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Thread: Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!! (637)

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    It was a great episode. We got to see Ben the Pokemon Ranger and a Heatran with Eruption. The Ranger signs portrayed in the anime is cool. Funny when James tried to use the Capture Styler and he couldn't. Ben's voice sounds kinda familiar, I wonder who voiced him.

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    I can't believe they changed the air time yet again (no one has informed me about it), but at least it's later than 7 AM. Heatran is awesome, enough said. I love how they treat it as a regular pokemon instead of a legendary, since there was a reason why it's one of kind in the game because of its base stats. I wish him good luck for the B&W metagame.

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    It was OK episode. I liked seeing the Heatran Mission from Guardian Signs and I like seeing Ranger Signs & Ben. Overall, it was decent!
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    After I knew about the 7am airing now, I forgot about it once I checked out my TV schedule this morning, so I had an hour to spare. But I slept in again and missed the episode around when it ended. :P So I got to see it on my DVR.

    Ben was pretty cool to see in the anime, since Ive been dying to see this episode. He was pretty energetic alright, but quite silly for his character. Since this was a Ranger episode, shame to see no Solana (since she appeared from the last 3 (if you count the Deoxys Part 1/2 episode) Ranger episodes). But eh, Im not surprised, since shes got no connection to the new Ranger game.

    Plus, was that guy in the helicopter possibly Murph? Though, if it was, his anime appearance is different from his Ranger artwork. :P

    The Heatran in the anime was pretty cool too, seeing it use Eruption. But all in all surprise, I wasn't aware it couldn't naturally learn it in the first place. xD

    Also,Team Rocket was indeed pretty sweet, I gotta agree. Both humorous as usual, and a good threat this episode. Plus Meowth's fantasy was pretty clever from using a Heatran as a Grill, Sana (sp?), or a Fireplace for Giovanni. :P

    It felt odd of Ash and the gang doing less in this episode, having Ben lead them to find Heatran.

    Overall, good episode for a promo episode again~

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    This episode was good. Meowth's idea of using Heatran as various heating stuff for Giovanni. Classic. Like how Meowth had to wear wooden sandals while in the volcano. The only thing I gotta say is that I don't agree with the episode title being called "Heatran Rescue". In my opinion, there was not much rescuing involved except at the end.
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    It was an OK episode. Ben introducing himself to the gang the moment he woke up was funny and a nice way to advertise the new Pokemon Ranger games, with the Ranger Signs and the capture styler that James can't use. I was a bit disappointed about the absence of the Ukulele Pichu, though. I guess if it did appear, there wouldn't be much it could to in a volcano, but still, it would've been cute.

    Nothing to do with the actual episode, but the "Scooby Doo and whatever-it-is-this-time" advert kept running across the screen, which was kind of funny and if you pause at the time it looks like Mystery Inc. are running away from Feraligatr while the gang watches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapphire Kirby View Post
    A Heatran with the special move Eruption (which seems to be the only move it can used) needs to be taken to the National Park by a Pokémon Ranger. Why? They don’t really say. It is never said what the National Park is, other than its safe.
    You answered your own questions. He said the Heatran knew Eruption, something normal Heatran can't, and that he was bringing it to a National Park. You can safely infer what's going on there. Such a rare Heatran needed to be kept safe.

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    I liked Ben's personality, it was hilarious to me

    Well, I enjoyed the ep, it was nice. 7.5/10
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    Another Ranger episode! Now what would've happened in this one?

