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Thread: The New Adventures in Kanto

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    Default The New Adventures in Kanto

    Hey everyone,

    Im new here, and i have been thinking about writing a fan fic for a while now.

    It is basically going to be in Kanto with the Original 151 pokemon.

    It is going to be around 4 trainers: Ryan, Jasmine, Victoria, and Markus.

    I havnet made the first chapter yet, i was just giving off some starting info and to see if anyone would be interested in reading my fan fic as i go.

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    Welcome to Serebii, first of all. (:

    Alright, to help you out a little, you came to the right forum, you're just in the wrong section of this subforum. You were correct in posting this in Fanfiction, however, it should have gone into the Author's Cafe section of this subforum, as this section is mainly for actually posting your stories.

    Next, you can't always be guaranteed to have readers, because you have to be able to make your story interesting enough to grasp the attention of other members. This won't always be easy for a beginner, but with a little help and critique, you could become a pretty good writer. We won't know until you post, though, so it's best to just give it a shot and take some help along the way. I'd be happy to review in case you needed it.

    Hope I was of some help.

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    In all honesty, you won't be able to gauge interest for a fic like this simply because this sort of basic story has been done so many times before. People will probably choose to read it based off if they like your writing style and your characters, but until readers get a taste of it they won't be able to say whether or not they would read it.

    Also, as mentioned, the section you want to post in is the Author's Café, but please be sure to read the rules there before posting, as there is a rule about making threads for fics only if you have a sample of the fic to show off.

    Good luck!


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