Altho I would have liked a great emphasis on Jess' contest, at least she has another ribbon. I'm kinda hoping she gets a big contest focus when she goes for her 5th, esp. if they have her face off w/ Ursula for it. I think those two were made to be rivals, and the dynamic of two "divas" competing is more intriguing than when they challenge Dawn. I do like that Seviper won it, now every Rocket poke has a ribbon except for Mime Jr. and Wobbuffet (seems like a good combo for appeal and battles, given Mime's cuteness and Wobby's counteriffic DEM).
Dawn's plot had some funny bits at least. I lol'd at her scribbles, it's a nice touch when the anime has them act their age. Most 10 yr-olds are drawing super-accurately unless they are art prodigys. And the brat kid was also v. typical, sometimes kids just get in a teasing mood and are stubbon to authority. I'd give him some slack to grow out of that phase. It was a little creepy that he seemed to have an extra pair of eyebrows on his face... btwn that and mini-Ritchie these COTDs are the stuff of nightmares. o_O