Not sure what shipping this is, but it's HG/SS female player x rival.

I'm just using the names of my characters in
my game for the sake of simplicity and
because that's how I see them. I don't see
Lyra or Silver.
My character's name is Yami, and the rival's
name is Damien.

The song is Magnet, originally by
Vocaloids Luka and Miku.
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you wanna listen while reading!~
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I rate this PG13 for langauge.

Yami climbed down the latter into Slowpoke
It was dark and damp, and the well looked a
bit unstable to her.
She gazed around at the few sleeping
None of them seemed to mind missing their
tail, or perhaps the reality of their pain
hadn't hit them yet.
Either way, she thought to herself, making
her way down the driest path, it was wrong
to do such a thing to Pokemon.

She looked back at Raito, her Quilava, and
picked him up into her arms. He sniffed her
cheek and licked it, as if trying to comfort
his trainer.

Yami gave Raito a half assuring smile and
made her way deeper into the well.
Team Rocket, she had learned, had been
disbanded for a few years now.
No matter, they had to be stopped.

Yami had never been the bravest trainer, and
she was terrified of insects and moss, but
the moist atmosphere of the cave seemed
warm and relaxing.

However, as she was making her way through
a tight crawl space, she caught the glimpse
of movement nearby. Looking up, she saw
none other than Damien, her rival.

The fire haired boy had come here as well?
But why?
A rocket grunt approached the boy, a sneer
written upon his face.

"We don't need you, kid," the grunt spoke

Damien clenched his fist. "Tell me where
Giovanni is!" he demanded, grabbing the
grown man by his collar, pulling him down a
few feet.

"If we knew, don't you think we'd tell you?!
Damn!" The grunt responded, pushing the boy
back onto the floor. And with that, the
minion walked off into the darkness of
somewhere else.

Yami had always been curious about Damien,
since the two had bumped into each other in

Something was motivating this boy, but

He had stolen a Totodile from Professor
Elm, was always in Team Rocket's business,
and seemed obsessed with becoming the best
trainer ever.

As Damien stood up and dust himself off, he
turned to shoot Yami a glare.
"Tsch, you're not very good at hiding, Yami!"
he called out loudly, as if any of the
Slowpoke around cared about the trainer's
camouflage skills.

"Hey. . ." Yami spoke quietly, her hands
behind her back.
Raito gave a slight growl in the rival's
direction, standing by his trainer
defensively, embers tracing it'd back.

"What're you doing here?! You should stay
out of this!" Damien snapped. "This doesn't
involve you!"

"I'm here to help these Slowpoke. They're
the victims here. . .look at them."

A nearby Slowpoke yawned lazily.

She never was the best at proving her point.

The redhead sneered and rolled his eyes.
He didn't understand why this girl always
defeated him, what it was he was lacking
that she seemed to be bathing in.

It fascinated him how she seemed to have
such a strong spirit about her.
He didn't have time for this.

"Well, I'm out of here. Good luck with your
humanitarian work." He waved, about to

"Wait!" Yami called, taking a few steps
towards him. "Tell me, why are you so
determined? Why do you want to become
such a strong trainer? And that Totodile. . ."

"Croconaw now," Damien corrected, his back
still turned to the girl. "If you really wanna
know, guess you'll have to wait until I have
time for you."

He tried to sound uninterested.

A slender flame burns at the edge of my
Without warning, it spreads into a burning
My butterfly, flitting around it chaotically
Scales dropping into your hand

Damien turned to smile at her. "Besides, you
can read a trainer's heart by battling, right?
Or something like that."
His smile wasn't that of an enthusiastic
Pokemon trainer, it was that of arrogance.

I am wrapped around your finger from the
lips to the tongue
Even if this is something that cannot be
allowed the flames jump higher still


Despite the fact that Yami and Damien had
battled several times after their encounter
at the Slowpoke Well, Yami had never grown
to understand.

Damien had only one thing in mind, and that
was earning the approval of his father.
But he questioned himself as to why he would
even care.
He despised Giovanni; he loathed the man.

Croconaw sat by the fire one night by his
It was a nice, cloudy night, perfect for
camping outside Olivine City. The crashing
waves seemed to put his mind at rest, and
Croconaw loved having all that water to
splash around in.

