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    Default SPPF: Rangeet

    Name: Rangeet
    Starter pokemon: Lvl 5 Male Torchic
    Misc. Info: Rangeet wanted to become a trainer for a long time, but his family was very poor. Finally, they won a lottery and told him that he could get a starter pokemon. He decided that he wanted Torchic as his starter pokemon.
    Age: 19

    Pokemon on hand: Lvl 17 Male Combusken
    Current moves: Level 1 Scratch
    Level 1 Growl
    Lvl 7 Focus Energy
    Lvl 10 Ember
    Lvl 16 Double Kick
    Lvl 17 Peck
    Night Slash
    Heat Wave
    Pay Day
    Type: Fire
    Classification: Chick pokemon
    Ability: Blaze
    Evolution: --> Lvl 16 --> Lvl 36

    Name: Peeves

    Species: Rotom
    Current Level: Level 7
    Gender: *
    Type: Electric/Ghost
    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Quirky
    Obtained: Trading with handymankg2
    Pokeball: Pokeball
    Held Item: None
    Evolutionary Chain: *Rotom*
    Level Up Moves:Trick, Astonish, Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Confuse Ray, Uproar(Lvl8), Double Team (Lvl15), Shock Wave (Lvl22), Ominous Wind (Lvl29), Substitue (Lvl36), Charge (Lvl43), Discharge (Lvl50)
    TM/HM/obtained moves: TM Substitute, TM Toxic.
    Egg Moves: None
    Move Tutor Moves: None
    Beauty Points: None
    Contest Stats: Smart: 40

    Name: Duskull Level 1
    Current moves:
    Lvl 1 Leer
    Lvl 1 Night Shade
    Type: Ghost
    Classification: Requiem Pokemon
    Ability: Levitate
    Evolution: --->Lvl 37 --->trade with Reaper Cloth

    Berry Bag
    Pokeblock Case
    Coin Case
    100 coins
    Level Ball
    Heat Card
    Frost Card
    Persim Berry
    Rabuta Berry
    Rindo Berry
    Fighting Ball
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