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Thread: Pokemon Heart Gold team

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    Default Pokemon Heart Gold team

    I'm too tired to post stats and moves but this team is about coverage.

    Ampharos: Bulky and strong and pretty much leads the team

    Arbok: Quick and hard hitting,something that can take out threats but still needs help on walls

    Pidgeot: Ferrow is hard to work with for me and Murcrow was very far away from me so I whent for him

    Firaligator(or however you spell it): A surfing pokemon is essential and he has the brawn to back that up!

    Arcanine: I was originally going for houndoom but he can't be got til after Lance so I got this blazing pile of furry and fiery death instead!

    Mamoswine: Anything to help with Lance and Clair is a blessing and this BEAST is my dooms day device!!

    This team is still in the making and is by no means competitive material. Who knows? This might take out Red.

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    Feraligatr and Arcanine's Crunch got Will covered. Arcanine beats Koga's Ariados, Forretress and Venomoth. Ampharos beats his Crobat. Mamoswine beats his Muk. Pidgeot beats Bruno's Fighting types, Feraligatr beats his Onix...

    You could train your Feraligatr to Level 63 (a long way away) so that it can beat Karen's Umbreon. Or, since Umbreon's offensive stats are so poor, Taunt it so that its threats and "stall-ability" are nullified. (Sadly, none of your team can do that)

    Mamoswine beats Murkrow, Arcanine beats Vileplume and Gengar, Feraligatr beats Houndoom.

    Yes, you know you're going to rely on Mamoswine to beat Lance. But it can't beat Gyarados or Charizard. Thankfully there's Ampharos and Feraligatr for that.

    So I suggest replace Arbok, who's going to do nothing, with a competent Fighting type that beats Umbreon one-on-one. Hitmonlee perhaps?

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