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Thread: Happy Zombie Jesus Day (easter 2010)

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    Default Happy Zombie Jesus Day (easter 2010)

    Lets all be happy that on this day Jeebus rose from the grave all zombie like and instead of showering us in blood and death and more blood he showered us with Chocolate eggs and bunnies, or I think that's how it goes I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, anyway I know Easter has something to do with it so I'm jut sticking with that.

    ANYWAY, what have we here what have we here? I think I spy with my little eye something beginning with Presents, so what do you have from Arnie? Let's lookie in the box *opens*

    - When given to a Pokemon it raises it's level +3.
    - Very Hot Cross Bun: When eaten by one of your Pokemon the said Pokemon learns the Move Crossfire

    Crossfire (Fire)
    Much Similar to the move Cross Chop, but with an added fiery bonus, when used the user's arms engulf in flames, when hit the opponent takes the same damage as Cross Chop and has a 10% Chance of being burned, the user if not a fire type takes small damage from the move for every second it's used and also has a 10% chance of being burned.
    Contest Effect: + 2 Points if user is last to appeal
    Appeal Points <3 <3
    Jam Points <3

    x1 which includes
    x3 Mysterious Gummi
    x3 Purple Gummi
    x3 Black Gummi
    x3 Sky Gummi
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