Seeing Dawn and the Princess switch places was funny, especially with how big of a fan the Princess was, then it turns out all those official functions are stressful too. Even funnier was how she talked to "Musalina" while Jessie's wondering what's up with her this week. It was too bad Jessie lost, but at least she put up a good fight, and I'm still glad she made it into the Grand Festival too. Kind of funny that she was actually against accepting a pity Ribbon at first, compared to how she originally thought James and Meowth had gotten to the judges in an early contest that led to her first ribbon. Togekiss also seems like a fun Pokemon, and at least it completes Dawn's team for the GF. It came out of nowhere, but looking forward to seeing it in its GF match. I was almost disappointed they had a different seiyuu, but wonder how the dub will handle the voices in a few months.