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Thread: Ash's best battle.

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    Default Ash's best battle.

    What battle, win or loose to you conceder Ash's best battle? IMHO the best battle Ash ever has was vs Gary in the Johto Leauge.

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    Yeah probably Ash vs Gary at the Silver Conference. Awesome lineup, the kick-a** Charizard was included. Epic peak/termination to their rivalry, Ash finally proved he could outdo the same punk who left Pallet Town just before he did. Charizard vs Bastoise, awesome! Glad we saw Muk too! and Snorlax!
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    The one at the top of my head is the Orange League finals. I liked to see Ash hold his own against fully evolved pokemon like Gengar, Venusaur, and especially Dragonite. Definitely well written and I had was at the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. Really good battle there.

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    Hated the fight vs OI Drake, his Pokemon were appalling if they could be pushed around by Charizard and Pikachu when they were so weak. Good battle, I agree, but wasnt as good as the match against Blaine. Also liked his fights against Claire and Spenser.

    Of course, Gary's defeat was brill as it resolved his victory, but his best EVER victory was the one against Brandon, turning 3-4 down into 1-0 with Pikachu left standing.

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    Some of Ash's best:

    - Cinnibar Gym
    - 4th Orange Island Gym
    - Orange league
    - Falkner's Gym
    - Claire's Gym
    - Gary Johto league battle
    - Harrisson league battle
    - Flannery Gym
    - Winona Gym
    - Juan Gym
    - Katie Hoenn league battle
    - Morrisson/Tyson league battle
    - Noland/Greta/Tucker, Spenser, second Brandon battle
    - Roark final Gym
    - Gardenia
    - Maylene
    - Fantina
    - Byron
    - Paul 6 on 6

    There are of course more I can't remember off the top of my head.

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