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Thread: Nintendo 3DS Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuraChannelerChris View Post
    It's mostly because the Western release doesn't want to give bad implications to Native Americans.

    So we're giving bad implications to cowboys, who used to take the land from Native Americans...
    No I totally understand why it was changed & i think the cowboy outfit in general looks better

    I just wouldn't be surprised if the design specifically wound up being a dropped design for the class in the first place

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    Oh thank goodness. I thought the Tomahawk class was really distasteful from the moment I saw it, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to come off as social justice warrior-ish or something. It was just a game after all, and it's not as if that job class would of actually had any significant impact on the way anyone views Native Americans or their culture in modern day society...

    ...But I'm still going to be a lot more comfortable with this change regardless.
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