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    Name: Devan Felipe
    Age: 14
    Bio: Becoming a traveler in the Land of Fizzy Bubbles, Devan had gotten mixed up in accidental capture of a Murkrow by the name of Jinx. The two see each other as acquaintances and nothing else. He has just started his journey with the crow Pokemon, they being to venture the vast land. His main clothing consists of A plain, white dress shirt with the top opened slightly to reveal his sternum. He has the sleeves rolled up just below his biceps. He wears a long sweatband on each of his wrists that covers a majority of his forearm; one is light-patterned while the other is dark and light patterned. He was once seen with a small necklace in his shirt and a longer one outside his shirt alongside striped braces/suspenders that ran through his shirt collar. Lastly, he wears blue pants and white sneakers.

    Pokedex Count
    Seen: Murkrow, Burmy
    Captured: Murkrow, Burmy


    PC Acesss

    Pokemon On Hand

    Species: Murkrow
    Level: 5 --> 15
    Name: Jinx
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Naughty
    Held Item: Sunglasses
    Evolution: Dusk Stone--->Honchkrow
    Ablilty: Super Luck
    Housed in: Pokeball
    Obtained:Starter @ Lv. 5
    Contest Stats: N/A
    Level up Moves: (1) Peck, (1) Astonish, (5) Pursuit, (11) Haze, (15) Wing Attack
    MT Moves: Twister
    TM/HM moves: N/A
    Egg Moves:Faint Attack, Brave Bird, Confuse Ray, Mirror Move
    Misc. Moves:Payday
    Bio: Jinx had untimely been Devan's first capture and was now saddled with him. He frankly doesn't like the human much, but can agree with him whenever they have a compromise on something or whenever he is fed. He hates being in his Pokeball, loving the skies, or usually perched on his trainer's shoulder. He sees himself as above most others and isnt willing to lend a helping hand unles there's something in it for him. He is also manipulative and will sometimes use underhanded schemes to get what he wants.

    Species: Burmy
    Level: 1
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Naive
    Held Item: None
    Evolution log: Lv.20---->Mothim
    Ability: Swarm
    Housed In: 2010 Editon Chocolate Pokeball
    Obtained In:Adoption Center
    Level up Moves: (1) Protect
    MT Moves: N/A
    TM/HM Moves: N/A
    Egg Moves: N/A
    Misc. Moves: N/A
    Bio: Abandoned in the adoption Center by his old trainer, and on his last month of stay, this little Burmy thought he would be released into the wild. But one day, he was adopted by a new trainer! A bit frightened, yet ecstatic at the fact of being adopted, the Burmy accepted the boy with somewhat open arms, so to speak. He clings to the boy somewhat, being a bit shy in crowds, especially with the Murkrow being around. Jinx makes it a regular attempt to scare the pokemon out of it's cloak, which leads to a rising rivalry between the two.


    Main Pocket:

    x1 Sunglasses (Held by: Jinx)
    Silver Egg

    Berry Bag:
    Tanga Berry

    TCG Cards:
    Trouble Theme Deck - Contains 25 Pokémon, 7 Trainer, and 28 Energy Cards
    Common Pokémon: x2 Abra (Base), x2 Abra (TR), x2 Gastly (Base), x2 Meowth (TR), x2 Weedle (Base), x3 Drowzee (TR), x4 Ekans (TR)
    Uncommon Pokémon x1 Haunter (Base), x1 Jynx, x1 Kadabra, x2 Dark Kadabra, x2 Farfetch'd
    Rare Pokémon: x1 Dark Arbok
    Common Trainer: x1 Bill, x1 Gust of Wind, x1 Switch, x2 Potion
    Uncommon Trainer: x1 Full Heal Energy, x1 The Boss's Way
    Energy Cards: x10 Grass Energy, x18 Psychic Energy

    x1 Heavy Ball
    2010 Edtion Chocolate Pokeball (Used on Burmy)

    x3 Mysterious, x3 Black, x3 Purple, x3 Sky

    Key Items:
    x1 Pokedex, Berry Bag, Pokeblock/Poffin Case, Coin Case/w 0 coins.

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