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Thread: Brand new Pokemon Tokens! Check these out!

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    Default Brand new Pokemon Tokens! Check these out!

    Hey there! I am a long time Pokemon fan who wanted to make some great new products for the TCG. With a lot of help from tournament playing locals, we developed Poketokes! They are super fun to use and look great! A lot of my friends picked up matching tokens to their favorite energy types and got rolling using them with no help at all! For the one that has to "catch them all" we even made a discount bundle. Let us know what you think! Check them out at
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    I looked at your pokemon stuff, it looked okay, could be me but I see alot of stuff like that on virbank international and hey fonte mart.

    As a question, I noticed you had these display trays, I was wondering if you could do that for pokemon, 6 slots for prizes, 1 slot for active, 5 slots for bench 2 for deck and discard, It seems expensive due to the size of it all but I think some people would buy them, peace.
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