    - The gang are having lunch next to a waterfall. However, they're completely oblivious to what is happening behind the waterfall...
    - What's going on past that is that a Pokémon Ranger is hunting a Heatran in a possibly dormant volcano. What makes this one unique? It has Eruption, something that all the others don't boast.
    - The Ranger is planning to capture this Heatran for transfer into the National Park, but those #$%&ers at TR have other ideas with it.
    - Just when the ranger has gotten within reach of Heatran, TR's Diglett machine sprays stones all over the place, thus knocking the ranger off of the sky, & he plummets into the river. AHHHH!! NOOOO!!!
    - The Ranger draws a seemingly magical insignia, which summons a Feraligatr to his side, & just as he gets dropped into the drink, that Feraligatr helps him come out alive.
    - They end up at the bottom of the waterfall, which just so happens to be that same position in which the gang are having lunch at.
    - The gang lend out a helping hand out to the ranger, whom we later find out his name, Ben.
    - Ben tells the gang of his endeavors, & the gang offer to help in his quest. BUT..... there's one problem: Ben's Styler is gone. Wonderful! Wonderful!!
    - To make things even worse, TR manage to seize his lost styler, but hell if I know if that'll make things easier for them...
    - However, Ben is one of those hardcore optimists, who never gives up on something even if it means getting themselves killed. However, he wasn't like that in his youth, until his father told him to keep trying again.
    - Ben picks up on where Heatran is residing, just by feeling the warmth of the ground that they're standing on.
    - They eventually find Heatran inside a lava cave, using its Flash Fire ability to regain its strength.
    - But, TR manages to catch up with it as well, & they notice that they have Ben's Styler. He doesn't hesitate to go after them, even though the rocks are blazing hot.
    - Ash & Dawn help out by using Buizel & Buneary to bring this stuff into the cold, with Water Gun & Ice Beam, respectively.
    - Ben makes it over to TR's side, but they're not willing to give up their ill-gotten styler easily, even though they're not able to use it.
    - Ash's Pikachu helps out with a Thunderbolt to zap them to kingdom come. This also cases Meowth to drop his remote to their mecha into the lava.
    - With no control over their Diglett mecha, it goes haywire. Heatran, however, used Eruption to blow it away. However, that causes the piece of wall that its latched on to give way.
    - To make matters worse, amist all the chaos, Ben starts falling into the lava, no thanks to the fact that the ledge he's on also gave way. AHHHHH! He's going to die!!!!
    - Oh wait... he's secured his styler, so he can summon Feraligatr to save him again. Also, Dawn acted with Piplup's Whirlpool & Buneary's Ice Beam, which cooled the lava. That also saved their precious Heatran.
    - Now that Heatran is within striking distance, Ben manages to capture Heatran & got it to follow him.
    - Bad thing is that the place is now caving in, so both the gang & TR bolt out of here, going their seperate ways.
    - With Heatran in tow, they've managed to get the hell out of Dodge, & Ben gets a Chopper out to whisk Heatran away to the park.

    This... is actually a good one. Not as great as the last one, but still, those rangers never cease to amaze me. I "might" actually get the Gaurdian Signs sometime...

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    This episode was so bi-polar. Ben was optimistic, and Ash, Dawn and Brock were basically the opposite through the whole episode. Some cringe-worthy lines in this one too (Brock: "I admire your optimism, but that's dangerous.") And god knows why the National Park needs a Heatran.

    Though, James being fully prepared to kill Ben was awesome.

    Definitely the worst Ranger episode. 6/10.
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    This episode was alright. I didn't really pay any attention to the episode that much though since it wasn't very interesting. The previous Ranger episodes were all much better than this. Other than cooling down the lava in the mountain, Ash, Dawn, and Brock didn't really do much I think. It might just be me not remembering anything though. Anyway, this episode could've been a whole lot better than the way it turned out.

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    Yay, we got a Pokemon Ranger episode. These are always exciting to watch as they always have a different aspects view over Pokemon. It's like a breather from the usual battle and adventure routine.

    We get the same old typical starting point with Ash and Co. Setting up camp, preparing

    Over yonder, at the peak of a volcano(or mountain), we got a Ranger hunting down a Heatran who is known for having an attack move of Eruption. Something I didn't know of that it couldn't normally learn naturally.

    Just when the Ranger was about to capture it, tremors act up causing Heatran to flee and the Ranger taking precautions by capturing a bystander Pidgeot to assist.

    Pursuing the fleeing Heatran, TR comes in infuriated with the Ranger and sends a mecha Diglett to, literally, take the Ranger down.

    The Ranger acts quickly and summons Feraligatr with a guardian sign to aid from his fall.

    The Ranger floats down stream and meets up with Ash and Co. They find him unconscious but he quickly recovers and is introduced as Pokemon Ranger Ben.

    For someone who is high spirited and optimistic. He can sure be a klutz; way to lose the capture styler.... Those things should be considered their lifes worth. A Ranger without a styler is a Ranger without a purpose....

    Ash and Co. team up with Ben as they both venture off through the rocky outpost of the mountains to find Heatran.

    With Ben's excellent tracking skills, they were able to find Heatran inside a cave filled with flowing magma. Rescuing Heatran being his first priority, Ben charges in without any plan on how to capture Heatran.

    TR crashes in with their mecha Diglett and fancies to capture Heatran with Ben's styler. James, all high and mighty with the styler equipped, decides to fire it at Heatran but soon becomes the joke of the day as the styler doesn't respond to his command. Ha, awkward. His foolishness act almost made him an idiotic as he tried to toss the styler back to Ben. How embarrassing that would have been...

