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    Default Games & Face Offs Index

    Games and Face-Offs Index

    Here is a list of the current games/face-offs to help you easily find games you’re looking for or see if certain games already exist. Please keep in mind as you search that, while a game is only listed once, it may plausibly fall under more than one category—so be sure to check multiple sections if that’s the case. I will add/remove from this topic as it is needed. I'll do a clean up at the first and end of each month so to make sure everything is in order.

    Some helpful links:

    Games Rules
    Approved/Disapproved Thread
    Face-Off Rules

    Current Categories: Mafia, Counting, Above Poster, Word/Letter, Listing, Rating, Question/Answer, Guessing, Creative, Competitive, RPGs, Miscellaneous Games, and Face-Offs


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Pokemon Mafia: Mega Trouble in Hoenn


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Above Poster:

        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer! Version no.?
    Battle Arena
    The below poster turned down your gift.
    Bring a Pokemon to School Day
    Caption the Above Avatar V.3
    Caption the Above Picture
    Dad There's Something I Have to Tell You
    First Thought
    Give the Above User a Title.
    King of the hill
    I never did my homework because...
    I need to take a nap
    I Win! V2
    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above avatar...
    If you in an arranged marriage with the above picture.
    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above signature V2
    The Magical Vending Machine
    Let's Pretend V2
    The Neverending Cheat v.???
    One Word to Describe the
    Pokemon Riddle
    Pokemon Types Game!
    Post an INSANE lie about the user above you
    post a lie about the above person.
    Post a situation, get an over-complicated, over-the-top solution.
    Quote the Funniest Post made by the Above User (Version 4)
    Rename the Member Above You
    Rock-Paper-Scizors!"]Rock, Paper, Scizors
    This or That
    Throw an Object at the Next Poster
    Quote Your Favorite Quote Posted by the Above User
    The Unfortunately, Fortunately Game
    Waiter, There's a ______ in my Soup
    What do the above two users have in common?
    What If
    What happened to my _______?
    What Pokemon would the person above you be if they were one?
    Who's That Character
    Would you eat that?
    Would You Rather? 2.0!
    You’re Banned


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    = game
    The Six-Word Adventures
    ABC Character Game
    The Character Chain Game
    Continue the goddamn story and please be normal about it
    Five Letters
    The keyboard slapping game
    Pokemon: Smash Version
    Start my sentence game!
    The Telephone Game V.2
    When you run out of cable...
    Word Chain


        Spoiler:- Definition:


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Good Ol’ Rating of the User Title Above You
    Rate the Above User's Location!
    Rate the above Video Game Music.
    Rate the Avatar Above You.
    Rate the Pokemon Nickname above you!
    Rate the Profile Picture Above You.
    Rate the signature
    Rate The Username Above You!


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Have you seen this movie?
    The True or False Game!


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Guess the Next Poster
    Guess the number of posts the next poster will have.


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Answer My Question With A Question
    The challenge game
    Give The Above Two Posters A Shipping Name
    I win!
    The Last Two Games You Played MERGE
    Longest Story Ever Written
    Rules to Surviving a Horror Movie


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Destroy the Block of Bedrock 2: Bedrock Brotherhood
    Google Images War II
    Let's Play Fighting Fantasy 1
    Secret Story: La Maison des Torsions
    Pokemon Idol


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Pokemon Aiptaka
    Pokemon High V.IV
    Pokecity Season 3
    Roll to Dodge! 4

    Miscellaneous Games:

        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Pokémon Survivor!
    Press CTRL+V
    Video Game Character Survivor


        Spoiler:- Definition:

    Pokemon Human Characters Face-Off
    Random Pokemon Face-off
    Video Game Characters Face-off
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