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Thread: What are your favorite Pokémon TCG sets?

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    Default What are your favorite Pokémon TCG sets?

    What are your favorite TCG sets. It could be based on artwork or how good they were in the metagame.

    For the most part my favorite sets are based on artwork.

    My favorite TCG sets are the Diamond Pearl Platinum HGSS sets in general and the XY sets in general so Gen 4 and 6 in general. I also like Legend Maker, Delta Species sets, Power Keepers, Boundaries Crossed, Plasma Sets, and Legendary Treasures.

    I thought Diamond Pearl and Platinum sets had really amazing artwork, and some interesting things like Level X, and the later sets had nice reprints of retro cards like Hitmonchan, and I also liked the Arceus cards. The HGSS cards also had nice artwork too and had a very traditional feel to them.

    I also loved the XY series artwork. I thought the art looked great and clean. I also liked the full art cards as well.

    Legend Maker, Delta Species sets, and Power Keepers also had artwork I liked and had delta species. I also liked the artwork from Boundaries Crossed to Legendary Treasures and they had some cool ex cards.
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    I like primal clash,break point,phantom forces,legendary treasures and plasma blast all have cool artwork and pokemon

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