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Thread: Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama! (641)

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    One of the funny episodes. I still can't believe that in a show like Pokemon, characters would 1337 speak like "noob" lol. And there goes another of Brock's potential to-be-gf. Risa is nice and pretty, though she's not like the other skirtless sluts that Brock usually pursues for. Brock hardly falls for the girls that fall for Brock, so no surprise there.

    Overall, I'd give it 8.5/10
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    Nice filler but can't wait for the Grand Festival to begin

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    Summary time!
    -OshaWHAT? Were not at lake Valor. Brock you liar!
    -Mystreious glowing eyes. A mysterious mystery indeed.
    -Damnit a filler on Ditto.
    -Well it's nice see 'em again.
    -Piplup voice changed. Imposter!
    -Strange that two eps ago Ash can see tiny rocks twitch a bit but cant see a fake Piplup.
    -Draco Meteor!
    -Gible actually acknowledges DM always hits Piplup. Lulz.
    -Two togekiss easily solved by a pokeball.
    -Two pikas eh? Nice to see the writers remember pika hates pokeballs.
    -Ah those nostalgic faces. Its been a long time Mudkipika and Wobbchufet.
    -More Piplups and even two Gibles.
    -This dude must be obsessed with Flint.
    -Hang on, GIRL. Hard to tell when I'm eating breakfast and her breasts don't develop...
    -Brissa: U is teh noob!
    Ash: Im no noob! Right guys?
    Brock&Dawn: We were all thinking it, but we don't have the personality or screentime to say that. After all your brain resets every 3-4 years.
    -Battle time! Its Infernape on Infernape. Ash pwns.
    -Pika on... Piplup. Whose the noob now.
    -Steel ineffective on Electric? That's the first time I remember that being shown.
    -And Pink ditto kills itself.
    -Braggong Brissa brags.
    -Brock tells her intimidation of your foe is not the way!
    -Burn, baby, burn! Do do dooo do do burn, baby, burn!
    -It took you THAT long to see she looked like Flint. I swear I'm the only non-noob in existence.
    -After a quick lecture Happiny finally does battles. The last time was that filler just before Snowpoint. Like 50 episodes back when it fought Shellder. Remember that?
    -Dittos: Were blasting of again!
    -Sudowoodo steps up to the plate.
    -Blah, blah my breakfast is getting cold blah.
    -And were at sunset again. Nabrissa likes Brick apparently but though finally a girl likes him he immediately goes for the nearest passing miniskirt wearing lady and blows the whole thing up.
    -Super Croagunk Brothers Wii! Oh noez they're using their signature move! Epic Triple Poison Mushroom Jab! Brockster falls in the lava but princess Cross-dresser leaves to yet another castle.

    For those with UK Sky there is a nice little treat in the synopsis. "...they meet a trainer with two Ditto - One of them is normal and the other is shiny."

    Win. Win. Win.
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    You're saying some really smart stuff there.

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    Gible's DM gag actually helped AshnCo. for a change!

    I was wondering why the way Marissa/Narissa (which one was it?) was dressed looked so familiar! Flint!

    I never thought I'd hear the word noob used outside of the internet.

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    I just watched this episode...and this Rissa character reminds me so much of Duplica because she has two regular, and one shiny one...and she was imitating Flint because she admires the Elite was a decent concept for an episode, but it really makes me seem like the writers should've just brought back Duplica for a cameo in this episode...She has two Dittos as well...and she imitates other people....

    I mean if the writers gave characters like Gary, Butch and Cassidy, and Jessebelle chances to appear, why not Duplica??


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    This episode was ok... It was great to see Zapdos again, I can't get enough of them. It was great to see a Shiny Ditto for the 1st time. I like the Blue Ditto alot better than the Pink one. It was cool when Ditto saw the Zapdos, and actually transformed into it and then battled Cubone and Marowak. As usual another failed Draco Meteor attack in this episode. The boss fantasy was hilarious. Rissa looked a lot like Flint in this episode. It was funny when Gible used Draco Meteor to tell which was the real Piplup.


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    The shiny Ditto is cute, its was funny they used the word Noob in the anime for once xD
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    This episode made me lol

    Especially the happiny bit

    my favourite line is "happiny is so strong! shes like an explosion of pokemon"

    It was great
    Happiny is awesome

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    It was cool that this episode featured a shiny ditto. I think this episode would have been better with a return appearance from Duplica, though. I didn't like the Flint lookalike very much in this episode. I did like all the Pokemon imitations in the episode, though (especially the Meowth and Wobbuffet doubles ). And at least unlike the first time they had dittos imitate Meowth, at least they didn't have it goof by speaking human (like both Meowth and Duplica's ditto said "No way").

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    We got a Shiny Ditto but no Duplica along with it which was a huge shame. I did like how the Ditto owner idolized Flint though. 6.5/10

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    I liked when Ditto transformed into Piplup, Pikachu and Togekiss in the beginning and how Team Rocket imagined the two Ditto becoming Giratina and Regigigas. And finally, Ash's group was back at Lake Valor. :]

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    Metamon has always been a good Pokemon to show off for comedy reasons, but I wasn't impressed that the Shiny-colored Metamon here didn't transform into Shiny Pokemon. Imite's Metamon problems from Kanto were more engrossing than what we saw in this episode.

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    Funny how they mentioned how a Steel type move is ineffective against Electric types in this episode. If I recall beforehand, there were several episodes that have Iron Tail hitting Pikachu as if it deals normal damage. :x

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