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Thread: Cosplayer's Club!

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    Default Cosplayer's Club!

    This is a club for all you cosplayers and costumers out there to share pics, costume progress, tutorials and more. Whether your costume is related to pokemon, anime, or something else, we want to hear about it!

    Remember, follow the forumrules! Also, don't post any pictures of costumes that are not yours or are sexually overt. This isn't a random picture posting club, this is for people to discuss their own, personal efforts at making costumes.

    Feel free to ask other members for advice in how to put together your projects! If you have any advice of your own to share, talk about it! We want to help each other to be the best costumers we can be.

    And remember, this club is here for FUN!

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    Hello, I'd like to join this club I'm a cosplayer, I cosplay as Haku from Naruto, and I'm just wondering where would I be able to get materials etc

    Glad I have finally found a Cosplay club
    Bakugan Battle Brawlers FTW!

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