'Bonds of Friendship, Bonds of Family and Bonds of Love... How strong are they?'

Author's Note: Good day to all. CrYsTaL-Suicune here, bringing you my first fanfic in Serebiiforums. I've been writing fanfictions for a long time though not here in Serebii but in FFnet. However, I got this idea for a Pokemon fanfic and after weeks of planning, the result is this story. There are a few noteworthy things before you read this, however.

1) This fanfic is based on the manga Pokemon Special. Therefore you will not see Ash Ketchum here so don't go demanding me where the heck did he go. He's not here. This also means that you will NOT be able to understand this story fully if you have never read the PokeSpe manga. The DP arc is your safest bet, although if you've read till the end of Emerald arc that works too. In any case, I'll be adding explanations at the bottom of each chapter as well as the manga references.

2) If you do not know/have never read/have never heard of the PokeSpe manga but you are interested in the fanfic, there are summaries available in the main site kindly done by Coronis. There are also more on the Pokemon Manga section of the forums. If you've read all his summaries, you won't have any problems. If you want to read manga-style, they are available here at Mangafox. However, I think there are missing chapters though I'm not sure. I'll check when I have time.

Now, about the fic... It centers on all Pokedex Holders from Kanto to Sinnoh... and Wally. Why does he get a special mention? This is because he is not an official Pokedex holder, although he was originally planned to be one. He got replaced by Emerald. This does not imply that I hate Emerald, in fact I have no problems with him. I put Wally here as one of the main characters because he is a good trainer in his own right and also because I feel his personality can be related to the title of this fanfic and its theme.

Without further ado...

Fandom: Pokemon (Pokemon Special)
Type: Slight Alternate Universe (AU)
Genre: Adventure/Action
Rating: PG-13, to be safe
Pairings: None major as this isn't a Shipping fic. However, there is very mildly implied SpecialShipping (RedxYellow) and FranticShipping (RubyxSapphire), and only because there is canon evidence to support them
Warnings: Occasional swearing, mild violence common to Pokespe battles
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon and Pokemon Special. All rights belong to Satoshi Tajiri, Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto.



[A Pokemon Special Fanfic]

By CrYsTaL-Suicune



A breezy afternoon greeted the populace of the quaint town of Littleroot, the pure air energizing youngsters to train harder to reach their dreams. A flock of Taillow and Swellow flew through the blue skies while a group of five Poochyena raced across the grassy fields. Most took the advantage of the presence of the gale to dry up their laundry, hanging them in clotheslines beside their houses. Several children were gathered around, watching an exhilarating fight between a black-haired kid with a Vigoroth, and a wild Linoone, which the young boy was trying to capture.

Watching all this with an amused smile was a blonde kid with crescent-shaped hair. He was unusually tall, sporting a long-sleeved apple green collared shirt that hid his hands and blue pants that covered his shoes as well. He merely looked on as the kid’s Vigoroth tried to slash its opponent, which the Linoone evaded with ease by jumping to the side. The Linoone then headbutted the wild monkey Pokemon at the side, sending it reeling back for a moment. But its sheer determination enabled it to retaliate back almost immediately with a Fury Swipes by order of the youngster, critically damaging the wild Pokemon. Vigoroth’s trainer grinned before throwing a Pokeball at the weak Linoone, the ball sucking the Pokemon in before dropping unceremoniously to the ground. After three heart-thumping shakes, the ball pinged, signalling the success of the capture. The onlookers cheered and congratulated the boy while the blonde kid from before just chuckled before turning away.

‘Nah, Crystal is still the pro at capturing,’ he thought as he traversed the path towards the huge building at the edge of the town, which wasn’t far from where he currently was. ‘Nobody can beat her when it comes to capturing Pokemon, that’s for sure.’ He continued walking at his leisure pace, all the while still immersed in his thoughts. ‘I wonder why I had to do this errand personally though. I just have to collect some documents from Professor Birch in Littleroot then give them to Professor Oak... Well, that’s how Crystal put it but... Why couldn’t they just send them over the computer or something? That’s what technology is for...’

He shrugged. ‘Oh well, at least I get to visit Littleroot. My soil samples were running low anyway. And it’s a break from all the paperwork.’

His head drooped when recollections of those tough times appeared in his mind. 'Man, I hate paperwork. I wonder how Crystal puts up with all of it...’

He looked around as he walked. He passed by a two-storey house. All windows were closed and by the looks of the place, it was empty. 'Crystal said that Ruby wasn't around... Went away somewhere, huh?'

At the thought of the sissy boy, he was reminded of his mission at the Battle Frontier. Has it really been a year ever since they reversed the petrifaction of the seniors and defeated Guile Hideout? He felt like it had only been yesterday, the memories still fresh in his mind. How could he not forget? It was the day when he was finally able to come in terms with his terrible past, with his insecurities and with his relationship with both Pokemon and humans. He was reborn as a better person, now surrounded by his seniors and his very own Pokemon. Crystal's no longer the only one he considered his sibling but all of them. He could now call them by all their names without reservation, much like real brothers and sisters. He was not one for sentimental stuff but he just couldn't help feeling that way. It was, after all, what he always wanted since he was orphaned. More so after that incident which made him fear close relationships with Pokemon. Although he rarely saw them, they still managed to keep in contact no matter how sparse. And he was now officially working as Professor Oak's assistant alongside Crystal (Although he had to admit that he sometimes gets random impulses to slack off or be mischievous). What more could he ask for?

'Less paperwork, definitely,' he mentally laughed at his own lame attempt of answering the hanging question.

His train of thoughts were interrupted when he saw smoke pouring out of the windows of the laboratory just ahead of him. ‘Fire!?’ He ran hurriedly to the building. When he was at the door, he heard shouting and what appeared to be sounds of a fight. He felt a chilling sense of dread in his body. What was going on...?

“Hey! Is there anyone in there?” he shouted, trying to open the door. Much to his frustration, it was locked.

“No! DON’T!” a girl’s frightened shout could be heard clearly even beyond the door.

The blonde boy froze. He recognized that voice! “S-sapphire!?”

“Emerald!? Huh? Aaaaaaaaah!”

By this time, the boy, now known as Emerald, grit his teeth. “Damn it! What’s happening there?” He stepped back before a mechanical glove extensor emerged from his sleeves holding a Pokeball. Out came his starter per se, Sceptile. The forest reptile came out, standing in front of Emerald.

“Sceptile! Use Leaf Blade on the door!” he commanded in a hurry.

The leaf extensions on its claws glowed, then with a roar it slashed at the door, cutting it down. More smoke poured through but Emerald ignored it as he charged into the lab with Sceptile.

Amidst the smoke, the sight that greeted Emerald was one that shocked him beyond belief.


Meanwhile, in an infinitely dark dimension, the silence was shattered by a crackle of a white lightning bolt, flashing brightly for a brief moment...

It was like a forbidding signal of the dark times ahead.

To be continued...

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