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Thread: Last Call, First Round! (642)

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    Poor Kenny he seemed really disapointed..but this is the grand festival... I'd be disapointed to eliminated from the first round. but he's looking up and carrying on.

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    They got rid of Kenny because there was no time for a battle.

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    He could have at least stayed to support Dawn.

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    Dawn's performance was the best to me, others seemed like they were so rushed. I'm glad that Kenny got kicked out right in the first round, I just can't stand him though I have to admit his performance could've been top of the board if it wasn't 4 the failed attempt at the end, he really should've practiced better 4 the GF...

    Anyway, it was a decent ep, 7.5/10
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    The Razzle Dazzle Festival is upon us! Time to lock & load, people!

    - Inside the Coordinator Room, Brock is going crazy with his Sex-O-Vision Powers, but he gets stopped by Croagunk just as fast.
    - In the meantime, the entire gang is here, from friendly faces like Nando & Zoey, to that @&^$# Ursula & even Jesselina.
    - Hell, even the Sinnoh Now crew is here, doing interviews all over the place. Jesselina doesn't hesitate to hog all the cameras...
    - Ash uses the lapse of time to get some more training with his Gible. Again, he has no such luck, but since he's not with Dawn, that stray meteor has nowhere else to go...
    - ...except right towards poor Kenny. Whoops!
    - Why is Ash by himself? Well... Dawn is fussing with her hair, completely nervous of the upcoming festival. Then Zoey comes & offer her the best advice one can give: relax. Yeah, easy for her to say...
    - The festival gets underway, but in retrospects of the previous contests, they have three judging tables, each with a stage.
    - The usual judges are here, but there are also three Nurse Joys, but what's even better is that Fantina makes her presence known here.
    - Appeal Round Start! We begin with Ursula, who uses two Eevees, which clashes with each other with Iron Tail. They then use Hidden Power, & Ursula gives them both an evo stone, one a Fire stone, the other a Water stone. A one-way trip to an upgrade, utilized as an appeal.
    - Nando's appeal: A duet with his Kricketot & Altaria... yawn...
    - Zoey's appeal: A Water Show with Gastrodon & Lumineon, & I daresay that it's a doozy!
    - Kenny's appeal: A clash to blows with Empoleon & Floatzel. But once they tried to execute their Flash Cannon & Whirlpool Fusion, it winds up overloading.
    - Jesselina's appeal: A Haze aura surrounds her Seviper, & once she jumps on its head, Yanmega blows Silver Wind her way, but the results are rather surprising; her costume looks different than previously...
    - Dawn's appeal: An Ice Roller Coaster! In which her Cyndaquil rolls along with Flame Wheel, with Buneary not far behind. Once they come out, Cyndaquil covers up Buneary with a Smokescreen. Buneary uses Ice Beam once more, & as the smoke clears, Buneary is encased in an ice ball, in which Cyndaquil jumps up top & bursts its backburner into two seperate flames.
    - Thyne results: Amongst the odd-some other people advancing, Nando, Ursula, Jesselina of all people, Zoey, & Dawn make it. Kenny, however, gets unked, which is not that surprising seeing as to how his fusion technique backfired on him.
    - However, rather than to spend the rest of the festival spectating, Kenny opts to travel somewhere else. Where, I don't know...

    First part of the Razzle Dazzle Festival is done, & already a major character doesn't make it... What's even worse for me is that Jesselina is still in it! I've still got my rifle in hand in case she wins, though...

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    Kenny probably got his Prinplup evolved recently and had no time to see Empoleon extend of power.

    yeah Dawn had the best performance ,the second best was Ulsula.
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    I just cannot stop laughing at how Kenny messed up on the GRAD FESTIVAL. This guy was always annoying and felt like the least skilled coordinator but this just proves it. This is the biggest event in a coordinator's life, and the appeal's stage is arguably the hardest part.

    He went in there with a routine that wasn't totally mastered. What was he doing earlier? Goofing off while Dawn was training. I'm glad that he didn't make it past the 1st round, his messing up shows how much he isn't serious about this. I'll bet everyone else practiced their routines until they could do it in they're sleep. There are also those who couldn't get it down completely but did the smart thing and try something they could do. He was very irresponsible.

