I'm going to say that the reason for the inconsistency in how the power worked is becoming TR didn't know how to operate the tower properly and Volkner does... okay, it's a big gaping plot hole. Moving right along...

It is a bit frustrating that the last battle is delayed again, but I guess we should have known better. The last badge is always delayed beyond reason, and they always tease us like this. I really don't know why I didn't see this coming. Oh, well, blame the labyrinthitis. (No, seriously, that's a real medical condition and I've got it right now. Inner-ear crap, basically.)

And as I watched this, two thoughts sprang to mind:

a. Meowth needs psychological counseling. And there's at least five seconds of that boss fantasy that will NOT be in the dub.

b. Considering the number of times Ash has plummeted toward imminent doom, how is it he hasn't developed a fear of heights? If I were him, I'd be freaked out just climbing on a chair at this point.