    Optimistic as he is, Been tries to rush into the pool of lava but his optimism blinds him for the fact that it will get him killed. Good thing for him Ash and Co. are here to aid him. Without them, Ben would have already be sleeping with Groudon...

    Ben manages to get across the field and retrieves his styler back from James but outnumbered three to one, Ben backs away and plummets down the pool, soon dangling for his deer life. And what a bad situation for Ben too. Again, good thing for Ben as Ash saves the day with Pikachu.

    With TR no control over the mecha now, it starts rampaging the cave, causing Heatran to fall and the cave to collapse.

    With one more summon aid from Feraligatr, he cools down the whole lava field with a sheet of ice, saving Heatran along the process and giving Ben some time to finally capturing it.

    The cave now at the point of completely collapsing, they all head out of the cave and managing to get out safety as the mountain caved in.

    With that, Ben calls up a copter to help him get back to base with Heatran.

    Mission complete.

    What I found strange was the pilot was inside the copter this whole time. From beginning of the episode to the end. So is he some kind of auto pilot robot?

    Anyways, great Ranger episode. Not the best but still good. I say the Riolu Ranger episode is my favorite one.


    Like to mention that I did buy the Guardian Signs Ranger game, got it like 2-3 days ago, but I haven't been playing it though. I'm letting my little bro play it first through as I bought only 1 copy and I mainly wanted it to get my hands on the exclusive Pokemon you can transfer from the ranger net. Like what I've done with the Shadows of Almia version. Aura Sphere Riolu is the bomb.

    So far, the game is kind of interesting, makes me want to start over his current progress so I can play it, but hes half way there and he's almost finished with the story line. I need it finished so I can play through the Heatran special mission and obtain Heatran. After that, it's resetting time and my turn to play.
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    Team Rocket can't get into their heads that they can't capture legendary pokemon.... reminds me of the time when Suicune crushed them

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    this episode was ok. Didnt really stand out much to me.
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    This episode was okay. Not too great, but not too brutal.
    When I heard it was going to be a ranger episode, I thought "Nice! They're bringing Kellyn/Solana back!" But, no. They brought in this semi-incompetent fool (losing your styler, tsk tsk tsk). the only thing that made it just a little better than it was that the ranger had my (and possibly other members here) name!

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    This episode was alright. It was great to see Heatran for the 1st time. It was great to see a Pokemon Ranger again. The new Ranger Sign feature to summon Feraligatr was so cool to see. It was great to see a Feraligatr again. It was interesting to see James actually try and use the capture styler after stealing it. Meowth's boss fantasy was very weird as usual. Ben really acted like an inexperienced Pokemon Ranger, losing his stylus.


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    Awesome another Ranger episode =3
    the heatran mission is cool! gald it made it to the show ^^
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    Heehee, I like it when guest characters get good and not bad impressions of Team Rocket. Of all the Pokemon Ranger episodes (including the manaphy movie) this is probably the least interesting one, but at least they make it interesting by having Team Rocket snag the stylus from the Ranger. I also liked how Ben found the positive in just about anything.

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    To be honest, this was a boring episode.
    Ben from the games appeared in the anime, but him acting like a fool and losing his styler annoyed me. Team Rocket was annoying too.

    The only thing I liked about this episode was Heatran's appearance, other than that most of the episode was boring.
    This episode could've been better if Kellyn/Solana appeared in it, but sadly that didn't happen.

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    Ive always loved Heatran, but this episode was just kinda disapointing IMO. It was cool seeing feraligatr be a badass I guess. That starter never really got anything cool to do IMO.

    I see that this episode aired in a one-hour special alongside the shaymin episode, I can already see people being fairly disapointed with that tbh, since both were pretty much filler :/

    Eruption looks extremely cool in the anime too......


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    Ben wasn't as awesome as Solana was so I didn't care for him much. Even Heatran was lackluster in spite of his legendary status. 5/10

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    Well it was nice seeing Ben from the third Pokemon Ranger game, and at least Heatran got his share of screentime hee hee. I liked seeing the volcano and Team Rocket's Diglett mecha again too. :3

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    Heatran's a Legendary but here it almost seemed like an ordinary Pokemon. This episode having Ben just seemed like a Ranger promotion episode.

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    Seeing Ben without his trademark Ukulele Pichu made me sad. I liked that the Feraligatr Ranger Sign was featured, but that was one of the few Ranger moments in this episode. Apart from Meowth's Boss Fantasy, the rest was rather bland...

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