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    Default Divine Casualties Vol. 1: Aphotic Dawn (V.2.0)

    Hello all. I'm back with the largest project I've taken up in all of my years of writing. I posted this a while back, but I wasn’t able to see it through despite promising to do so. Therefore, I have decided to redouble my efforts on it and revise the original version.

    Divine Casualties is a three volume trilogy in which each volume contains three 'books'. I will provide a table of contents so one can find each chapter easily, but it will only be updated as the chapters are posted. They will be posted, on average, every week and a half to two weeks so I do not overtake myself.

    *Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon etc. This fic is rated PG-14 for language and fantasy violence

    Divine Casualties
    Volume One: Aphotic Dawn

    Overture: All is Set in Motion

    Book I: The Journey Begins

    Chapter 1: Partners and Promises
    Chapter 2: Defeat and Victory
    Chapter 3: Shades of Viridian
    Chapter 4: A Rare Rendezvous
    Chapter 5: Not Out of the Woods Yet
    Chapter 6: The Boulder Badge*

    To be continued...

    *In progress


    All is Set in Motion

    The glow of the full moon severed the starless sky like a spear and shone eerily through a crack in the termite ridden ceiling. As the moonlight floated down from the ceiling, it hit a flat surface and shed a creeping light across the rotten, wooden table. Within the secluded shack on the hill, there was a meeting of three beings, all shrouded in darkness.

    “… are you sure?! Another?!” a deep, raspy voice called out it surprise. “How is this possible Varas?!”

    A calm, collected voice replied, “I’m positive. My information is flawless. We must act fast or this could be the end of all of us.”

    A third voice then spoke out, this one with a creepily happy tone about it. “But they were neutralized long ago. How?”

    “I know not Geste…” after a slight pause, the one known as Varas spoke once again. “Do you know what to do Torva?”


    “Good. One is located in the place the……….”
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Elsewhere, it was a snowy day in the town of Pallet and the wind was whipping said snow all over the already covered ground. This was a snowstorm the like of which Pallet Town hadn’t seen in many, many years. The undersized Pokemon of the small town scurried hurriedly to their homes to avoid the air raid of the heavens. As the last of the Pidgey disappeared into a tree and the last of the Rattatta vanished into the underbrush, the storm picked up even more, absolutely coating the town in a blanket of snow.

    Inside a mid-sized townhouse, a boy on the eve of his sixteenth birthday sat by a warm fireplace and rubbed his hands together as he looked out the window. He saw nothing but white as the storm obscured his vision of the outside world. He threw his hands over his head in disbelief and stalked off into his bedroom down the hall.

    “Awesome! Now I won’t be able to start my journey tomorrow… Whoop-doo-diddly-frickin-doo!” the teen yelled with a voice coated in sarcasm, before slamming the door shut and collapsing onto his twin-sized bed. He pounded the azure blue pillows a few times and sat up to face the mirror that hung from the wall opposite his bed. He looked on aimlessly as his own unusually colored platinum eyes scanned up and down his fifteen year old body in boredom.

    At about six feet tall, he was about normal height for his age, if not a bit taller, with a lean build that was draped by his oversized white and blue striped pajamas. He had jet black hair that was medium long and in an absolute mess all over the top of his head, jutting out in all different directions. The kid wasn’t the largest his age, but not the smallest either, he was rather average for one who was about to turn sixteen years of age.

    He continued to stare at himself in the reflective glass when he heard his mother’s voice absolutely penetrate the walls and pierce straight through his skull. “TITUS! GET IN HERE! I’VE GOT A SURPRISE FOR YOU!”

    Titus replied with a grunt and half-hearted response, “grghh… I’ll be right there… Hold on a second…”

    He rolled himself out of his bed and into his slippers that he had just a few moments ago slipped off onto the floor. After excavating himself out of a few thousand piles of clothes, Titus reached his door and stepped outside the danger zone of a room into a well cleaned and decorated hallway. He walked past the family portraits and paintings until he reached the kitchen at the end of said hallway.

