    Pichu looked at Arceus and nodded…or rather, looked at one of its horns, which had extended to view every member of the organization. Arceus continued, “we have reason to believe that once again, someone wishes to use our decendents to do terrible things, this time we-“

    Again, Arceus was interrupted by the the feuding pair, who had started to bare fang and claw and looked ready to rip each other to shreds. Pichu looked back again, and sighed again. “If you two can’t behave then…,” Pichu said, sparks crackling from its cheeks, “I’ll just have to shock you into behaving”. Pichu’s cheeks ignited in a blaze of static, then spat out a pair of lightning bolts. Seviper and Zangoose were coated in photonic energy as they were electrocuted by the Thunderbolt. Pichu stopped the stream of lightning after a few seconds, and Seviper, who loved her coat more than anything else, had a coat of scales covered in her own soot. Zangoose didn’t fare too much better. Pichu screamed at the duo of troublemakers, “NOW BEHAVE.”

    Pichu once again nodded to Arceus’s horn, signaling him to continue if he wished it. Arceus’s horns (and The Creator himself) nodded in understanding. “We have reason to believe that a union has occurred between the Team Aqua, the Team Magma, and the Team Galactic. We also have this prophecy that Mew has forseen.

    Mew floated forward, tail bobbing behind it, and spoke. Her mouth did not move, but her voice was heard as if she had been bellowing into a microphone. However, her voice was gentle and kind sounding, and it didn’t sound as if she had been yelling at all. “Darkness shall rule the world, but as long as the White Knight of Johto survives, the world may stand to survive through the tribulations to come”. Mew floated back next to Arceus, and sat down on next to him. Arceus cleared his voice again, but hesitated and used his horns to see if Seviper and Zangoose were paying attention. When he was convinced the pair of troublesome creatures were paying attention, he spoke again. “Kyogre, Groudon, you take the other members of the Royal Cabinet and figure out what this “Darkness” is.”

    Kyogre, a large, blue whale-like monster, nodded and looked at Groudon. If a single word could describe a creature, it would be intimidating. Groudon always wore a scowl on his face, as if he hated the world that he lived in. He was built much like a two legged lizard, with razor sharp claws on massive hands, a ridged tail that ended in a pseudo-claw, and a very sturdy body that looked like it could take a hit from even a jet plane and not even feel a thing. Both pokemon had strange markings all over their backs, almost like a bunch of tattoos. Ever since day one, the two had feuded nonstop. They needed a pair of special items that were located on top of the Spirit Mountain, Mt. Pyre to stay in their rightful places, otherwise they would go berserk and lose control of their powers. In fact, it was Groudon and Kyogre, in a great battle that shook the planet, that created the Hoenn Region. “Groudon, you think you can work with me this time,” a concerned Kyogre asked its counterpart.

    Groudon laughed, almost as if he had been told a very humorous joke, “Kyogre, as long as the Red Orb and the Blue Orb stay in their respectful places, I doubt we’ll have any problems.” This wasn’t what Kyogre was asking, however, as their feud was much like Zangoose and Seviper’s. However, it wasn’t that they were accusing each other of things, they just hated each other with a burning passion.

    Arceus sighed, then one of his horns looked at Pichu. “Pichu, I want you to go to the gyms in the four regions, and convince the leaders of those gyms to help us. I am sending you because-“

    “Now why are you sending that stupid little rat,” shouted a loud voice, the voice of one Rhyperior. Rhyperior was a bulky and burly pokemon that was well known for being incredibly strong on the battlefield. Its body was made up entirely of hardened rock in a manner similar to Groudon, but quite a bit less smoothly built. Pichu looked at the gigantic pokemon (to his eyes) in indignation. How dare Rhyperior call him stupid when it was he himself that was perfectly suited for the job. Rhyperior was not the brightest bulb in the box, and as such, often came off as rude and uncaring. He only acted this way because he didn’t know better. Arceus looked at Rhyperior, “because the same rat is small and cute. We need a recruiter that won’t terrify the residents of the town when they enter it. Pichu is well suited for the job, as he is able to fend for himself quite easily. Not only that, but Pichu has had a record for completing his missions, unlike the one berating him. Now…for the White Knight herself.”