Yami was staying in the Pokemon Center that
night, and decided to go out for a walk.
It was a nice night, and she had a restless
mind thanks to eight bottles of caffeinated

Olivine Beach seemed so serene in the early
The dark haired girl enjoyed wandering off
at this time, alone and without worry.
Well, most of the time without worry,
She took in a deep breathe of seaside air,
and looked over by the edge of the shore.
There was a small fire, and none other than
Damien sitting by it.

He looked so lonely sitting there, as if he
didn't have a friend in the world.
No wonder, Yami thought to herself. With
that attitude. . .

Despite her thoughts of his mannerisms,
Yami approached Damien and quietly sat
next to him.

He didn't even glance at her. "Go away."
She didn't move, and picked up a small twig
to poke the fire with.

Damien sighed in defeat, and made a mental
note to not permit her to stay long.

"So. . .what're you doing out here?" Yami
asked softly, gazing up at him.
"Nothing. Just camping. I have somewhere I
have to go."
". . ."

Damien noticed her eyes tearing up,
something that the girl had used several
times to convince her mother to let her
become a Pokemon trainer.

"You don't want to know about my life," he
said simply, staring into the flames before
the two.

"Sure I do."


"I find you interesting."

Damien sighed. He had never had to explain
his situation to anyone, and didn't like to.
But Yami seemed so curious, and something
inside wouldn't let him chase her away.

"Well, since you care to know so much. . ." He
began. "My father is the former head of
Team Rocket. He never liked me much,
despite my being his son. And I wasn't
legitimate, anyway. My whole life was a
mistake. Giovanni didn't even want me."

An anger surged up his spine thinking about
it, and he paused.
He glanced back at Yami and continued.

"But still, he was my father. And as a child, I
tried to get my father's approval. Nothing
was ever good enough, and he was always too
busy. Then, my mother. . .she got sick and
passed away.
I didn't know where Giovanni was, so I sent
him letters to every location he was known to
be at.
But he never replied, and I was left alone.
My mother was the only one I was close to. .
.and that ******* didn't even care that she
died. He just cared about some kid
defeating him. I'll never become like him.

He noticed Yami's blue eyes welling up, and
wondered if he should stop.
Well, she asked for it, he figured.

"So, I decided that I'd become a Pokemon
trainer in Johto, where no one knew me. So I
took the S.S.Anne, stole a Pokemon, and now
I'm out to challenge that ******* to a battle
to kick his ***." Damien concluded the last
statement with a hateful tone.

Yami couldn't imagine having to go through
something like that.
Her father wasn't around, but it wasn't
because he was out to take over the world.

Damien clenched his fist, his mind now on the
wrongs of his life.
Of course he couldn't expect her to
understand, after all she was a goody two-
"Whatever-" He began, but felt a soft hand
on his.

Yami gave him a sympathetic look. "Y'know,
you don't have to do this," she spoke in a

The boy eased up, not sure how to react. No
one had acted kind to him, not since. . .

Before he could argue, she pulled him into a
gentle hug. "You don't have to be so alone."

Damien blinked at the sudden tenderness.
He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist,
hugging back.

"Thanks, I guess. . .for listening, I mean. . ."
he grumbled, but meant every word of it.

I want to embrace you, I want you to tell me
That you don't think this is a mistake
I want you to kiss me, I want you to remake
I want to drown in this moment of

A wild thought entered his mind, and he held
her tighter.
Yami closed her eyes, partly tired, and
partly attempting to read him.

"You know, you don't have to be so mean. . ."
she whispered quietly. "You don't have to do
things alone. . .I understand that you want to
make your Pokemon stronger, but be kinder
to them."

Damien put his hands on her shoulders, and
pulled her inches away from his face.
She looked into his dark eyes, and her heart
throbbed as he drew close.
Damien felt a calm come over him as he
brushed his lips against hers, softly.

The world seemed to stop existing for that
It was nothing like he'd ever felt before, it
was a soothing sensation that spread across
his whole body.

After what seemed like only seconds,
Damien pulled away from the girl.
Yami was left speechless.

She gently grabbed the sleeve of his black
jacket. "Damien. . ."

Damien didn't pull away, though it normally
would have been his first reaction. Instead,
he gave her a faint smile.
It wasn't that malicious grin he normally
wore; he seemed unsure about himself.

Yami tilted her head in confusion.

