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    Default Games & Face Offs Index

    Games and Face-Offs Index

    Here is a list of the current games/face-offs to help you easily find games you’re looking for or see if certain games already exist. Please keep in mind as you search that, while a game is only listed once, it may plausibly fall under more than one category—so be sure to check multiple sections if that’s the case. I will add/remove from this topic as it is needed. I'll do a clean up at the first and end of each month so to make sure everything is in order.

    Some helpful links:

    Games Rules
    Approved/Disapproved Thread
    Face-Off Rules

    Current Categories: Mafia, Counting, Above Poster, Word/Letter, Listing, Rating, Question/Answer, Guessing, Creative, Competitive, RPGs, Miscellaneous Games, and Face-Offs


        Spoiler:- Definition:


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    1000 reasons why nintendo is the best

    Above Poster:

        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Caption the Above Picture
    Create a new Place by Combining the Above two User's Locations!
    extremely wrong answeres to pokemon questions
    Have You Ever?
    Have you seen this tv show?
    If The Above Avatar Appears In Front Of You...
    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above avatar...
    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above signature V3
    If you live in above user's location..
    predict the next poster
    Post an INSANE lie about the user above you
    Raichu, use Thunder!
    Rename the Member Above You
    the revival of first thing that comes to mind
    the revival of the most unlogical battle ever
    the revival of the penny game
    the revival of pokedex match
    the silly pokemon evolutions game
    throw an object at the next poster
    what type is it?
    Which of the above two avatars would win a fight?
    Which of the above two signatures will win in a fight?
    Who's That Character?! v.2
    you fail to catch a magikarp
    You’re Banned


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    ABC Character Game
    the revival of things not to say to a pokemon newbie
    try to type the above word with your elbow


        Spoiler:- Definition:


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Good Ol’ Rating of the User Title Above You
    Rate the Above User's Location!
    Rate the above Video Game Music.
    Rate the Avatar Above You.
    Rate the Profile Picture Above You.
    Rate the signature


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    do you have this game? V3
    Have you seen this movie?
    Pokémon 20 Questions (Revival!)
    The True or False Game!


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Guess the Next Poster


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Give The Above Two Posters A Shipping Name


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    the return of pokemon millitary school
    Secret Story: La Maison des Torsions


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Pokemon High V.IV

    Miscellaneous Games:

        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Pokemon Survivor! (Revival!)


    [spoiler="Definition"]Face-Offs are a specific sub-genre of Competitive games, with the means of getting a victor being achieved through different voting styles being employed by its players, rightfully called its "voters". Because of the specificity of such a genre, there is a

    Aqua vs Magma ^ vs v V1
    Pokemon Type Face-Off
    video game characters face-off
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