    The mention that this “White Knight” was a girl sparked a chorus of murmering throughout the entire room. It could be anyone in Johto, but Arceus spoke as if the “White Knight” was already discovered. Who did Arceus believe was the “White Knight”? A vision entered the heads of all of the pokemon present. A girl with a childish grin and crimson red hair tied into ponytails. Her eyes looked as if they’d been freshly picked from a cherry orchard, and the pokemon that saw her gasped in surprise.

    “Seviper, Zangoose, you shall locate the White Knight, and take her to the Spear Pillar. I will await her arrival in the Hall of Origin.” Seviper and Zangoose looked at each other in surprise, in fact, most everyone was surprised at this development. Seviper and Zangoose were very inexperienced compared to the rest of the pokemon gathered there. Pikachu walked up to the pair of pokegods and looked at the audience. “This meeting is officially adjorned”.
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    A pretty good start. I saw one or two mistakes with capitalization though, and remember that there must be a new paragraph every time a different person speaks. Also, (this only happened once so I'm assuming it wasn't on purpose) there's a place where there isn't a space between paragraphs.

    Otherwise, I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post

    A smaller looking Pikachu looked at the two feuding rivals, and sighed. Pichu was actually older than Seviper and Zangoose. In fact, Pichu was a senior member of the group, older than most of the other members, even some of the leaders of the organization. “If you two can’t behave,” it squeaked, “then you will be asked to leave. Leave your petty arguments for a time when we’re not in crisis mode.”
    I'm assuming that right here you meant to say pichu all along? Other than that it was very well written and i enjoyed it.

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    Actually, right there, I was trying to describe Pichu in general. I always viewed Pichu as a micro sized Pikachu.

    Chapter 1 will be coming out in a couple of days
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    Here's Chapter 1. Ahh, it feels so good to be writing again. I bet you guys won't be surprised at who the White Knight is, will you? And I LOOOOVVEEE fan feedback, so please comment and suggest things I could work on in the future.

    Also, at DaggerThruMyHeart991, I did realize this rule, but I really couldn't think of another way to make the story flow as well if I didn't disobay (sp?) this rule. I do this in this chapter as well, and I feel it adds to the comedy part of the chapter (where Seviper and Zangoose find a Pokemon Mart). If I always obeyed this rule, I feel that I wouldn't be able to do quite as much in my work. I really appreciate the feedback though, and can't wait for you to review my first real chapter.

    Now, the moment you've all been waiting for (I hope, xD) Chapter 1.

    Chapter 1: The Gym Leader of Goldenrod City

    Lights were flipped on as a young girl walked into the Goldenrod Gym. She looked around wearily, noticing how…plain it was. The only thing that she had really added to this Gym was the flower arrangement in the shape of a Clefairy, and that was only really designed as a test for trainers wishing to get their Plain Badge. Plain Badge, even the Gym’s badge was unremarkable, being just a diamond shaped pin that seemed to be hardly worth the effort. It didn’t even reflect the Gym Leader’s limitless supply of personality, which bugged the young girl to no end.

    Another girl walked in, this one looking at the gym in reverence. She saw the gym as being a testament to her pokemon, who were of the Normal type. It was much nicer looking than Norman’s Gym in Hoenn, at least. This girl looked at the Gym in a completely different fashion than her counterpart did, seeing it as beautiful because of how plain it was. Although she did agree with her partner on the Plain Badge being just that: Plain.

    The final girl looked right at home in the Gym, for she WAS at home. Her crimson red hair was tied in a pair of short pigtails, which bobbed whenever she walked. She wore a white button-up T-shirt that had a red stripe running down the button line, and a pair of blue capris, with a pair of red shoes that fit her to a “t”. She looked at the two other ladies, and smiled. Her friends were so different than she was, she was bubbly, and somewhat of an airhead, whereas her friends tended to be more logical and more reserved. “Well, let’s get to work cleaning this place up. I don’t want to get a reputation for having a dirty gym, especially when you have people like Chuck and Crasher Wake as examples of how a gym is not supposed to look,” the pigtailed girl said.

