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Thread: "20 Questions" Pokemon Species!

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    Default "20 Questions" Pokemon Species!

    This game is basically 20 questions, where you figure out what the original person is thinking of by asking them only yes/no questions. This particular game is going to deal with guessing a species of pokemon (from any generation), but anyone can feel free to make another game thread doing this with another topic (pokemon related or not).


    1) Only ask one question per post

    2) This should go without saying, but questions have to be able to be answered with just a yes or no, and the person who chose the pokemon has to honestly answer yes, no, or if they don't know...but feel free to look up the fact online if you aren't sure.

    3) If you're asking about evolution, remember to be specific about if you mean does it have others in its line, can it still evolve (and maybe ask once or twice) or has it evolved.

    4) You can still ask another question if the choser (the member who came up with the mystery pokemon) has not responded to an earlier question yet. The choser should generally say "yes" or "no" in a reply post and then list the previous questions as facts (see second part of example below).

    5) This may seem unfair, but since the point of this game is to test your knowledge and ability to make good questions, and not a luck game, if you guess a pokemon and are wrong you may not post another question or guess for the rest of the round (until the mystery pokemon is guessed and the winner chooses the next mystery pokemon, then you can participate again).

    6) A species guess, as mentioned in the last rule, can be made creative and not totally spelled out if you want to be a little creative. For example, if you're guessing the Zoroark example I have below, you might say "Is it the first generation 5 pokemon that was revealed to the public?" (for the record, I'm actually only 90% sure Zoroark was, my apologies if I'm wrong but for arguments sake let's say it was). A question like this counts as a right guess if it is right (and the poster can chose the next mystery pokemon once the choser confirms), but if the implied pokemon is wrong, rule number 5 still applies as well.

    7) Remember that although the person making the correct guess gets to go next, just because they got it right does not mean they chose the next don't start asking questions until the winner posts saying they chose it! And of course, there should not be double posting by the winner, as they have to wait until the current choser confirms the guess is right before posting that they are ready.

    8) If 72 hours (3 full days) have gone by since the choser confirmed the answer is right but the winner hasn't posted that they are ready with a new mystery pokemon, any member can then chose a mystery pokemon and make a post saying so. A similar rule will apply if the choser does not respond to a question or guess, but within 7 days, rather than 3, of the choser responding last. This does not mean that the proper person can not still post after the mentioned time gap, it's just when I'm going to allow the game to reset on its own and not possibly die out despite others wanting to play.

    9) I will allow a (somewhat) off topic post if: A new game has replaced an unfinished one and a previous choser wants to note what their mystery pokemon is; or there is a dispute about the accuracy of a yes/no question in the aftermath of the mystery pokemon being revealed. But this said, please be polite and even if you may have lost out on winning because of a wrong reply, let it go and try again in another game, thank you.

    10) As always, follow all SPPf rules in your posts, most applicably those regarding language and respect for other players.

    Example for Zoroark:

    Q: Is it from generation 1?
    A: No

    Q: Is it generation 5?
    A: Yes

    Q: Is it a dual-type?
    A: No

    Q: Can it evolve further?
    A: No

    Q: Is it evolved?
    A: Yes

    Q: Did it evolve through trading?
    A: No

    Q: Is it weak against Fighting type attacks?
    A: Yes

    (Note: A question phrased like above refers to attacks against the mystery pokemon's typing- NOT how attacks of its type work against the mentioned type. If you want to ask that question, phrase it more specifically)

    Q: Did it evolve by level up?
    A: Yes

    Q: Is it weak against Ground type attacks?
    A: No

    Q: Is it an Ice type?
    A: No

    Q: Can its first evolution stage be found in the wild in the original game it was introduced in?
    A: No

    Q: Is it a star of a Pokemon movie?
    A: Yes

    At this point, the choser would include in their reply post a list like this:
    From generation 5
    Single Type
    Fully Evolved
    Level up Evolution
    Not weak to ground moves
    Not an ice type
    First form could not originally be found in the wild
    Star of a Pokemon movie

    Now then, I have decided on the first mystery pokemon, so start guessing and have fun!
    My 3DS Friend Code is 0576 3520 6954. I have both sun and moon version, and my sun version has my well trained and semi-competitive pokemon.

    I have played and beaten all of the main series pokemon games at some point except for Silver, Crystal and Pearl versions, though the only ones I still have now are Sun, Moon, OR, AS, X, Black 2, Plat, FR and Emerald. I also have a virtual console yellow version. I also love XD Gale of Darkness.


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    Shutting this down again because of my own incompetence. There already is a thread with the same topic as this one in existence. My apologies.

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