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    Welcome everyone to the sequel to ‘Skipping Stones’! Here in this story the format is a little different, and the points of views are separated in three parts! (Day break [May], equinox [Ash], and lunar twilight [May]) Now enough chit-chat, here is Scorching Lights.

    All the characters proclaimed in this fic are not owned by me.
    Rated T— for language, action, and some scenes not suitable for kids under 13.

    Scorching Lights
    By: XxMays_flowerxX

    Daybreak – May

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    The Day broke, and the ice melted, turning the winter land into spring.


    Winter used to be my favorite season. Now it was spring and summer. I didn't like the rain anymore, anything that involved water. What I wanted was the heat, the sun to engulf myself on fire, to burn away all the coldness in my heart. I wasn't sure if I could move on, I was glued to concreete. I jabbed my balled fists in my coat poackets, and kept walking down the dark road of a abandoned street. It's been a year, and my life was turned compelely upside down, but today felt like it was starting to get better. My eyes laid apond a dark figure walking my way, and I smiled to the stranger. She smiled back to me as if I knew her for years, and came to a stop in front of me. The woman reached out for my hand, the same sweet smile on her face.

    "Are you ready?"

    The day was just barely breaking over the line of upcoming rain clouds, and the air lingered of moisture. Before I could except her hand, I glanced at what would probably be my last sight of Kanto. The outstretching green forests surrounded the dirt road, and naked branches reached for the skies, quivering with every gust of wind. I had to admit, I would miss this place. I would miss everyone and everything about this place. But I couldn't let that get in the way of my mission. I sighed, and grasped my hand around the woman's, and crooked grin.

    "Let's hunt."

    Chapter 1: the ending.

    I sat on a park bench, watching the kids passing by and the birds chirping over head. I didn’t know why I was here, but I just felt that I needed to be. It’s hardly been a year before the incident, and all my wounds have healed…but my heart still remains a hole. Another gust of wind picks up, and flutters the loose grass under my naked feet, and the tall oak trees chime in harmony. Leaves run away from the winter air, and try to hide under shadows, and mothers rush to their children, begging them to warm up. I inhaled the frosty air, and tasted it on my tongue. I exhaled, and crossed my ankles. It’s been a year, and I haven’t felt the same. It felt that I have left a half of myself with…. With him. I tried not to use his name to much; it only spread the hole wider.

    I still went to his high school, but when I returned back he wasn’t there. Brock no longer was there either, but that was because he had graduated. The only two people who stayed behind with me were Dawn and Barry. I would often ask where Ash was, but they would try to divert it to another topic. I wanted to ask John where he was, but he too no longer worked at my school. It seemed everything was going downhill. Before, my goal was to make friends here in Kanto, but once I found feelings for Ash, I made a new goal. I wanted to be able to be with him, and be happy. I guess I didn’t achieve that goal. He didn’t want me, he didn’t need me. I was alone.

    The sun was still high in the sky, but I needed to leave. Thinking about the past was unhealthy for me, but what else was there to do on a Saturday morning? It seemed funny; usually it was easy for me to figure out what to do, especially on a Saturday. I stood up from the wooden bench and stretched on my toes. They popped from staying in position for too long. I slid my feet into my white sandals on the grass, and I walked forward, heading for my car parked across the way. It still had the dent on the bumper when Ryan attacked me at the supermarket. I wondered what happened to him, if he was in prison or something, or just moved away. ..I also wondered why he wanted me. I shook my head, NO! No, I will NOT think about that!

    I yanked the black handle of my mom’s car, and threw myself in. I scrambled around my pockets for the keys, and when I did, I pushed it into the ignition. I pushed the break down, and shot forward, not caring for the stares that were thrown at me. I needed to do something, just something that will keep my mind busy. The street signal flashed red, and I stepped on the breaks. A by passer honked at me, and yelled something out the window. I scowled, and sat back in my seat. A love song was randomly playing on a station, and jabbed it with an annoyed finger to shut it off. Why couldn’t I go out without being reminded by my past? My right thigh vibrated, and short after a high pitch ring-tone out grew the space. Confused, I shoved my hand into my pocket to retrieve my cell. I knew I would be pulled over for talking and driving, but it was odd for someone to call me.

    I flipped the phone open the same time the light flashed green, “Hello?”

    A sweet, loving voice came through the speaker, “Hi Hun! Oh I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you think you could stop by the grocery store and pick up some milk and lunch meat? You see, your father is out, and I need to clean up.”

    “That’s alright, I’ll pick it up.” I smiled. That would keep my mind busy. I picked up two people in the back ground whispering, and then after they stopped, my mom sighed. “Is Max’s friends over or something?”

    “ Um, about that, your friend Dawn is here.”My mother spilled

    The speed needle edged 50. My hands went white over the wheel, “And why didn’t you tell me this in the first place?”I hissed. “I could have been there with her right now!”

    She sighed over the phone, “She called me and asked if she could come over. She has something to tell you.” I was about to open my mouth, “ So market, milk, lunch meat, and then straight home alright?”

