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Thread: What are your Top Favorite Nintendo franchises?

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    Default What are your Top Favorite Nintendo franchises?

    What are your Top Favorite Nintendo franchises of all time?

    Here are my Top 5:

    1. Pokémon: No surprise, It's the series I'm most involved in.
    2. Super Smash Bros: I love the variety of characters to use and I like the fighting mechanics.
    3. Mario: My favorite platform series, and Mario Kart is my favorite racing series. I also like the Donkey Kong games too.
    4. Kid Icarus: Love the Greek myth theme, characters gameplay, etc. Uprising is my favorite.
    5. Kirby: I love the simplicity of Kirby games and I also like the copy ability.

    Honorable Mentions: EathBound/Mother, Legend of Zelda, Yo-Kai Watch(If that counts)

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    my favorite is SSB. I like basically everyting of nintendo so this is the perfect game for me. I also like super mario, kirby, pokemon and everything else from nintendo

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    5. Donkey Kong
    4. Kid Icarus
    3. Super Mario
    2. Star Fox
    1. Pokemon

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    1: Xenoblade Chronicles
    2: Pokemon
    3: Kid Icarus
    4: Smash Bros
    5: The Legend of Zelda

    Xenoblade Chronicles has stole my heart with a single game. That one game completely moved me like no other video game ever has.

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    For me, it's:

    1. Super Smash Bros.
    2. Pokémon
    3. Mario
    4. The Legend of Zelda
    5. EarthBound

    Honorable mentions (these could all go in my 5 slot): Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, and Star Fox.
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    4.Legend of Zelda

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    1: Legend of Zelda
    2: Fire Emblem
    3: Kirby
    4: Xenoblade
    5: Pokemon
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    1. Kirby
    2. Pokemon
    3. Super Smash Bros.
    4. Animal Crossing
    5. Tie between Mario and The Legend of Zelda
    Honorable mentions: Kid Icarus, Rhythm Heaven (Despite the fact I mostly only watch my brother playing since I'm terrible at it), and maybe Earthbound after I learn more it about since I did just get that on Virtual Console.

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    Mine are:

    1. Pokemon
    2. Super Smash Brothers
    3. Fire Emblem
    4. Legend of Zelda
    5. Tie between Kirby and Mario.

    Can't decide on the fifth spot seeing as I don't really play them a lot. Since Kirby game I played was honestly Kirby Air Ride, and the Mario game I go back to every once in a while is Mario Kart 8.
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    My Top 5:

    1. Pokémon
    2. The Legend of Zelda / Hyrule Warriors
    3. Super Smash Bros.
    4. Metroid
    5. Kirby

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    1. Fire Emblem : It all began with Awakening. I had so much fun playing it and somehow surpassed Pokémon. My love for the game has now spread over Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon and Fates (all three versions).
    2. Pokémon : I'm addicted to Pokémon as well. Keep getting better every generation.
    3. Kid Icarus : Uprising alone was enough for me to LOVE Kid Icarus. It was really a strike in the heart.
    4. Kirby : I enjoyed playing Super Star Ultra as a kid and I always enjoyed the few subsequent Kirby games I have bought/played.
    5. Earthbound : Still playing through the localized game and I really like it.
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    1. Pokemon - Pretty much play the games more than any other franchises. Plus it's a huge part of my childhood.

    2. Super Mario - From the platformers to the Mario Kart games, I always have a lot of fun with Mario games.

    3. The Legend of Zelda - Amazing titles and I probably put it up close with Super Mario.

    4. Fire Emblem - Started with Awakening and loved it despite few flaws here and there and it gave me the chance to try out something new after playing the previous three mentioned franchises. Hoping for a rerelease of the Radiant games since I heard amazing things about them and need to get around with TMS #FE.

    5. This is a tough decision. I liked Animal Crossing: New Leaf until I got burnt out of it. Kid Icarus Uprising is a stellar title and Splatoon is a fun and unique shooter as well.
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    I don't necessarily feel like doing a top 5 since it doesn't give some series enough justice.

    Top favorites (Not on other lists because of redundancy)
    1. Super Smash Bros.- I like the "Avengers" concept to it. A collection that makes its own crossover.
    2. Pokemon- A fun mix of biology and mathematical concepts.

    Favorites from big series
    Mario- Mario always had a gameplay style, but it would work with different concepts, not only for spin-offs, but also for main series experiments like Sunshine and Galaxy. The fact that the main platforming part of the series doesn't send you to the same environment always Mario to develop in many different ways.
    Zelda- While the Zelda formula stays very similar, the games will more likely than not have one aspect that makes that one game unique among others. I loved exploring the ocean in WW, reset the time in MM, and appreciate the darker tones in TP.
    Metroid is another series I like, but the reason I chose Zelda over it is because I like Zelda more as a whole, than I like Metroid games like Zero Mission and Fusion (though I should play more of those games).

    Favorite small series
    Mother and Pikmin are going to be mentioned at this same note, because I feel like they have similar aspects in design. In both series, the second and third game were real gems, but with their own merits over the other. The games have a surreal sense of adventure, and at times, the enemies can be downright terrifying. These two series have enough strength in some very good titles, that I feel they are worthy for that spot.

    Edit: But to make a simple TL;DR list.
    1. Super Smash Bros.
    2. Pokemon
    3. Mario
    4. Zelda
    5. Mother/Pikmin

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    It would probably go something like this:

    1.) The Legend of Zelda
    2.) Mario
    3.) Pokemon
    4.) Pikmin
    5.) Super Smash Brothers

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