    The other two girls looked at the pigtailed girl with admiration and mirth. They had visited Chuck’s Gym, and it was…not very clean, to say the least. “Yes, Whitney, but you’re scraping up the Muk tar, you know how we get when we look at that stuff…,” the girl that had the revered reaction to the gym said.

    Whitney looked hurt, “aww…I always have to pick up the disgusting stuff…last time was pretty bad, remember?” The three girls laughed, indeed it was, for cleaning up Charizard vomit was not a task a normal person would enjoy doing…especially since it had also “taken a load off” on its trainer just moments before. So Whitney had to clean up Charizard vomit as well as Charizard feces, although the trainer of the Charizard came back to help once he had cleaned up. The other girls couldn’t get close without having to gag and back away. Once you’ve cleaned up Charizard mess, especially when they had plenty of burritos for lunch, you had the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to keep your gut in check, as well as your self-control.

    “At least it isn’t as bad…although I would have preferred it if he had warned me ahead of time that he was planning on using a Muk. I would have told him that we would have the battle outside, and I wouldn’t be on my hands and knees trying to sop up the stinky grime,” Whitney said to the girls. They then went to grab their mops and brooms, although the reverent girl also picked up a squirtbottle. When the reverent girl and Whitney looked at her strangely, she said “well…the plants need watering…right?”

    As the bored girl sprayed the plants with a healthy dose of water, the reverent girl went to sweep the floor. Pidgey feathers were strewn across the enterance to the Clefairy’s tail, proof of one of the gym battles that had happened a few minutes before the real challenge. She noticed that there were a few Spearow feathers mixed in as well. In the battle that had raged in that very spot, Pidgey had been knocked out and several of its feathers had been knocked out by a Meowths Slash move. The challenger had sent in his Spearow, who had used Wing Attack on the Meowth. Meowth succeeded in knocking out a few of the Spearow’s feathers, but other than that, Meowth had accomplished nothing against the Spearow. Hense, the reason why the floor had been layered with feathers.

    Whitney had to plug her nose with a clothespin just to get close to the mess. It smelled horrible, even though it had been sitting there overnight. In fact, Whitney thought it smelled worse than it originally smelled. She had hesitated to use any attacks against the Muk, as only her Clefairy could attack it without having to physically touch it. That was the reason she lost…it still brought tears of sadness to her eyes, even though it had happened only yesterday. She felt she had let down her team by being scared to have them attack the mass of purple sludge. In the end, she had to clean up the great puddle of Muk ooze before the Gym opened.

    Her mop wasn’t doing the job, despite the fact it was technically picking up the ooze. It still left a stain on the floor, and unfortunately, Whitney would have to scrub the floor by hand. She grimaced as she took a brush from the bucket of water and started to scrub the stained floor. All Gym Leaders had to do something like this before they opened the Gym, per order of the Indigo Plateau. Chuck usually tried to get around it by saying that being dirty added character to the Gym, but it seemed that every week, she was getting word that Chuck had been forced to clean up his Gym by a representative of the Indigo Plateau. She wondered who it was…Will was usually practicing to better hone his skills, Bruno always was intensely training, Koga had no reason to borrow a Dragonite or a Xatu from Lance or Will, and Lance was always doing recon for the Elite Four. It was probably a random trainer that was sent to harass Chuck into cleaning. Whitney chuckled at the thought of a little boy telling the older, already married man what to do. It seemed like a reversal of order to her, but she didn’t doubt the validity of such a thought.

    Chelsea, the bored one, was always good with plants. If there had been a Gym that was dedicated to the Grass type in Johto, Whitney wouldn’t have doubted that Chelsea would have applied to work there instead. Whitney allowed her to use Grass type pokemon in her gym, since it added an element of surprise that she had seen Byron, Gym Leader of Canalave City in Sinnoh, use to great effect. He was a steel type leader, and he allowed one of his trainers to use an Azumarril in the gym. Although, it had the Steel Type move Iron Tail, it was still a big shocker to a trainer expecting to sweep with a Fire Type pokemon. She was thinking of looking for a trainer that had a preference for Psychic Types for her Gym for a similar reaction. It didn’t hurt to have a few surprises in her plain gym, after all.