    I shrugged in my cracked seat, “Yeah. I’ll talk to you soon.”

    “Oh, and when you get home, were…” she stopped, and over the receiver, it sounded like she didn’t want to continue. “Just get home okay honey?”

    “Um.” I turned on a street heading for the food market. “Yeah mom, sure. Bye.” I snapped the phone before she could add anything else.

    The way her voice said that was scary, like if somebody died. I shook the thoughts away, and focused on the road. I shouldn’t expect the worse. I turned to another cross street, being stopped by another red light. Why was Dawn at my house? Usually she’d be at Barry’s on Saturdays. I was inside of the lot, and I parked in a space closest to the entrance as possible. The several of beeps warned that the door was ajar, and I jumped out, slamming the door. Making sure I had money in my pocket, I ran inside.

    It was always strange to me to enter this market; everyone was just too nice to me and my family. My dad gets upset just by passing by here. Since the breakout of Ryan’s crime, everyone has been particularly friendly. I hated being pitied on. I grabbed a hand cart from one of the cashier lines, and walked to the diary section. My mind was in a wander today, just completely open and full of crazy stuff. I inhaled and rubbed the temples on the sides of my head. If only I could just forget it all! I reached the milk counter, and bent down to scan over the brands and percentages. I spotted the 2%, and reached for it, only to be bumped into someone else’s. I shot back and spun in quick defense. A rather young woman smiled apologetically to me, and rubbed the back if her head. I relaxed and gave her a small smile.

    “I’m sorry.” She batted her eyelashes, and stung me with her brown eyes. They were too familiar to his eyes. “You can go right ahead; I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

    “No…”I smiled and reached for the milk anyways, “No, it’s okay! Nothing to be sorry about!” She grinned happily, and grabbed her own milk. Then she nodded to me, and started to turn her back to me. It was a strange feeling, like just being beside this woman made me feel normal again. Those big brown eyes where just so warm, almost like…Ash’s. I sucked in a shaky breath as my chest heaved by his name. It was impossible; this woman looked NOTHING like him. I took a step forward and clutched her shoulder, “Hey!”

    She glanced over her shoulder, “Yes dear?”

    My hand dropped from her shoulder, and I placed them behind my back, “Um, hi I’m May. I know you don’t know me, and I’m a complete stranger, but do you mind if I asked you if you had a son?”

    “Yes.” She frowned, “But he doesn’t live beside me anymore. “ I bit my lip, and lowered my eyes. She laughed softly, and scratched her right cheek, “There’s no need to frown my girl! Oh, wait your name is May isn’t it?” I nodded, “I know you might think I’m crazy for saying this, but… you kind of remind me of him.”

    I blushed, and couldn’t hide the sudden bursts of happiness in my voice. It was so odd… this woman was just so bright, and had this energetic aura. I switched the heavy milk carton in my other hand, “H-How so miss?

    The brunette tapped her finger on the bottom of her chin, “Well…you just smile just like him. Like, he used to smile at the side like you’re doing.” She giggled, and placed the milk that was still in her hands into her shopping cart. “And just your eyes give me such vibes. It’s not exactly like his, but quite the opposite. I would actually compare you both as fire and ice.” She arched her eyebrow and bit her lip, “Do you get what I’m saying?”

    “Of course.” Actually just the thought made me think that mine and her thoughts were the same. My phone started to vibrate in my pocket again. I groaned, already knowing who it was. “I’m sorry, but I have to get going… It was very nice to meet you!” I bowed, and made a dash for the meat section.

    “It was nice meeting you too!”She called after me.

    I smiled to myself, and made a turn to the deli. That woman was very nice, probably the first person who actually made me feel like me again. It really was a drag not to get her name though. I snatched the first thing my eyes pried on, and walked up to the cashier to be harassed with unnecessary complements.

    The car’s oxygen was cut off, reclaiming the engine to die out. With the two plastic bags in my hands, I removed myself from my seat. I locked the car, and walked towards my home. Dawn’s slick black car was parked across the street, standing out from the entire beat down cars on my road. I shook my head, seeming to hide a secret joke. Dawn was usually the person who would stand out. My feet padded on the sidewalk, up to the porch, where my mother stood waiting. She smiled at me half-halfheartedly, and snatched the bags from my hands. I thanked her, and opened the door, for both of us to walk through.

    It was the same, the same hallway with lined shoes, the same beige walls, and of course, the same best friend that was sitting in the heart of it all. Dawn wore an over sized white sweater, and jeans, with her trademark barrettes on either side of her head. It caught my attention that she wasn’t very dressed up like she normally would, but I just guessed she was taking a break. I ran the rest of the way, and attacked her. She laughed, and patted my shoulder for me to stop. I backed away and sat next to her. Dawn was frowning, and as I could feel her energy, she wasn’t in her bubbly mood. Actually, the atmosphere was really negative. I gulped, and sat deeper in my seat. Why was Dawn really here? I glanced up warily to my mother, whose hands were empty. Her face lingered with stress, and the lines on her forehead deepened. The room was dead silent, and my heart was racing from rising panic. Finally Dawn was the first to speak up.

