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    Thankya Skillfulness for the Sprite.

    Name: Bill Darius
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Standing at about 5'11", Bill is a very average height. However, his adventures in exploring ruins and whatnot has left him with a somewhat strong build, this is most apparent in his arms and legs, which comes from the sheer amount of climbing and running that his job normally entails. His bright red hair is usually very messy and slightly long, down to neck length. He typically leaves it uncombed/unbrushed, leaving it all directions, especially spiking upward a little bit. His adventures in the outdoors gave him a slight tan especially on his arms, which are almost always uncovered. His attire consists normally of a short-sleeved shirt, a pair of long jeans with several pockets throughout the legs portion, and a backpack that he keeps all of his stuff in, including a first-aid kit, a wet suit from his Ocean of Mystery adventure, and his Pokemon catching and caring gear, like Potions and Pokeballs.

    Personality: Curiosity is one word that describes Bill very well. He loves to know the unknown, find the unfindable, etc. The trainer's love for history shows as he constantly loves finding ruins, temples, and so on and find out just what the civilization was like or what exactly its purpose was. However, this combination does often put him in deep trouble, as he will trespass onto territories typically forbidden by others to satiate his own desires rather than wondering why those rules are placed to begin with. He doesn't go out of his way to break laws or anything like that, it's just that his curiosity has led him to do so. In addition to the ruins, he equally loves the outdoors, roaming around jungles and whatnot has a sort of exhilarating feel for him. He isn't all love, however. One thing that angers him is when trainers threaten to abandon their Pokemon due to under performance or whatnot, like moreso than the average trainer would. His love for Water-types does show in his team being filled with several water Pokemon. As such, water places like underwater caves and oceans appeals to him as well, although this is more for the fauna than the adventures that the places provide. His brashness is exactly what puts him in danger, he is his own worst enemy in this respect, not thinking about the consequences until long after it's too late and someone is in danger, normally he himself.

    Bill grew up on Floe Island on the Sevii Islands to a Unovian father and a Kantonese mother. His father was a military man that was often out on the sea on duty while Bill and his mother stayed behind on the island. When he wasn't at the house, he was always in Icefall Cave, exploring it, despite the constant warnings. It was here, however, where he met his first Pokemon. Some tourists decided that the cave would be a good dumping spot for their garbage when a group of Squirtle that lived in it swam through the area, the runt of the litter got caught up in the garbage and couldn't catch up to the rest of his family, abandoned. Bill, age 10 at the time, happened upon the small Squirtle and took it home with him. He raised it while it was recovering from the incident, causing the two to bond very well. So much so that when it was time to release the Squirtle into the wild, it turned right around and stayed with the soon-to-be trainer. He eventually traveled first to Quest Island, where he explored the local ruins within. Bill instantly loved solving the mysteries of this island, which then got him to decide to travel these ruins and find their secrets. As he did this, his love for learning just what the ruins were about increased as well, and soon enough it wasn't just about the adventure that excited him it was just what these ruins were about. Eventually, he would learn of an ocean that would cause boats and other water craft to disappear and that is where his adventure begins...

    In party:
    Slot 1:
        Spoiler:- Silver:

    Slot 2:

        Spoiler:- Marshall:

    Slot 3:
        Spoiler:- Shelly:

    Slot 4:
        Spoiler:- Megas:

    Slot 5:

        Spoiler:- Savage:

    Slot 6:

        Spoiler:- Swift:

    In PC:

    Slot 1:
        Spoiler:- Thorn:

        Spoiler:- Deerling:

        Spoiler:- Joy:

        Spoiler:- Cotton:

        Spoiler:- Parade:

        Spoiler:- Death:

        Spoiler:- Sparky:

        Spoiler:- Bergmite:

    In shops:

        Spoiler:- Pepperspray:

        Spoiler:- Lennie:

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