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    Lie to Me
    Can you guess which "fact" is the lie?

    Post three things about yourself, one of them being a lie. The next poster(s) will then guess which one is the lie. This may seem easy, but there are some rules here to keep this game going smoothly, so please scroll down to read them.

    1. The three things cannot be too obvious or too hard. They do not have to be Pokemon related, but if you want them to be, they can.
    2. All three things must be appropriate for this forum.
    3. You must keep track of everyone's guesses after you post. If you are unable to do this, please don't participate.
    4. Once someone guesses your lie, you must post, "[insert user here] caught me! I lied about [insert lie here]." Include other winners (if there are any) as well.
    5. After you post the above message, keep the game going!

    * No more chatting. Read the latest announcement. Sorry.

    First poster, please start the game! Thank you! Have fun, everyone!
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