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Thread: 2009 Fanfiction Awards - RESULTS

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    Default 2009 Fanfiction Awards - RESULTS

    The results are in! I would like to thank all 39 users who submitted legit votes in the awards.

    Overall Fiction Awards

    Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic
    1: 8 votes: Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure by Breezy
    2-3: 6 votes: Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude by The Great Butler
    2-3: 6 votes: Anima Ex Machina by JX Valentine
    4-5: 5 votes: Pokémon Crusade by Pkmn Breeder Jack
    4-5: 5 votes: Lost Evolution by elyvorg
    6: 4 votes: Pokémon Revolution: Advent Phoenix by EonMaster One
    7: 3 votes: Three: H/Rt-314 by Synthetic

    Best Pokémon One-Shot
    1: 12 votes: Curse by Dragonfree
    2: 11 votes: Cheater by Mrs. Lovett
    3: 6 votes: Perish: Fire by Dramatic Melody
    4: 3 votes: I Understand by Synthetic

    Best Non-Pokémon Chaptered Fic
    1: 9 votes: The Ripple Effect by Zadros
    2: 5 votes: Digimon Guardians by Hotshot
    3-4: 4 votes: Firefly's Folly by Haunter
    3-4: 4 votes: Above by Yonowaru in Chaos

    Best Non-Pokémon One-Shot
    1: 13 votes: How to Lose Everything and Gain Nothing by DarkScyther1010
    2: 3 votes: The Fire by Torchibusken

    Other Fic Awards

    Best Plot
    1: 22 votes: Nothing, Everything by Bay
    2: 7 votes: Anima Ex Machina by JX Valentine
    3: 5 votes: Pokémon Academy: Dedication Through Light and Darkness by Shadow Lucario

    Most Original Overall
    1: 14 votes: Three: H/Rt-314 by Synthetic
    2: 7 votes: j_m_lee by Blivsey
    3: 5 votes: Power by LampShade

    Best Writing Style
    1: 10 votes: The Limits of Kindness by Chozo
    2: 7 votes: Visions of Fate by Gardevoir Girl
    3: 6 votes: Not by Seijiro Mafuné

    Best Setting
    1: 12 votes: The Sevii Islands Saga by Manaphyman
    2: 9 votes: The Corei Quest by Air Dragon
    3: 7 votes: Trinity by Shrike Flamestar
    4: 4 votes: Power by LampShade
    5: 2 votes: What I've Lost by Umbreon Ruler

    Best Expansion of Canon
    1-2: 10 votes: Travels of the Trifecta by Shinneth
    1-2: 10 votes: The Rookie's Handbook to Conspiracy Theory by purple_drake
    3: 5 votes: Sixth by solovino
    4: 4 votes: Angel of Mercy by Diddy
    5: 2 votes: The Limits of Kindness by Chozo

    Best Character Development
    1: 12 votes: Obsession by Blackjack Gabbiani
    2: 8 votes: Pokémon XD^3: Waves of Truth by The Great Butler
    3-4: 5 votes: Stars by Dramatic Melody
    3-4: 5 votes: Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place by Griff4815
    5: 3 votes: The Saga of Team Supernova by FocusPresenceEndurance

    Best Characterization in a Short Story
    1: 12 votes: The Rookie's Handbook to Conspiracy Theory by purple_drake
    2: 10 votes: Chasing Railroad Tracks by lilbluecorsola

    Best Original Species
    1: 17 votes: XP-494, Anima Ex Machina by JX Valentine
    2: 13 votes: Archopy, Lost Evolution by elyvorg

    Funniest Fic
    1: 24 votes: The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum by bobandbill
    2: 9 votes: The Adventure of Adventureness by Missingno. Master
    3: 2 votes: Dimensions of Darkness Book 2: The Explorers of the Core by GalladeRocks

    Most Frightening Fic
    1: 29 votes out of 38: A Rose by Any Other Name by Diddy

    Most Heartbreaking Fic
    1: 29 votes out of 39: A Broken Trinity by Koridojo Blaziken

    Most Heartwarming Fic
    1: 14 votes: Pokédex One-Shots: Houndoom by Ysavvryl
    2: 9 votes: A Broken Trinity by Koridojo Blaziken
    3: 8 votes: One Day by Breezy

