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Thread: Quakeout Deck

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    Default Quakeout Deck

    Quakeout Deck

    3-3 Donphan Prime HGSS
    3-2-3-1 Machamp Lv X SF
    2 Aerodactyl GL
    2-2 Claydol GE
    2 Spiritomb AR
    23 Pokemon (12 Basic)

    3 Rare Candy
    1 Premier Ball
    2 Broken Time-Space
    1 Luxury Ball
    4 Bebe's Search
    3 Roseanne's Research
    3 Expert Belt
    1 Stark Mountain
    1 Deptment Store Girl
    1 Fisherman
    2 Pokemon Rescue
    2 Switch
    24 Trainers (3 Stadiums, 9 Supporters)

    3 Call Energy
    10 Fighting Energy
    13 Energy

    Donphan Prime for early KO's, especially with Expert Belts. Machamp with Take Out for later in the match, or if facing a Kingdra deck. Aerodactyl as a good opening starter with collect and prevention of opponent's evolution/leveling up. Claydol for obvious reasons. Spiritomb for T2 Donphan Prime and Trainer Lock. Rare Candy and BTS for T1 Donphan and faster Machamps, Stark for exclusive fighting deck support.

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    2-1-2-1 machamp for
    2-2 blissey prime/ssu (for blissey prime)
    -2 switch for +2 warp point your more likely to take out a pokemon then to be taken out.
    also bench shields would be something to consider

    and another fisherman make's sure your donphan never goes down with blissey prime, booyah. very nice deck btb.
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    You can put more than one premier balls in your deck because you can get Machamp Lv.X from the discard pile and use him again. Another Roseanne's would help but if you dont have another get Pokemon Collector (I think), so you can get those basics onto the field.

    Besides that, it looks good

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    Machamp Lv X is almost more for show, the one Premier Ball is if I ever bother needing it, like the final KO of the game with an extra 60 damage. Call Energy and the current Roseanne's seem to get plenty of basics, with Spiritomb, BTS, rare candy to evolve them. It's rare for me to have 3 or fewer pokemon in play by T2, just gotta watch out for Palkia G Lv X variants....speaking of which, I have another deck to post up.

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    Dont think you need that many claydols
    Machamp is awesome, cant believe you're the first to have posted the deck on. Would take out Aerodactyl for something harder (maybe Rhyperior X?)

    Man, this deck is insane! Do you HAVE these cards?
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