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    Decided to try a Nuzlocke Sapphire challenge alongside Leaf Green.
    Started with Torchic (Klucken), caught a Wurmple (Mothic), and a Zigzagoon, which I forgot to nickname. Every route since has had a Zigzagoon, and the two that haven't so far (Petalburg Woods and the cave north of Rustboro) have in both cases ended in a critical hit KO >.< . I've been using Zigzagoon solely for Pickup, and in the gym battle, for spamming growl to weaken super effective rock attacks :P

    Although I defeated Roxanne, a critical hit from Nosepass KO'd Beautifly
    My team, therefore, is incredibly weak at the moment...

    - Klucken (Combusken) Lv.16
    - Zigzagoon Lv.7

    Edit: I've had some terrible luck with critical hits, and lost both my Pokemon. Zigzagoon went down to a Ralt's confusion and Klucken lost to Brawly's Makuhita, which got 5 hits with Arm Thrust, the last of which was a critical hit >.<

    Journey Restart!!!
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