    Most Suspenseful Fic
    1: 13 votes: Pokémon Crusade by Pkmn Breeder Jack
    2: 8 votes: Shattered Pieces by Divinity_123
    3: 4 votes: A Haunting at the Old Chateau by Shrike Flamestar
    4: 3 votes: Clipping by Act
    5: 2 votes: Stitches by Breezy
    6: 1 votes: Deeds of Darkness by Mrs. Lovett

    Pokémon Genre Awards

    Best Trainer Fic
    1-3: 6 votes: Delta Species by Giratina!
    1-3: 6 votes: The Sapphire Story by Buraddo_Aipom
    1-3: 6 votes: Pokémon Crusade by Pkmn Breeder Jack
    4-5: 5 votes: The Corei Quest by Air Dragon
    4-5: 5 votes: Pokémon Revolution: Advent Phoenix by EonMaster One
    6: 3 votes: Winds of the Past by palkia1
    7: 2 votes: The Sevii Islands Saga by Manaphyman

    Best Pokémon-Centric
    1: 29 votes: Pokédex One-Shots by Ysavvryl
    2: 5 votes: Sixth by solovino

    Best Canon Character-Centric
    1: 26 votes out of 39: Travels of the Trifecta by Shinneth

    Character Awards

    Best Human Main Character
    1: 15 votes: Bunny, Nothing, Everything by Bay
    2: 9 votes: The "devilishly handsome" narrator, The Adventure of Adventureness by Missingno. Master
    3: 6 votes: Gary, Chasing Railroad Tracks by lilbluecorsola
    4: 4 votes: Damus, Heart of the Sea by Bay

    Best Non-Human Main Character
    1: 18 votes: Giratina, Delta Species by Giratina!
    2: 10 votes: Siyu the Larvitar, Black Pathogenesis by Koridojo Blaziken

    Best Human Supporting Character
    1: 17 votes: Agena Star, Stars by Dramatic Melody
    2: 11 votes: Conway, Travels of the Trifecta by Shinneth

    Best Non-Human Supporting Character
    1: 27 votes out of 39: The Sentret, What I've Lost by Umbreon Ruler

    Best Human Villain
    1: 11 votes: Jacob, Nothing, Everything by Bay
    2-3: 7 votes: Count Fernando VIII, Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude by The Great Butler
    2-3: 7 votes: Sirius, Stars by Dramatic Melody
    4-5: 5 votes: The Church of Holy Truth, Morphic by Dragonfree
    4-5: 5 votes: Wallace, Cheater by Mrs. Lovett

    Best Non-Human Villain
    1: 29 votes out of 38: Daggerback, Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place by Griff4815

    Best Minor Character
    1: 27 votes out of 39: Paco the Lombre, The Light in the Darkness by PokemonHero

    Funniest Character
    1: 19 votes: Miror B., The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum by bobandbill
    2: 8 votes: Corphish, Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place by Griff4815
    3: 7 votes: Tom, The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum by bobandbill

    Fic Moments Awards

    Funniest Scene
    1: 21 votes: Dialga and Palkia decide on the chosen hero, PMD: Loopholes by Ysavvryl
    2: 14 votes:
    A few nights later, an elderly lady walked down the tranquil street towards her new modest two storey home. A large shopping bag hung from the crook of her left arm as she marched briskly on, the large brown trench coat masking her short frame effectively.

    A couple of thickset thugs stepped out of a side street and barred her way onward. One of the thugs, with a shiny pate and a large yellow heart-shaped tattoo stepped forward, his many heavy chains clinking and gleaming in the lamp light.

    "Good evening, Mum," the second one leered in a northern city accent not unlike cockney, revealing a glint of silver as he moved his lips. "How's about a fiver for 'e pub, eh?"

    "I'm sorry," the woman replied haltingly, her pale blue eyes flashing dangerously. "But I must be getting home-"

    "Aw, don't say that, Granny," the first thug wheedled, grabbing her by the crook of her arm tightly. "We jus' wanna afiver..."

    "Please unhand me at once," the old lady said with a grizzled smile, "or I'm afraid I will have to harm you."

    "Wot was 'zat?" The first thug yelled, evidently angered by the elderly lady's spunk, his bright green punk mohawk seemingly standing straighter than usual in his rage. Pulling out a solitary pokeball, he threw it forward and yelled, "Go, Charmeleon!"

    A medium sized (by which I mean a three foot plus) reptile appeared before their victim, its long dirty claws and vicious fangs bared as the flame on its long tail burned with great intensity. a single horn grew out from in between and above its indigo-shaded irises, which were narrowed in anger or bloodlust, its crimson complexion made it hard to tell.

