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Thread: Miracle on Enchanted Lake (Rocketshipping and slight Contest/Pokeshipping)

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    Default Miracle on Enchanted Lake (Rocketshipping and slight Contest/Pokeshipping)

    This is a short story and it is rated PG13, it may have less action than my first but it is more romantic so, enjoy...

    In the Sinnoh Region, there is a lake in the North West corner that no one visits regularly. It's in the middle of a lush, green forest with a big and shining waterfall flowing down the middle. It's a completely secluded miracle of Nature's beauty... it now becomes a less secluded miracle.

    It's a bright and sunny morning and ex- Team Rocket members Jessie, James and Meowth were walking through the forest, and there was an opening in the trees. The sun glistened on their faces, as they gazed at the wonderous sight ahead of them. They all gasped at the beautiful waterfall as the water roars down the cliffside. ''It's so beautiful, and I can't believe that we are the only ones here!'' Jessie gasped. She sat by the water and took off her boots and dipped her feet in. The water was cool and soothing.
    ''Yeah, we should come back every time that we need to unwind, it gives you that refreshed and relaxed feeling- you know.'' James added. He sat beside Jessie and hugged her. ''The lake's beauty reminds me of your's Jessie, everlasting.'' He added looking deeply into her eyes. Jessie's beautiful smile gleamed like the morning sun. James felt as if he was the luckiest man in the world.
    ''This can be our special relaxation paradise.'' Meowth interupted as he leaned back on the green grass and put his arms on the back of his head and closed his eyes.
    ''We could come back every once in a while, it's just so perfect!'' Jessie delightfully said. She playfully splashed water on James as he was daydreaming. They were both enchanted by the mystical lakefront. ''Yeah. Our special place...'' James quietly replied. They stayed there for hours and just relaxed, done nothing more. It was the greatest discovery that they have made in a long time, and James was thinking about asking Jessie something that he had been wondering for awhile...

    5 months later...

