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Thread: Scizor or Lucario? (OU)

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    Unhappy Scizor or Lucario? (OU)

    I'm building my sweeper team but with 6th spot proving troubling (can't manage to get a darn adamant technician scyther apparently) I ended up looking at Lucario, which seemed like a smart idea as well, I'll put the sets I saw for both and list the rest of my team as well.
    Note it's a sweeper crew, I got a few actual tanks in mind for serious competitive play but right now I'm focusing on offence.

    Enough chatty katty and more facts on the table.

    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Hp
    Sword Dance
    Bullet Punch
    Bug Bite
    Brick Break/Aerial Ace(unsure)

    Imo it sounded Scizor would do a better job with a stronger priority move(and actual better offence overall) that kinda nulifies its lower speed and it's slightly better defences... if only I finally could get one to hatch -.-

    Inner Focus
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Hp
    Sword Dance
    Extreme Speed
    Close Combat
    Crunch/Ice Punch (still debating)

    Quicker then Scizor sounds like I get to alternate moves a bit more and atk hopefully won't make too much of a difference granted they both Sword Dance.

    Other ideas

    Matter of fact if both prove to be spoiled brats on the hatching process I actually had a Leafeon in mind though very likely less effective I already got the it waiting to be EV trained

    Leaf Guard
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Hp
    Sword Dance
    Leaf Blade

    Overcomes the speed "issue" both steel types have, its actually the most defencive of the lot too(well, stat wise at least) I guess it really is a bit more gimped on type coverage but still I'm thinking it isnt totally out of the question is it? (oh and its cute, I love Eevee)

    Aww, I found a baby adamant beldum sleeping while checking for the pal park.
    Clear Body
    252 Attack, 112 Hp, 132 Speed and 12 Defence
    Meteor Mash
    Thunder Punch

    How the hell didn't i think of this big guy yet, strong as a Scizor, defencive like Leafeon and pretty much everything else overall better stats with a great typing, woohoo. Kinda sounds like the role I was intending Rhyperior to take but with speed. Oh and Thunderpunch is so I can hit stuff that gets resisted by the other 2 main attacks for at least neutral dmg

    Here's the rest of my team (pretty much only need to get them to 100, working on it now)

    Physical "punch you in the face" team

    Inner Focus
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defence
    Dragon Dance
    Dragon Claw
    Fire Punch

    Baby girl being my lead since she does need a turn or 2 to setup until she's free to wreak hell appart. I know Salamence is apparently better, but I don't care, it doesn't have the cuteness of Dragonite(also its slightly highter def and that "guess which role I do this time" fun that mence lack). After all it is a good old dancing slaughterer. Was thinking of Aerial Ace to have a 2nd STAB(and tell those accuracy wierdos to screw off) but Earthquake still hits harder and there is this annoying memory of a bird made of steel that pops up

    Solid Rock
    244 Attack, 136 Hp, 128 Speed
    Stone Edge
    Stealth Rock/Substitute

    Physical Sweeper, no use for setup just slaughter. The speed EVs are to outspeed the slower lot of foes it would face(it already has a deadly atk anyway) I'm thinking SR would be better but if survivability is an issue, i hear Rhyperior can make great substitutes(and tell Blissey she's a *****)

    The "lazorz firin and other sweet mojo stuff" special crew

    Magnet Pull
    252 Special Attack, 172 Hp, 84 Speed
    Flash Cannon
    Hidden Power Fire/ Signal Beam(if I messed up with HH)
    Magnet Rise

    Saw my Rhyperior? shift it to special sweeper and here's my Magnezone. I prefered Magnet Rise over Explosion since he doesnt have that whole lot of speed to pull the last moment kamikaze effectivly imo, besides turning a weekness into an immunity is cool, yay for steel types
    On a side note, I couldn't accurately pinpoint HH with the IV calculator here so I took the Celadon' game corner npc words for it so far, is the battle power tied to the type?

    252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Def
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast

    A fast sweeper for change, I'm thinking of shifting Psychic with Protect to scout. Oh and yeah... Celadon's npc calls for a Flying type HH... so bleh

    252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Hp
    Calm Mind
    Ice Beam
    Hidden Power Grass

    I hear Suicune is more used in a tankish role, though it ends up a special sponge with CM I figured a bit of suprise with a more offencive role could be fun, besides it's still defencive anyway. Oh and HH is according to Celadon again, if the dude screws up then I'd have to take a pick between Extrasensory, Signal Beam, Shadow Ball or even Mirror Coat I guess( /pray for HH grass)

    Though I don't think I'll magicly do awesome in OU I did feel the little mold breaking initiative could prove fun. Oh and I do have plans to raise a Forretress, Blissey and probly a Snorlax but I want my 6 sweepers first(it is also mostly to be played with my friends after all). So here it is, any suggestion/feedback will be appreciated.
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    Ended up with agiligross, guess i could switch suicune for vaporeon later and Rhyperior for that Forretress ending up with

    Dragonite(dragon dancer), Metagross(agiligross), Magnezone, Gengar, Vaporeon, Forretress or am I missing anything obvious?

    though I'll probly figure it out myself as usual, need sleep

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    damn i don't know what i gotta do to get replies, makes me wonder why i ask in the first place -.-

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    Make the format nice to look at. Bigger pictures and a actual description about each Pokemon so we know what to rate, also comment about how your team has done and what you think needs improving. Then people will rate your team. This is one of my threads just for example. My thread.
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    1- Format: I thought it looked cute with the lil jumping up n down game sprites, plus Im not too good with special posting things.. grrr have to figure that out too now.

    2- Descriptions: Well I can work that out, I guess, it seemed to me like it was kinda obvious (also thats my first competitive team since Emerald days which I had to play with friends who didn't understand EVs and actual nature effects while getting their team owned by my sloppy Umbreon), but I'll think of it to make the description clearer.

    3- team's actual performance: again its my first team, matter of fact I'm still lvling these guys so I can only theorycraft so much(hense the reason I theorycraft, so I can start as soon as possible while respecting my school schedual and still have a social life) but if reference of all kind can fit.. I guess it does work pretty well on the battle frontier so far... not like its against real players so I didn't really think it could account for itself.

    4- what needs improving: well its a sweeper crew, from what I know(basicly what i read on smogon) so yeah, I know it isn't the most out of this world efficient way, what seemed important to me was to at least get the typing matchup right, heck avoid common type weaknesses and have a backup for each and every weakness while staying true to my primary idea (bunch of pain inflicting meanies). I kinda asked for advice to help me notice if there were some serious flaws.

    Actually to shift everything around instead of looking for a 6th, I'd have to start all over again? I mean I already got Dragonite/Rhyperior/Magnezone/Gengar/Suicune EV trained(gotta find a spot to lvl faster now) and now that I started my Beldum(almost done with the EV, soon on the lvl fun too.....)it seemed like an (decent) effective crew (again, 6 dps, type covering for each other). Guess its time to make better descriptions and see what happens next.
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