    “Chelsea, you hit that plant already, why don’t you start trimming the bushes outside,” the reverent girl said. Minerva was an interesting girl; she loved housework, as long as the job wasn’t too disgusting…like the Muk ooze that Whitney was cleaning up. Whitney found that putting her in charge of stuff like sweeping the floors and dusting the nooks and crannies of the gym was the best way to make her happy. Whitney had once made the mistake of having her trim the bushes outside…suffice to say, she never gave that job to Minerva again.

    As Chelsea walked up to the door outside, trimmers in hand, the Gym door opened quite suddenly, making the poor girl squeak with fright. “Probably another letter from Indigo Plateau saying that Wallace was hosting another tea party, and he wanted to host it here,” Whitney mused to herself. However, she didn’t hear the familiar “Mail Call for Whitney Knightsill”, instead she heard “I am looking for the leader of this Gym, where might I find her?”

    Whitney stood up, and looked at the person standing at the door. He was dressed in a red coat, with black clothes underneath. He stood as if he thought he was God incarnate, which really irked Whitney. “I’m Whitney, but if you’re looking for a Gym Battle, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. We’re in the middle of cleaning and we’re closed at the moment. Didn’t you see the sign on the door?”

    The man laughed, “Silly girl, I’m not here for a silly game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I’m here for you”.


    Seviper and Zangoose wandered the streets of Goldenrod, hopelessly lost in the great metropolis of a town. They hadn’t been outside the Spear Pillar in a long time, and didn’t know the layout of the towns at all. In fact, since they had been born, they hadn’t ever ventured farther than Mt.Coronet.

    Seviper turned to her comrade, “Find the one building that has a big fat sign on it that says “GYM”, thanks Arceus, that really helps in this hellhole.” Zangoose merely sighed, no doubt the reason Arceus had given the job to them was because of how they had acted in World Court. He would have picked anyone to be partners with instead of Seviper. She was always accusing him of driving the Seviper species to near-extinction. Didn’t she know that they could only interfere when something threatening the world was happening?

    Well, Seviper WAS younger than Zangoose, about eighty years younger, in fact. It still made Zangoose chuckle when he thought about Pichu being an old fart compared to the two of them. Pichu looked so baby-like, and yet he was so wise about the world. Zangoose envied Pichu because he was a good friend of Arceus’. Zangoose wanted a good friend too…but Seviper made that difficult for Zangoose. She was always hounding him about hunting her kin, and it tended to turn people off.

    “I still say we ask someone around here for directions, I mean, it can’t be that big of a deal to just ask for simple directions, right? My poor scales are getting dirty with all this sneaking around,” Seviper asked and complained at the same time. Zangoose turned to her, “No, think about it. We can speak human language, which is something that most Pokemon cannot do…well, outside the Spear Pillar that is. If we ask for directions, how much do you want to bet we’ll get a pair of Poke Balls thrown at us? Now come on, I think I see the “DPMT STR” that Arceus told us about.”

    The DPMT STR was actually Goldenrod’s Department Store, but since Seviper and Zangoose had never seen a department store, they assumed it was called a “DPMT STR”, like the sign said. Seviper edged up to the window of the store and gasped, “Zangoose look, they have stuff here…lots of stuff”. Zangoose looked in the window as well when he heard this, “wonder why the humans don’t just take the things. I mean, it IS just sitting there, right?” Seviper noticed that the humans were lining up in front of a man, where they exchanged something with him, and took the stuff they had picked up and put it in their pack. “I will never understand humans, Zangoose. Why give something away to get something?” Zangoose glared at Seviper, “I’m not an encyclopedia, you know. I’m just as confused as you are. It is fascinating however…maybe this is what Pichu called ‘trading’?” Seviper looked at Zangoose, “it seems kind of stupid, I mean, why trade it. Survival of the fittest, right? If you can’t support yourself, you deserve to die”. Zangoose stepped back, surprised at how heartless Seviper had sounded. He recovered in a split second, however, and said “so you’re saying that if you are at the end of your rope, you won’t want my help?”