Every moment, it's harder to restrain myself
If this is love, I want to wear it on my sleeve
The "strange feeling" turns into an
unbearable longing
I would follow you to the end of forever

"You should get back," he spoke silently,
turning his attention back to the dying fire.

Yami didn't want to leave. "Why?"

"We can talk some other time," Damien
promised. "Next time we battle though. .
.things will be different. Thanks again, for
listening. . ."

Yami stood up unsteadily; her mind was still
racing from their kiss.
She put her hands behind her back in her
usual manner. "Alright, then. See you later,
Damien. . ."

And with that, she walked back towards the
Pokemon Center.

If my heart goes astray I will be easily
as if we had no time to feel tender each


However, as Yami battled her way through
the remaining two gyms she had left to
conquer, she hadn't run across Damien since.

She rued not asking him for his phone
number, and had facepalmed herself multiple
times thinking about it.

She felt as if he'd just vanished, but knew
that he was out there, somewhere, training.
Hopefully he was being kinder to his
Pokemon, too.

That dream has never come again
There is no chance in our reality
If we touch, I know we can never go back
and that's just fine...
You are everything in the world to me

Yami was sitting in the Pokemart in
Goldenrod one summery evening, taking a
short break before flying to the Indigo
Plateau to challenge the Elite.

"Why is there a heat wave?" she grumbled to
herself, sipping on a half melted slushy.
She picked up her Eevee, Night, and pet his
soft fur.

"You must be a lot hotter than I am with all
that fur. . .wanna get a haircut?" she asked,
smiling at the small Pokemon

The Eevee nodded, hopping onto her
The Underground Tunnel was much cooler,
and not too crowded today.
As she neared the desk of the haircut
brothers, she felt her heart jump when she
saw a familiar red haired boy at the counter.

He was picking up his Golbat, which seemed
happy to see him.

"Damien!" Yami couldn't help but yell out,
running up to him.
She wanted to hug him, but contained

Her rival smiled. "Hi, Yami. . ."

He had a kinder aura about him, but was
determined as always.
"It's been a while. . ." Damien said, watching
as Yami left Night with the younger and less
experienced of the haircut brothers.

She nodded and rubbed her neck. "Y-yeah. .
.it has. . ."

The two went on a walk up into National Park.
Damien told Yami about how, after they had
talked on the beach so long ago, he began to
put more compassion into raising his
Pokemon. They'd grown stronger, and his
Croconaw had even evolved into a Feraligator

He'd beaten all of the Johto Gyms, and was
now ready to take on the Elite himself, then
move onto Kanto.
And there, he'd pay a visit to his father's
old gym.

Yami listened intently as they sat there on
the bench. Butterfrees were plentiful this
time of year, and occasionally one would fly
around them.

She noticed, perhaps for the first time, just
how much of a handsome boy Damien was.

"Oh yeah, wanna trade numbers?" Yami
asked, smiling at him. "I forgot to ask you
last time we met. . ."

Damien nodded, pulling out his Pokegear.

An awkward silence followed their
registering each other's numbers.
Yami remembered their kissing, and
wondered if she should attempt to do it

"Hey Damien?" she said, attempting to sound
chipper. "Do you like me?"

This brought a pink tint to his face. "Well, I
suppose you could say that. . ."

Yami blushed a bit, feeling her cheeks heat
up. "I'm glad. . ."

In silent honesty, Damien had felt a lot
better about himself after talking to Yami.
It had been his own insecurities that kept
him from being kind, and once that was
overcome, he began to understand things
much better.

Yami scooted nearer to him on the bench,
giving him a gentle hug.
He returned the embrace. "Yami, there are
still things I have to do. . ."

Anxiety arrives with the dawn to find me
still crying
When you whispered "it's all right" did I
hear tears in your voice, too?

She gave a slight, "hm?"

"But once I'm finished with Team Rocket,
what do you say we travel together a bit?
See how things go. . ."

Yami nodded and smiled; things were looking

"In the meantime," Damien spoke, standing
up and pulling out a Pokeball from his pocket.
"Let's battle!"

I want to embrace you, I want you to tell me
That you don't think this is a mistake
I want you to kiss me, I want you to remake
I want to drown in this moment of

I am drawn to you like a magnet
Even if I left, we would find each other
I've touched you, I can never go back and
that's just fine.
You are everything in the world to me

~ END ~

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