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Thread: An Elite Coverup! (638)

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    These observations skills could've really been useful in every other episode where Team Rocket decides to go with a disguise. Bertha is officially the coolest Elite Four member in the anime with this episode. It's always good to see Ash get beaten down by an Elite Four member though. That certainly never gets old.
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    Interesting to see Team Rocket pulling the same daycare scam that rivals Butch and Cassidy did in their first episode. I also like Bertha teaching the twerps to focus and find what they're looking for. I also liked Team Rocket's robot pokemon. Interesting episode.

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    For as much crap as Ash's torterra gets, he was honestly pretty impressive in this match.

    I loved how we got to see all the e4 in DP, it all really felt like it was building up to something epic.
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