    "Well, so much for playin' nice," the cueball sighed. "Come out, Wombeal!"

    A small, dirty grey creature appeared on the ground in a flash of light, rubbing its thick blue knuckles menacingly as it leered at the old woman. It knew what it had to do, and was rather looking forward to it.

    "Oh, dear," the seemingly defenseless woman sighed. Fishing in her shopping bag, she puled out a red and white or and splitting it open with the press of a button, commanded, "Petal, be a dear and use Petal Dance, would you?"

    A whirl of petals, a series of loud smacks and yells later, all four assailants were tied to the lamp post by a number of thick, thorny green vines, out cold. Picking up her broad-rimmed hat, she dusted it off and said scoldingly, "Youth of today. So ill-mannered, most of them. Come along, Petal," she called to her Bouquet Pokemon, retracting it in a fash of red light. "We must get home now."

    And without a backwards glance, Rosa Saunders moved off towards the corner amidst a shower of sapphire rose petals, muttering, "Let that be a lesson to you punks. Nobody messes with G."
    The Corei Quest by Air Dragon

    Best Action Scene
    1: 16 votes: Travis, Nate and Katrina versus Gorba, Pokémon Revolution: Advent Phoenix by EonMaster One
    2: 5 votes: Street brawl (chapter 3), A Step to Redemption by daveshan

    Best Plot Twist
    1: 24 votes out of 38: Howard's true alliances, Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude by The Great Butler

    Best Fic Quote
    1: 29 votes out of 39:
    "What's wrong with the story?" the incredibly handsome narrator asked incredulously.

    "There you go again! Will you PLEASE stop praising yourself in your own narration?!" yelled Jack, clearly at his wit's end. "And what's wrong with the story?! Did you not see that story?! It STUNK, that's what's wrong with it! Two lines! Two lines of text! I go down the road, I catch a shiny Rayquaza with a Master Ball that seems to appear out of nowhere?! Where's the plot?! Where's the depth?! The description! For all the readers know, I could be a two-headed cheeseburger with a hundred-and-seven tentacles!"
    The Adventure of Adventureness by Missingno. Master

    Author Awards

    Best Established Writer
    1: 18 votes: Breezy
    2: 13 votes: Ysavvryl
    3: 6 votes: //Mix\\

    Best New Writer
    1: 15 votes: JX Valentine
    2: 11 votes: Giratina!
    3: 4 votes: Venomfrog

    Most Dedicated Writer
    1: 20 votes: Ysavvryl
    2: 10 votes: The Great Butler
    3-4: 3 votes: Yonowaru in Chaos
    3-4: 3 votes: Shadow Lucario
    5: 2 votes: chosen_one386

    Most Improved Writer
    1: 13 votes: Manaphyman
    2: 9 votes: Gardevoir Girl
    3: 2 votes: Medicate
    4: 1 votes: Mickis96

    Reviewer Awards

    Most Helpful Reviewer
    1: 14 votes: Breezy
    2: 9 votes: JX Valentine
    3-4: 4 votes: Sike Saner
    3-4: 4 votes: Diddy
    5: 3 votes: Luphinid Silnaek

    Most Dedicated Reviewer
    1: 15 votes: Bay
    2: 13 votes: bobandbill
    3: 6 votes: Sike Saner

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    The Final Stretch - Chapter 74: Unraveling
    The story of an ordinary boy on an impossible quest in a world that isn't as black and white as he always thought it was.
    (rough draft of the remaining chapters finished for NaNoWriMo; to be edited and posted)

    (completed, plus silly extras)
    A few scientists get drunk and start fiddling with gene splicing. Ten years later, they're taking care of eight half-Pokémon kids, each freakier than the next, while a religious fanatic plots to murder them all.

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    So, the moment of truth has arrived.

    2nd in two categories unless you count the one I tied with EM1 for (OMG I tied with EM1?!) I'm still stunned I pulled that off.

    Congratulations to all winners and nominees! Each person who won certainly deserved it! Looks like i have to step up my game this year... :P

    Let's give the 2010 Awards something to really raise the roof about, people!