    Something else I just wanna mentioned, Dawn's house. Wow, never noticed how huge it was, it's way bigger than Ash's house or any of his friends places.
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    Good start disapointed that Kenny didnt make it though but you always need a shock. Ursula evolving her eevees was pretty cool and I loved Dawns appeal pretty unique. Also glad to see Jessie make it through as well. Now this is when things get intresting....

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    And the Grand Festival begins. (Yea I’m a bit late, but I saved my critics and opinions for the end of the Grand Festivals)

    I love watching an episode featuring all the main character into one half time episode show. It makes the episode seem much longer and worthwhile.

    Found it funny how Gibles Draco Meteor hit Kenny instead of Piplup this time. That fab of Gibles gets a little annoying when being used on Piplup most of the time.

    Hooray for Fantina on assisting in the grand festival judging. Her critics makes things much more enjoyable and not with the same dull routine with Contesta, Sukizo, and Nurse Joy. But wait, we got three Nurse Joy's for this contest and they are from the Hoenn region.

    Now for the appeals.

    First off, we got Ursula. Ursulas was very impressive. A very unique style on using evolution to show off Eevee's power. It was a risky move as there was no turning back; risky but effective. In a more personal relevancy, I did not like her technique. I'm a big fan over Eevee and something like this is just an abuse over Eevee and their evolution...

    Second up is Nando. His appeal wasn't much of a sight to see. Music and music notes is cool and all but sticking with just one method makes his appeals stale. I just hope his battling skills are better than his performance.

    Third, it was Jessie. Her appeal was Ok, I guess. She puts much more effort on showing off her style than her Pokemon. Her change in clothing looks much better though, I guess.

    Fourth is Zoey. Zoey's appeal was decent. Nice use of Aqua Rings. I would like to stand on water too.... that’s pretty much it.

    Fifth is Kenny. Kenny's attempt in a new fusion technique turned out to be a dud. He was more focused on power which backfired on him. It seemed like Kenny didn't put much time in practicing with that new move of his.

    Last we got Dawn. Her appeal was pretty cool... figuratively, so to speak. Would be awesome to ride an ice rollercoaster. I still don't get out Buneary was able to incase herself in an ice ball. I guess that Smokescreen of Cyndaquils has something to do with it.

    In the end, Kenny, out of the main group, was the only person to be eliminated in the first round. I can see why too. His fusion technique didn't go so well. And these are the grand festival contests we're talking about too. One small mistake and you're out.

    Overall, I give it a 7.5/10. Onwards to the second half.
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    Ursula delivered the best performance in the appeal round. Evolving both of her Pokemon during the appeal round. I mean how cool is that, moreso it was a one shot thing - there was no scope for her to practice for that kind of performance beforehand, and if she messed up she would have failed big time. But in the end, she was confident about it and pulled it off perfectly. 10/10*

    Tough break for Kenny though, as he had been knocked out from the GF. Not that it matters anyway, but still.
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    Dawn's performance was the best..... I would rate it first

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    Everyone was good except Kenny in this round.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celebitrainer View Post
    Oh my God, they killed Kenny!!
    You b******s!

    Quote Originally Posted by Juputoru View Post
    -Among the normal people in the party...there's a witch! BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!
    Hey, yeah, I noticed that too!

    Finally were at the GF! It felt like it was never going to get here!

    This episode was awesome because of all the appearances of old friends (Kenny, Nando, Zoey, (I'm not counting Jessilina because we see her (as Jessie) in every single episode)), and foes (Ursula). Even though Ursula is counted as a foe, It was still awesome to see her again. It seems she still has Gabite. I actually hope hers dosen't evolve, though, her Gabite is too awesome! Not that I don't like Garchomp.

    "Awesome" count: 3

    Hey, Blaziken/Scpeptile appearance! Didn't think we would see those two Pokemon ever again!

    Kenny - It seems Kenny evolved his Prinplup and ruined the past chain of Piplup (Dawn), Prinplup (Kenny) and Empoleon (Barry). Since when does Kenny have a Floatzel? Did we ever see him with a Buizel in a past episode?
    Shame he lost in the appeal round, though.