    The kitchen was just as clean as the hallway was, if not cleaner. All of the pots and pans were arranged neatly in the glass covered cabinets that shone with luster in likeness with the pristine white tiles that lined the floor. In the middle of the room, in front of the freshly cleaned stove, there was Titus’s mother, Andrea Polloa. She was a very pretty woman in her mid-thirties with straight brown hair and a pair of deep blue eyes. She wore a white apron over sweat clothes which were to be covered in dirt and cleaning supplies. A pearly white smile crossed her face as Andrea watched her only son walk through the doorway.

    “There you are!” she exclaimed as she wrapped Titus in a warm, loving embrace. “Why the long face?”

    “Look outside! Because of this damn snow I won’t be able to leave tomorrow!”

    “Psshh. Don’t worry about that! A little snow won’t slow my big strong trainer down!” Andrea ruffled his hair with the last bit and then turned towards the center of the kitchen once more. She went behind the wooden table in the center of the room and picked up a small, intricately wrapped box.

    Placing it on the table, she smiled once more and turned back to her son, “Your father called and he can’t make it because of the snow. So I decided to give you his present myself. Happy Birthday!”
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    On a faraway island, the land was just as coated as that of Pallet, except it was raining ash upon the inhabitants as opposed to snow. The source of the ash was the volcano that stood at the northern point of the islands, it was spewing the remnants of flame forth at an alarming rate that usually only signified one thing, an eruption.

    This, however, was not the case. It was the anger of the mountain’s guardian that caused the deathly plume of volcanic debris. The guardian was roosted at the top, attempting to calm its anger at the plea of its sole company.

    “Please Moltres! Quell your rage! I beg of you!”

    A girl, no older than fifteen, kneeled at the feet of a great beast, pleading it to stop its fury before any damage was caused. This beast was the legendary Pokemon known as Moltres, an enormous bird engulfed in flame. Its immense body was coated in yellow feathers that were red-hot to the touch and its beak and talons were a medium brown. The flame Pokemon’s wings, its tail, and the crest of its head spewed forth flames that were, due to its anger, white-hot. Moltres stared down at the girl, whose appearance was indeterminable due to the ash that coated her body, and let out an ear-piercing shriek.

    After said shriek, Moltres’s flames began to die down and returned to the normal orange and red. Its eyes, now calm, stared down at the human kneeling before it.

    What They have done is inexcusable. They have crossed the line one too many times. They must be made to answer for what they’ve done.

    “I understand. What must I do?” the girl replied, her voice changing from concerned to subservient in a heartbeat.

    First, you must find His envoy. Next, you must qualify for the Indigo League Championships on the mainland, as we have discussed before. You will know what to do when you get there.

    At the mention of the Indigo League, the girl’s eyes lit up for a brief moment under the soot and ash. She then spoke once more, “Where might I find His envoy?”

    He is on the mainland……
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Saffron City, the large, metropolitan city directly in the heart of Kanto. There was always a lot of hustle and bustle within this megalopolis but this late winter day was especially busy. With all of the erratic weather across Kanto and the adjacent Sevii Islands, many companies were in an uproar. One company however, was rather calm despite all that was going on in the city.

    This company was named PSY and had appeared only recently within Saffron. It specialized in the study of psychic Pokemon and the manufacture of products that stemmed from this research. Its inner workings were a mystery to all outside the building and hardly anyone was ever seen entering or leaving the building other than its spokesman, Brian Harding. Even he was a rare sight outside of news conferences and such.

    Within the walls of PSY, there was a meeting among the top supervisors of the company. They were seated around an ellipse-shaped, oaken table in very comfortable-looking leather chairs. There was six people there, all of them silent, waiting for the meeting to begin.

    The large, 64-inch television located at the northern end of the table suddenly flickered to life and lit up the conference room with an eerie glow.
    The figure on the screen was indiscernible but one could make out the two blue, glowing shapes that appeared to be eyes. All six heads in the room automatically turned towards the screen in a creepy sort of reverence.

    The collective stare continued as a gender-neutral voice began to ring throughout all of their minds, “Very good job. All of you. The birds are all in a fury and the beasts have taken sides. All is going according to plan.

    With this unexpected praise, the faces of all of those gathered lit up a miniscule amount in triumph.

    Now phase two begins. The envoys…..
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