View Poll Results: What was the weirdest thing in ranger.

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  • Crawford's Ranger Pose

    9 12.50%
  • Wheeler (you know what I mean)

    32 44.44%
  • Blake Hall when he is talking

    3 4.17%
  • Half of the characters refering to themselves in 3rd person

    15 20.83%
  • Ranger Poses in general.

    13 18.06%
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Thread: What is the weirdest thing in ranger?

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    I don't remember but anyone speaking in 3rd person but I haven't played this game in a while so...
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    Okay guys... let me just make it clear to you.

    In Japan, many females, especially little girls, refer to themselves in 3rd person. Apparently, this makes them sound "cute", and it is actually commonplace in Japanese culture.

    In fact, have you ever noticed how Candice refers to herself in the third-person? This was just a mistranslation.

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    Wheeler is by far the weirdest person ever on the Pokemon Ranger Series to me...

    He was just... weird...

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    Omg those guys are so creepy why do they even exist? ): Wheeler has a fetish for Bidoof and that's not okay.
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    Wheeler is the weirdest. What's with his fascination of Bidoof?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ITOMARU View Post
    The only one of those things that I found odd is Crawford's Ranger pose... that's when he bends over backwards laughing, right?
    I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by everyone referring to themselves in third person... who does that?
    Anyway, the things I think are odd are that Ollie never tells you his real name, even when he's getting married, and that Gordor started an entire villainous organization just to get revenge on the man who was a little bit smarter than him. And Gordor had more luck with women, anyway. He had four kids, and instead of just telling Hastings "Look at me, I have a musically talented family", he built mind controlling guitars and forced his children into his crazy scheme to one-up his old rival. But then again, Hastings probably had many girlfriends in his day... Even now, when he must be at least sixty, he has a lab assistant in her twenties fawning over him.
    Oh dear, I seem to have gone off topic. Anyway, I don't think there's really that much weirdness.

    Oh yeah, that reminds me. The weirdest thing for me was that everytime he did that it kept making me think he would turn evil. Then, by the end of the game, he didn't, and I had to apologize. lol. I was like: Oh yeah, I know you're going to turn evil. Oh wait, sorry.
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