    Before Seviper could answer, a man burst out of the “DPMT STR”, he was dressed in the red and black of one Team Magma. He seemed to be in a hurry, as he didn’t even look at the pair of rival pokemon seemingly cooperating with each other. Zangoose and Seviper exchanged looks, and as if they had thought the exact same thing, went into action. Seviper coiled herself up as tight as she could, and Zangoose grabbed her and threw her at the grunt. Zangoose’s aim was off, as Seviper sailed past the rushing grunt. Seviper yelped in surprise as she sailed right into a place that was named “GM CORNER.” Zangoose grimaced as he watched his partner run away from a mob of flying Poke Balls. Men and women alike chased the poor Fang Snake, tossing countless types of items at her once she escaped the GM CORNER. Zangoose watched this for a bit, then remembered his mission and ran after the grunt. Zangoose grinned once he was out of Seviper’s sight, the damn snake got what she had deserved. Stupid snake, trusting the Cat Ferret was a bad idea for it.

    “There’s the GYM, the White Knight must be in there. Is that grunt after the White Knight,” Zangoose mused, starting to run out of energy for running. He saw the Goldenrod Gym’s doors flung open by the grunt, but as soon as he was close enough to attack, the doors slammed shut. Zangoose tried to stop, but was going too fast, and slammed into the doors. “Not my day, apparently,”Zangoose growled.

    Pichu nosed his way through the undergrowth, making sure not to disrupt any of the wildlife, as doing so would disrupt the order of the world. He wondered what Seviper and Zangoose were doing at the moment. Were they enthralled at the marvels of the world outside the Spear Pillar? Pichu chuckled, thinking about his first mission, and how curious he was to learn about the world. It almost cost the world its life, as Pichu had decided to join a trainer on his quest to be a trainer above all other trainers. It had been a long time since then, and Pichu had forgotten who had saved him. He assumed it was Arceus, but he couldn’t be sure.

    Pichu perked his ears up, he heard something. Something small, but…it was approaching his position. If he was found, Pichu would disrupt the balance of the world. Arceus wanted the world to work in a certain way, and if he were found and killed…all Pichus would cease to exist. History would forget about the cute little baby pokemon, as it wouldn’t exist in the history books. Pichu’s spirit would fuse with Arceus, and Arceus would turn him into something that could survive. Even being friends with The Creator, Arceus had to use Pichu…there was no other way. Arceus was mortal too, and couldn’t contain Pichu’s energy inside himself for very long.

    Pichu braced himself, and cringed as a small rat slammed into him. Pichu looked at the creature, who’s eyes were fixed on Pichu’s neck. Pichu electrocuted itself, causing his assailant to screech in pain. Pichu kicked his attacker off him, and tried to identify what it was. A rat with purple coloring and a tail that looked like a small club. Rattata, a rather weak pokemon in and of itself, was normally no match for Pichu, but the power that the pokemon had used to tackle him…Pichu knew it wasn’t just a fluke that this monster was powerful. Pichu knew he could take it, but it would take a bit of surprise, something that this electric mouse was full of. Pichu picked up a branch using its surprising strength and hurled it at the Rattata, who was once again charging at Pichu. Pichu noticed something about Rattata when it charged; it was surrounded by a purplish black aura. Pichu thought that the Rattata was using its Tackle attack, but that aura…something was wrong with this Rattata. Pichu dodged out of the way and charged up for a Thunderbolt, but had to interrupt its charge as the Rattata attacked again with a very fast tackle. Pichu was barely able to avoid getting hit, but it made Pichu grin, old as he was, he still was able to dodge like a pro. He tripped up the rat, and sent a Thunder Wave toward it. It connected, and even thought the enraged rat tried to move, it was unable to fight off the effects of the old timer’s Thunder Wave.

    Pichu approached the Rattata, and looked at it with pity. This pokemon had not done anything wrong, but yet Pichu knew that something was very wrong. “Tell me all you know, and I shall set you free.” The Rattata spat at Pichu, but another jolt of electricity made the rat change its mind about cooperating…
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