    Nando - Ya know, If he'd have used his Roserade for this appeal (assuming his Roselia did evolve in the time we didn't see him), to me, it probably would've been a bit more interesting. Yeah, the appeal he did? Kind of boring with the whole singing-to-make-musical-notes-to-wow-the-audience appeal.

    Zoey - A lot better than Kennys and Nandos appeals, in my opinion. Apparently Zoey and her Pokemon are Jesus! We have just witnessed the second coming, ladies and gentlemen. And in anime form to boot! Cool to see see that her Finneon and Shellos have evolved now. You know, seeing Gastrodon in the anime makes me think of it cry in DPPt.

    Ursula -She definitley had the most interesting appeal of them all. Evolving her two Eevees on the spot. Talk about thinking on your feet! Well, maybe she planned to do it before hand, but it's awesome that she was able to pull off!

    Jessilina (Jessie) - I must've not been paying close enough attention to hers because as I write/type this, I now don't really remember it all too vividly. And I just watched this episode today!

    And last but not least...

    Dawn - Better than Kennys and Nandos, but not as good as Zoeys. It was neat to see Buneary make a whole freaking Ice roller coaster, but it seems to me that Dawn always does ice appeals for almost every contest she's in.

    On to round two of the Grand Festival!

    Edit: totally forgot to mention someone! Fantina!
    We haven't seen her for so long!
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    This episode was cool. It was disappointing to see that Kenny didn't make it through the 1st round. Kenny's appeal with Whirpool and Razor Wind was cool, but unfortunately Floatzel got hurt during the appeal. Zoey, Jessie, Dawn, Ursula and Nando's appeals were all great. It was unique to see Ursula's appeal where she evolved her 2 Eevees with Elemental Stones during the Appeal. Nando's appeal with Altaria and Kricketune's Sing looked and sounded so beautiful. Dawn's appeal was incredible and the best of the day, in my opinion.

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    I like Dawn's preformance..the rest was okay but Dawn's was still the best

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    I thought that Ursula's appeal was the only good appeal with Dawn's being the only one that comes close in terms of how nice it looked. Her use of the the evolutionary stones were unique and I was surprised when I saw it at first. Kenny being eliminated so early was a surprise but it just cemented how useless he's been throughout most of Sinnoh. Zoey's and Nando's were pretty weak to be honest especially the former. The CGI was bearable in this episode though so that's a plus.

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    I was definitely happy to see Jessie participating in the Grand Festival for the first time. It was such a nice break after she failed to get any ribbons the first two regions. Great appeal from her, too. At least Team Rocket always getting their disguises blown off came in handy for an idea. LOL I also like Kenny's reaction to Dawn having no problem with him calling her "DeeDee" anymore. Too bad Kenny blew it in the first round, though.

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    This episode was really slow pace here and really could have been better then this. The charaters were very boring and hardly showed any personally. They should have more time for the appeals looking like they were super high level. Dawn's performance was really good and appealing to me as the two Pokemon looked like they were having so much fun. Urusala's performance was the most instressing for being the first time that we see Eevee evolve on screen. Zoey's and Nando's could have done a little bit better if we had more time thinking up appeals that looks really cool for the charaters. Kenny could have stayed and wacthed Dawn contest battle, but it's just like alot of rivals doing that. He could have helped with Gible's Draco Meoteor promblem or something. I'll give this episode a 5/10. If it wasn't so slow with it pacing and charater showed a little bit more personally it would got a better score here.

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    In this episode the grand festival begins. I didn't like Kenny poking Dawn's cheek and calling her Dee Dee dear, he was really dumb. I liked the part where Zoey was brushing Dawn's hair and and told her to stay clam to make her less nervous about the Grand Festival. It's nice when Zoey was brushing Dawn's hair and she blushed.
    In my opinion, Dawn and Ursula's grand festival performace were the best. Their GF outfits were the best too, both of them were looking great. Kenny didn't make it to the second round ..... I guess he didn't practiced his Contest appeal before performing it in grand festival. I LOL'd at scene where he got hit by Gible's Draco Meteor.
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