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Thread: Exlucively TCG Forums?

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    Default Exlucively TCG Forums?

    Hi, I'm picking up the TCG again for the first time since Base set/Jungle/Fossil. I'm a competitive Magic player, and am looking for similar online communities that focus almost exclusively on competitive play (decklists, primers, arguments over whether to play 3 or 4 of a card, etc). I was informed of, but it won't load for some reason.

    Can anybody give me some leads, or will the serebii forums be enough?

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    The most competitive forum is hey trainer (most people on the forums make there worlds invites regularly) from there its facebook groups (hey fonte, virbank, etc) six prizes underground to six prizes, then maybe poke gym and pokebeach (they are not nearly as competitive as the above forums),

    This forum is what it is, we do have a fair amount of newbies and/or collectors, mid tier players (those that do or do not follow other peoples debates and conversations on the game on other forums and conversation polls as gospel) and players like myself (which are similar to players on hey trainer, to much knowledge on the game itself to make decks that work that other people would need a hand with). You will find that on alot of forums, but they start to thin themselves out until there is a defined level you see between each one. Good luck, and hopefully you find one that fits.

    Edit: six prizes is no longer a forum it is a bulletin board.
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