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    Congrats, everyone. I'm happy Daggerback got at least one vote when running against himself. That could have been embarrassing. =P
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    Well I don't think first/second/third is too bad for me for my first year being in these ^^

    Nice to see the people I like winning or coming close to it. Congrats to the people who didn't quite get what they wanted, but obviously everyone here is pretty good since they were nominated in the first place ;D

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    Last yeah I'm surprised I won for Best Established Writer.

    This time, NE got all the awards it was nominated for. I'm also surprised I tied with the most awards with Ysavvyrl. D:

    Well, just want to say thanks everyone who voted for NE! I'm glad everyone that enjoyed the story believed it should be awarded those categories the story was in. ^^ Also, I'm so glad Jacob won best villain. Seriously, I suck at antagonist characters. XD

    Also, congrats to everyone who won and those that were nominated! Cheers! *raises up her wine glass*
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    Things like these always slip past my radar~

    Congrats to all the winners, and I wish I could've voted when the time came but obviously, I ran waay too late for that.
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    pppffff. Wow. Tying with Best Expansion of Canon. That's exciting. This is the first time since I started writing fics on the 'net (which was, what... 11 years ago?) that I've ever been nominated for anything like this, so this has been a very amazing experience for me. Not that I can say much about winning in the category where I had no competition, but tying for Best Expansion of Canon is just exciting me like nuts. ♥ I'm immensely grateful for everyone who voted for Trifecta~ for once I feel like I can genuinely be proud of something I wrote after all these years.

    Congrats to everyone else who won and got nominated as well! This has totally made my day.

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    Holy crap, best character development? I have to say I'm a bit surprised given that not even a year has passed in Obsession yet. I was thinking maybe closer to the end of the fic, but now? Amazing!
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    I was surprised when I saw that I was nominated for Most Dedicated Writer and now I see that I've tied for third/fourth. Despite not winning anything I would like to thank anyone who nominated me and voted for me. This year is going to be an improvement and I'll be aiming to make my writing that much better.
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    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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    Rly! I'm usually never here/not active enough to actually win the categories I'm nominated in, or, you know, get nominated period, so I'm pleasantly pleasant and surprised. Especially winning best pokemon chaptered fic. Are we all reading the same story that I'm reading? XP Established writer was excitingly surprising to see, too. =)

    Also, I'm glad that ... *looks up* eighteen of you think I'm helpful in reviewing, even though I go off on tangents. ^^

    Anyway, thanks for the nominations and the votes and everything! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfree View Post
    Best Writing Style
    1: 10 votes: The Limits of Kindness by Chozo
    2: 7 votes: Visions of Fate by Gardevoir Girl
    3: 6 votes: Not by Seijiro Mafuné
    1. Ten people actually read my story? =O

    2. I won?

    oh god

    i am so sorry
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    Best Pok&#233;mon-Centric
    1: 29 votes: Pok&#233;dex One-Shots by Ysavvryl
    2: 5 votes: Sixth by solovino
    Well it can't be that bad, I mean it was friggin' Ysavvryl* who I was going against! I was pretty surprised to be nominated and I am even more surprised --one can't vote for themself after all -- and grateful, for the people who have voted me.

    Not meaning to offend or anything -- I'm mostly trying to clearly declare I'm surprised...

    As for Best Expansion of Canon, that was a pretty hard battle to begin with. I soehow concur with the resulting tie -- Travels of the Trifecta is an awesome fic and the very little bit of ...Handbook I have read has paid off well. I can only say writerr's ability to expand and extrapolate is incredible and well received here.

    I'm taking the hint then: to continue working in my story. Which is good because I have enjoyed a lot getting back to work in it (and I have gained a sort of respect-admiration for Cradily). Who knows, get 6 votes next time?

    Also, I'm happy that Most Heartwarming Fic nomination paid off -- Somehow I managed to nail it down. Or is it that people essentially voted One-Shots as a whole...?
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    Wow, I can't believe that I actually got two votes, given the professionals I was up against. To that pair who voted for me, thank you greatly! And congratulations to all the winners out there!

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    Awesome job everyone! There were some pleasant surprises and I'm happy for everyone who won. Thanks to everyone who voted for me as well!

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    Wow, I haven't been active here for a while... it's a good thing I came back in time to see the results.

    Anyways, congrats to all winners and nominees! I'm surprised my Cheater story made it so far. I'm glad people enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it
    Here's to a successful Fic Awards, and many more in the future.

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    I just found out I was even nominated for anything. ^^; Thank you, and congratulations to all the winners.
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