    It's now mid- Winter and the lake had frozen over and it was glowing as the morning sun shimmered off the icicles. The waterfall had became a wall of glistening ice. Jessie, James and Meowth had returned to the lake with afew old friends: Ash, Misty, Brock, Tracey, Dawn, Max, May and Drew.
    ''Wow, it's so amazing!'' Dawn yelled.
    ''Yeah, I can't believe that we didn't know that such a place existed until recently.'' Brock added, smiling at her.
    ''How did you find it?'' Ash curiously asked. The grass looked coated in glitter and caught Ash's eye as he asked.
    ''Well, it was after a long day of work we were walking through the forest and just stumbled across it.'' James laughed. He leaned against a tree and chuckled again.
    ''Lucky discovery.'' Max playfully commented.
    ''Perfect place to spend some quality time with my one love.'' Drew said to May as he put his arm around her waist. She blushed.
    ''Thanks, Drew. You're so romantic.'' May complimented. Max pulled a gagging face behind their backs.
    ''Yeah, great huh, Misty.'' Ash asked. He moved closer to her.
    ''It's beautiful and so, so secluded.'' She was delighted. Her blue eyes mesmerised Ash. They both walked to the ice and were laughing at their distorted reflections that shone in the ice. ''I don't want today to end, ever, its a beautiful place and I don't want to leave you all again.'' Misty sighed. Her happiness quickly changed to sadness. Soon after, everyone let out their Pokemon to enjoy one last day all together before everyone takes their separate paths. In a flash of light many Pokemon lept out of the Pokeballs and started playing happily. The water Pokemon were ready to dive in, but they realised that it had frozen.
    ''It's even more breathtaking in the summer.'' James smiled as they walked onto the frozen lake.
    ''I'm sure it is.'' Max replied gazing at the ice waterfall.
    ''I wish we could see it.'' Tracey was fantasising how it would look. Everyone knew why they are here- apart from Jessie. Brock was a slight bit jealous that James was proposing while he was still girlfriend hunting. But, he was still happy for James and wished him luck when he was going to ask. ''Thank you.'' James whispered, sounding nervous. Tracey sat by them and was sketching Pikachu and Piplup posing on the ice and Brock sneaked up behind him and was admiring the sketch. While Ash nudged James' back and he nodded slowly indicating that James should make his move soon. James smiled. He guided Jessie onto the ice and they skated around for awhile- and they were very good even without skates! Dawn noticed what James was doing when she was walking over to Misty and Ash. Misty leaned into Ash's shoulder and he blushed. ''If only Ash could be that romantic... just once.'' Misty joked. Dawn smiled at them. They both giggled. ''I can be... I just don't wanna.'' Ash retaliated. He folded his arms in a childish, angry way. Dawn rolled her eyes and laughed again.
    ''Typical Ash.'' She joked. The Pokemon were all chasing each other around or playing with their trainers, some were sleeping and enjoying the beauty of the lake. The sun was shining all over the lake now as it reached midday. An orange glow engulfed the lakefront and forest. Suddenly, a News van arrived and a news reporter with her camera crew stepped out. She was wearing a dark blue blazer with a pale blue vest, a black skirt and dark blue pumps- she looked very professional. ''This is Ace Reporter Gail Halloway reporting to you live from Enchanted Lake. Today we have noticed that the lake has completely frozen over and it is still enjoyed by these young trainers.'' A typical Newswoman reported. Her curly, golden-blonde hair shone in the sun and her blue eyes glistened as she reported the story. The camera zoomed over everyone and they all smiled and waved to the camera. Piplup jumped on Dawn's head so it could be in the camera shot for longer. Drew gave May a quick peck on the cheek as the camera whooshed passed them and May's Glaceon sat by her feet and smiled when the camera looked at it. ''Its the first time in ten years that it has been this cold to freeze the entire lake and the waterfall.'' The reporter continued her story. She tossed her hair behind her shoulder and smiled at Ash and his fellow trainers.
    ''Wow, ten years!'' Tracey gasped. Ash looked amazed also as this lake was news to all of them a short while ago and it already has a history. The cameraman caught sight of Tracey's sketch and focused on it. He blushed and then focused his attention on Jessie and James in the middle of the ice, he waved to them. ''C'mon James. You can do it.'' Ash supported his friend.
    ''Say yes, Jessie.'' May hoped that it would be a fairytale ending. The camera looked over to Jessie and James and it focused on them. They stopped skating and James started talking as he clasped Jessie's hands in his own. ''Jessie, from the first moment I saw you I knew we were going to be the best of friends and I realised that there was something that brought us together, and that something was destiny. I never want to be away from you, destiny would forbid it and so would I. So, I want to spend the rest of my life with you...'' He knelt down on one knee. Their reflections shone in the frozen waterfall and glistened brightly. It was a breathtaking sight that would melt any heart.
    ''Looks like someone is proposing to his sweetheart, and what a perfect place.'' Gail continued reporting. Misty was so happy for them, she looked at Ash and wondered what he would do for her, but her fantasy was disturbed by Psyduck skidding along the ice and crashing into her leg. She picked him up and hugged him. Roselia joined May and Drew while they hugged, it was a romantic moment for all to enjoy if they could. Buneary wanted Pikachu to do something romantic like that for her, but Pikachu wasn't very interested. So he jumped onto Ash's shoulder and smiled cutely.
    ''Jessie, will you marry me?'' James asked as he opened a small blue box that had a shimmering sapphire ring with a silver loop. Jessie's crystal purple eyes were twinkling as she gazed at the ring and then into James' bright green eyes. ''Yes, yes of course I'll marry you James.'' She yelled and she gave him a massive hug as she began to cry with delight. Then they both looked at each other and their lips moved closer until they met and there was a passionate kiss. Everyone else rushed over and gave them a group hug Ash and Misty first- holding hands, followed by Brock, Dawn, Tracey and Max. May and Drew kissed and held hands as they skated over last and the orange sunlight was almost blinding them. Smiles galore were being passed around.''Amazing, what a lucky couple to share their love at such a beautiful place, this is Gail Halloway reporting...'' The news report was finished about the fairytale proposal. Everything was packed up in the van and they pulled out and drove away, leaving the group in peace. As the sun set in the distance, the ice waterfall shone with an orange glow and the icicles glistened as the sun beams reflected in all directions over the group. All of the pokemon were by the lakeside cheering and smiling. Pikachu and Piplup couldn't resist skating over to their trainers and giving them big hugs. '' I love you Jessie, I always have and always will.'' James whispered.
    ''I love you too, James.'' Jessie barely managed to whisper back. It was the happiest day of Jessie and James' lives and all of their friends could see their special place. The sun was setting slowly in the distance and everyone said their fond farewells to each other and went their separate ways. It was sad to see their old friends leave them again. At least they could spend the rest of their lives together, that's all that really mattered right now. Another long, passionate kiss ended the perfect day for Jessie and James.
    The miracle of Enchanted Lake was kept in all of their hearts forever and the unstoppable love of Jessie and James was fully expressed for all to see.
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