Damn...! My HG game is eating up more of my time than I thought! I dunno if I can remember it all...

The very first thing, we find that Dawn gets to fight Ursula again. The actual fight that ensued was hell in a handbasket, especially the combination of Gabite's Sandstorm, with Flareon's Scary Face following up. The resulting combo qualifies as one of those "Holy %$&#!!!" moments. Dawn tries to fight back, but Flareon has Mamoswine on the ropes, as it keeps melting her Ice Shard with Fire Spin. Pachirisu got sent to cover Mamoswine, which brought enough time for the Ice Shard to come up successfully.

With that said, they began forming their Ice Chandelier, which did manage to kick hard. Then, Gabite got the bright idea of using Dig for Hit & Run with Flareon. That eventually turned the staging area into a lunar landscape. However, that didn't stop Dawn, as she ordered Pachirisu into one of the holes, & with Mamoswine firing an Ice Shard into another, the squirrel used Discharge to spring them back out, & thus forming another Ice Chandelier. &, with one final charge, Pachirisu gives both Gabite & Flareon a case of dead.

With that said, Ursula gets the red cross of unqualification, & with someone like her, I say good %#&*ing riddance!!

& BTW, while all of this happened, TR found a way to further fatten up their bank accounts: sell souveniers of this festival. It was a huge hit, except for the fact that the one thing that didn't sell was Jesselina's picture. That sure ****** her off!

Whew, that's done, but this festival is far from it, & since Jesselina is still here, there is no rest for this Anti-TR man!