    Her voice tremor with nerves, “May?” I tilted my head to a yes, afraid that my voice would crack. “I’m here to tell you some news I received by your good friend a while back… and then when your mother told me about what she was going to say, I thought it was best to tell it to you afterward.”

    My eyes shot at my mom, who was still sadly looking at me. What was going on? A good friend while back? What did all of this mean!? My mom sighed, and threw herself in a chair. Her hands covered her forehead, and she was measuring the choice to tell me her secret

    “May, I’ve noticed that in this past month, and last year that you haven’t been quite yourself. I know that you loved Ash very much but I can’t bear to see you like this.” The hole in my chest ripped a couple more inches, and the tear forced my hands to curl over the spot.
    “So, your father and I think that…” she bit her lip, and a few tears ducked out of her eyes.

    “…We think it’s best for you to live with your aunt in Hoenn.”

    My mind couldn’t catch up to what was said. This was a joke right? My mom’s hands hid her face again, and a weep came through her sadness. I jolted up, my hands balled by the sides.
    “You’re serious?” Dawn and my mom both stared at my shocked face. The heat bolted through my veins and I threw an outraged fist into the air, “You just thought I would be okay with this? Don’t I have a say so in this!? I’m happy here, I don’t want to leave!”

    “May please listen to me for a—“

    NO! I want to talk; I want to make my decisions on my own! “I snapped. “I am NOT going to move, I AM myself, and I won’t be walked over by my own parents!”

    Her blue eyes lowered, and she whispered, almost a hiss, “It’s not your decision.” I was about to yell but, my mom beat me to it, “Do you think I don’t know what you’re feeling everyday!? You don’t go out anymore, you don’t talk as normally, and every time any of us mention that Satoshi kid you look like you’re going to jump off a cliff!!” I was the one to be baffled. Was it true? Was I not myself? My mom gasped, and cried her heart out. What was going to happen?

    Dawn rose from her seat and sighed, “Yep, I choose a bad time to come.” She walked forward in till she was by the arm of my mom’s chair. Dawn patted my mom’s arm, and gave her a sweet smile,
    “It’ll be okay.”

    Dawn flicked her eyes back at me for a quick second, and then she headed out of my home. My hands clenched and unclenched at my thighs, and I was deciding on what to do. I darted right behind her, picking to forget everything that happened a few moments ago. She was just about down the second step, when I coiled my hand around her wrist. Her azure eyes softened, and she waited for me to answer.

    I inhaled, and asked out, “What was it that you were going to tell me?”

    She hesitated, and twitched the side of her lip. I let go of her wrist, and allowed them to curl over my chest. Dawn finally gave in, and stepped forward with a tiny smile on her face. I stared at her confused, when she dug in her white sweater, and came out with an envelope.

    “This” she signaled to the white paper, “It's a letter for you.”

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    I don't know if the first chapter was that great, but here you have it!
    please R&R and thank you for reading!
    (Image by PD+)Click below to see my fic!! ( Advance with a hint off Pokeshipping!!! )

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    Seeing as I read your prequel (which was very good), might as well review the sequel!

    For the first chapter, I liked how May hasn't felt like herself for a while, seeing how the events were portrayed at the end of Skipping Stones, I could why she wouldn't be herself for a long time. I wonder who was the person that May was talking to..... Me thinks she will be an important character (that's just me though)

    The cliffhanger at the end was very suspenseful, I wonder who the letter Dawn holding was from.... (I think Ash!)

    Some spelling/grammar mistakes:

    I was glued to concrete.
    My eyes laid upon a dark figure walking my way
    NO! No, I will NOT think about that!
    I just thought that was funny (was I not supposed to? Haha. Anyways)
    “Um, about that, your friend Dawn is here.”My mother spilled
    Sentence isn't complete.
    harassed with unnecessary compliments.
    Complements mean something else XD

    That's all I could find... I probably missed one or too errors. Oh well.

    “…We think it’s best for you to live with your aunt in Hoenn.”
    That's horrible for May! She must have felt awful..

    Well, for the first chapter, I'm already hooked in to the story. Can't wait for more Scorching Lights

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    Thumbs up

    I have finally got round to reviewing.

    A great start, it really links in with the prequel, and has a nice pace and description.

    Just one error that wasn't already mentioned;

    It's been a year, and my life was turned compelely upside down, but today felt like it was starting to get better.
    Missed a 't'; completely.

    Other than the spelling errors nicely done, it's quite hard to keep interest in a story, especially after the climax of the prequel.

    Hopefully this time there will be a happy ending. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    See Ya!

    Chaos Out!
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    I'm sooo sorry for reviwing this so late >.<;
    I've finished the chapter through, and it's great! Well, looks like may is in a little situation! Her parents want to send her back to hoenn, and she wants to stay there. And the letter! Who is it from? ( I bet it's ash )

    well you had a few errors here and there, but nothing big. I can't wait for the next chapter. :P

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