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Thread: The Pokemon Show (Rated G)

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    Shame... i like your works

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    Okay, I give up. This week is officially going to be April Fool's Day week on the Pokemon Show. I tried typing the entire chapter at once, but when trying to look up how to spell limburger on another tab, the Internet stopped working. When I tried closing out of that tab, the one I was typing this on did too. Therefore, to keep problems from arising for the third week in a row, I have decided that every night from tonight through Friday, I will post a small section of what would have been tonight's April Fool's Day Bonanza.

    Episode 4: April Fools, Part 1 (Chimchar's Joke of the Day)

    Chimchar: Hello, ladies and germs! Boy, do I have some great jokes for you today! They're ten times better than my normal ones!

    Skuntank: Well, that's not hard. There was plenty of room for improvement.

    Chimchar: Oh, ha ha! Why don't you just leave the jokes to the comedian?

    Dusknoir: There's a comedian here?

    Chimchar: Just let me get to my joke!

    Skuntank: Let him go, Dusknoir. We can't heckle him until he tries to joke.

    Dusknoir: I'm not sure that's entirely true, but I'll go with it. Besides, he's right. It's not like the jokes can get worse.

    Chimchar: Okay then! On to my joke. So, a Slaking walks into a building. He goes up to the desk and says: "Three pounds of limburger cheese, please." The lady at the counter says: "Sir, this is a library." So, the Slaking looks embarassed, and he whispers: "Sorry. Three pounds of limburger cheese, please."

    Dusknoir: Wow, I was wrong. Apparently, the jokes can get worse.

    Skuntank: The impossible never really is impossible if you put your mind to it, you know.

    Dusknoir: I never thought about it that way before. I guess that Chimchar is dedicated to his work after all!

    Skuntank: Dedicated to getting better?

    Dusknoir: No, to getting worse.


    Piplup: Join us tomorrow with Part 2: PokeVeterinarian's Hospital!

    I hope you all like it!

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    Sorry to hear about the technical difficulties, I know what that's like. I can't wait to see the rest of the April Fool's Day Bonanza, though. Poor Chimchar, his joke wasn't that bad. Dusknoir and Skuntank are still cracking me up, though.

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