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Thread: Flint Lights The Fire (633)

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    Great episode... loved the battle between Ash and Flint

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    Wow, Ash did not stand a chance against Flints Infernape!
    A question about Flare Blitz:
    Shouldn't Flints Infernape have been hurt a bit after using it? Isn't that what Flare Blitz does after it's used?

    Glad to see that that battle renewed Volkners fighting spirit!
    Let's hope Ash does better in that battle than with Flint.

    Something I noticed:
    Ash did something that hasn't been seen (at least by my recollection) since Battle Frontier. After Infernape Close Combats Pikachu the second time, I believe, Pikachu almost get's thrown into the wall, then Ash comes in to stop Pikachu from slamming into it.

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    This was a real good episode. I liked the battle that Ash and Flint had.
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    Right, since these last few episode's have all been golden, I've decided to start summarising each one as they come out in the UK, Jupoturu style, starting now!

    -Sunsyshore City? Already? It may have been 30 episodes since Candice but that was quick.
    -Sunyshore reminds of me of LaRouse of Destiny Deoxys. Conveyor belts and all that.
    -Ash n' Co. Go to the BattleSunsyshore Tower.
    -But, the security stops him.
    -The robots are rebelling aganist mankind. RUN!
    -But then, Ronald McI'll be back saves him.
    -Volkner is in the the Battle Tower.
    -Rabid Raichu!
    -Jumps into Flints hands and snuggles up to him. ok...
    -Dark-hair Volkner is apathetic to life. emo
    -Yawn off to the Barber Shop Quartet Coffee Shop.
    -Backstory time yay!
    -So Flint and Volkner were best buds until they hit 20. Then Flint travelled the world getting stronger while Volkner beat the crap out of trainers. nice.
    -But since Volkner's so awesome he beat every trainer and then built machinesn' stuff in his spare time transforming this place into LaSunyRousshore City.
    -Blah, blah. Flint -> Volkner violence. Blah.
    -Finally a battle.
    -Ash will lose. We all know it.
    -Buizel goes out in one. He forgot Water Pulse though. SonicBoom barely hits or does serious damage these ddays but replaces it anyway? FFFUUUU-
    -Infernape on Infernape. This was no contest as Ash's Infernape has been one for 2 days but Flint has had Infernape for God knows how many years.
    -One thing I noticed is that Flint had Chimchar for at least a decade and Ash had his for a long time before evolution as well. Must mean they're hard to evolve despite evolving first in the games.
    -Either way Ash 'Ape goes don without laying a finger on Flint's 'Ape.
    -Pikachu is out. OHK... No? He survived a hit. Awesome. Pikachu is back to his former glory. It could take on a Regice.
    -Pikachu gets some really awesome parallels to Volkner's. I loved how Volk's and Ash's VoltTackles became one.
    -Ash acts exactly like Volk was back in the day.
    -O. M. G. Crazy hairstyle, coffe shop man has a truly important role to Volkner's past. He is the poacher that he fought alongside Flint. Scars and all.
    -Pikachu finally goes down after 7 hits. This is how Pika should be, lvl. 6 million and putting up a fight against E4s.
    -Volkner's got his moxie back. I want the next gym lost. The first rematch lost. The Grand Festival. The second rematch won and a ten episode league.
    -Hang on. Flints Infernape had Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Mach Punch and Thunder Punch... Inferno? My Inferno in the anime? *tears swell with happiness* This is just... I'm speechless...I'm typeless even. Oh, the nostalgia of my epic Platinum journey recreated before my eyes. Thank you series writers of reminding me of such a journey.
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    This episode was good. It was cool to see E4 Flint and Volkner for the 1st time. It was odd to see Volkner having so little care as a Gym Leader. It was great to see Volkner having flashbacks of his battles with his Pikachu during Ash's battle with Flint. Not surprisingly, Pikachu and Buizel were knocked out by Infernape, and Ash lost to Flint. Flint's Infernape is really strong. The Robot ref looked very weird... It was great to see that Volkner finally warmed back up to Gym Battles, and decided to accept Ash's challenge.


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    That infernape is really strong, and got some good moves! Volkner and Flint in one episode is awesome, Flint is soo funny xD
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    Ah yes, the emo gym leader and the red afro of doom. I have a lot of fun making pokes at the Flint and Volkner (and Flint imitator from the ditto episode) episodes on this one pokemon episode/chat website. Only Marley the zombie trainer (from the Shaymin episode) gets more jokes from me.

    Seriously, though, I never had any real interest in Volkner. At least Ash gets him out of his funk that the games established, but I had to agree with Paul on not liking this gym.

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    I really liked this episode.

    From Chiisaki Mono playing for the final batlle through the unique role of the poacher turned good, I couldn't have asked for a better gym battle setup.

    I love how the City of Sunyshore is Larousse City, and also the dub line where Flint assures Volkner that Ash is a great trainer. Because he totally knows that, having just met him.
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    This was a cool episode. It was great to see Elite 4 member Flint and Sunnyshore city gym leader Volkner. I guess Volkner lost his confidence after losing, which made him stopped caring about being a Gym Leader.
    Flint was too strong for Ash, his Pokemon didn't stand a chance ..... but this battle reminded Volkner of his battles with his own Pikachu.
    It's good that Volkner gained his confidence back and he finally warmed back up to Gym Battles.
    I'm glad he accepted Ash's challenge for a gym battle.

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    I rewatched this episode several days ago, and I loved every bit of it! First, I liked the robo security/whatever guarding the Sunyshore Gym - it was funny when it was restraining Ash after he tried to get into the Gym. However, Flint and Volkner were definitely my favourite parts of this episode. I absolutely loved their personalities and it was nice hearing their backstory.

    My sister also saw this episode and we were talking about it today - she's a big fan of Volkner's Raichu!
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    This was a great episode. Loved how much of a jerk Volkner seemed at 1st appearance and the back stories were great. The battle between Ash and Flint was great too. It also makes the hype for Ash vs Volkner really exciting too sinxey Volkner got inspired to battle again. 9.5/10

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    Oba's Goukazaru is simply too insane in the anime. The fighting move best portray what is a real Goukazaru. I think Satoshi's Lizardon will still be no match of Oba's Goukazaru even when Lizardon is shown to be over powered in my opinion.

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    I really liked how they kinda tried to mirror Ash and Volkner in this episode, since it really showed how far Ash's character had come at this point.

    Flint's infernape was pretty damn overpowered in this episode, even more so than the rest of the e4 IMO.

    super cool episode, it almost felt like foreshadowing for Ash becoming as powerful as an e4, and possibly even winning the Sinnoh league.........


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    Great episode, I loved the battle between Ash and Flint. I loved the bgm that played during the Pikachu vs Infernape round, and loved the mirror effect they had going with Volkner's past self and Ash in this battle. I thought it was hilarious how Volkner was portrayed at the beginning of this episode.

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    Flint lived up to his Elite 4 title and seeing Volkner with no passion was frustrating. Also Ash should've just taken a free Beacon Badge. 6/10

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    I liked how Ash didn't want to take a free Beacon badge cuz of his pride and Flint was so cool. I knew Ash wouldn't defeat him, but I liked how Volkner witnessed their battle and became less depressed at the end. ^^

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    Ohba was awesome as expected, and him being Denzi's childhood buddy was a nice game reference. Denzi's depression was handled well, and although I know that Satoshi had too much pride to have accepted the Beacon Badge without a fight, he has accepted free Badges before. How things have changed.

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