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    Default Like a Line Drive! (PG-13)

    Like a Line Drive!

    Yep, this is the NEW Like a Line Drive! thread. The old one reeked of me being insane in the head, so I trashed it, and created this one.

    The story is... Uh, actually, I'll quote TVTropes since I'm terrible at making a short summary: "This series ... [revolves] around taking the common tropes associated with Pokémon fanfic series, and throwing it back at its audience for laughs.

    Meet our protagonist, William. He starts his journey, entrusted with his trusty shiny Eevee known as Rydia. Together, they would face tough challenges, relying on each other's strength in tough situations. At least, that is what most people would think. ... In fact, he got dragged into starting this ridiculous and stereotypical journey, and reluctantly keeps up with his partner pokémon, who seems to have an unexplainable attraction to his person.

    As his journey starts, William ends up with other pokémon, most of them having a color different to other pokémon of their race. Thinking it is strange, Will wants to find out more about his strange companions, slowly warming up to them. Starting to enjoy his adventure, he meets up with old friends, nasty villains, and strange people. Could it be that this pokémon hater is slowly turning to his old self? Can he stand up to the evil Team Galactic-Magma alliance, and destroy their disastrous plans?"

    ... Or something along those lines.

    Really, this series revolves around the Pokémon fandom's nature towards various topics, and uses that as its weapon to entertain people. I hope you readers'll stick around, and hopefully not destroy me for making a rather odd fanfic.

    Also, this post'll obviously be cluttered up with a LOT of junk and indexes. If any of you have an idea on what I should do to keep it from being too cluttered, feel free to tell me! Both me and the Narrator need that support of you guys!

    Plans for the Sub:

        Spoiler:- First Semester (Note: The names of these lessons may change over time, as I continue writing and planning on them.):

    And so... We begin. Now currently being beta'd by both NnyTHH and Tekirai. Both people are cool bros. Updates will be on Fridays. However!, next week (Hopefully), Lesson 9'll come out, and everything will be all-good.

    Lesson 1 - The End to a Boring Life

    There was the sound of heavy breathing, as well as the sound of moving feet, slamming on the ground. Particles of sweat dripping off, hitting the ground like raining pins. The movement of limbs brushing up against polyester gave off a distinct sound, as if someone was in a haste to go somewhere, a place of safety and solace.

    This all came from a young man, appearing to be around eighteen years of age, with his black hair flowing with the wind. His black shoes appeared to be relatively fresh and clean, and his white T-shirt and blue jeans’ original colors were faded away, perhaps from the sweat he continued to profuse.

    Behind him, were two other men, who were much older than the teen. They were balding, and wore red jackets with a strange insignia on it, and a black t-shirt. As well, they wore long camouflage pants with bulging pockets, different pairs of headphones, gray for the man closer to the road, and black for the more fiery of the duo.

    “Hey! Get back here!” said the man on the left, whose own headphones were almost disguised from whatever hair he still had.

    “Yeah, what he said! You shan’t escape us!” said the other, whose remainder of hair was the same shade as the teenager’s.

    The teen was eventually led into dead end. His brown skin was covered in a thin film of his own sweat. He sighed, and attempted to rest for a bit. He calmed down, and turned around, knowing he‘d have to face up against his pursuers. He tried to remember how he got into this situation, but his time to think was interrupted by…

    “Hah! We have you now!” yelled both of the men, as they threw a small, red and white colored ball on to the hard pavement.

    The balls opened, and a stream of light poured out. Something started to appear through the light, and the teen was hardly impressed at all.

    “Great. You’re gonna use those li’l monsters called ‘Pokémon‘, am I right?” question the adolescent, with a rather sarcastic tone. He saw the form of the pokémon he was talking about, the form of a black dog, with skulls on its back as if it were armor. Both of their ears twitched, as they growled in a low tone.

    “Shut it, William!” yelled the man at the right. He seemed to be easily aggravated, and his expression changed to a fierce gladiator, but his partner eased him.

    “William, you took the Snag Machine, didn’t you?” said the man on the left, with a voice that sounded as calm as the sound of waves of the sea.

    “Uh… I only touched the thing. The alarm went off, and it kinda disappeared.” replied William, backing up just a bit more, and took a small stance afterwards.

    “He’s lying!” yelled the man on the left, as he immediately commanded his own pokémon to unleash a technique.

    You see, in this world, many humans use these creatures called Pokémon often for battle. It is a general sport that both children and adults spend their time doing out of fun. Who would not want to use their cherish partners in a fun game?

    It is rare, however, that a pokémon would ever strike a human, under any circumstances. In today’s society, it has become a hushed taboo for pokémon to attack humans, and is quite strange for such events to happen.

    William somewhat foresaw this event, as he leapt over the flames that rushed forth from the two dog-like pokémon. ‘Heh… They fell for it,’ thought William in his mind, as he managed to dash away from the creature’s flames, and pounced on the man on his right. “Heh! How are you gonna attack me now?!” he proclaimed.

    The man with the grey headphones backed off, as his black little dog pokémon growled under his breath. “Tch! You win this round!” The duo fled, with their partner pokémon by their side.

    William dusted himself, and dashed off, through the city. It was looming towards night, and his already low vitality diminished quickly. ‘I want to live…’, he thought, but his legs felt like they were on fire, and he could not move them. He eventually collapsed, after running at least a block, and seemed to be in such pain…


    … In a rusty cell in a jail room, erupted a rather strange scream. Deep inside the innards of this room, were the worst of the worst villains to ever arrive in this city. Okay, maybe not! This jail homes criminals, yes, but it appears that many of the individuals that have entered this depressing residence really just happened to commit minor offenses, and it’s best to use what you got, no matter how small the offense, no?

    “Great…” William woke up, feeling around his surroundings, “How ’n the world did I end up here?,” he sighed, noticing the darkness that surrounded him. “Just one moment I was looking at some device, and…”

    Before he could finish his reassurance, the boy was interrupted by a rather metallic sound. At first, William paid little attention to it. He simply went on to falling on his back, feeling the firm comfort of the cushion he was on, and started staring at the ceiling. He could barely tell where he was, or why he was even there. After a minute, the sound emerged again, but much louder. Eventually, William dared to find out what the sound was, lifted himself out of his “comfort zone”, and walked towards where he heard the sound.

    A booming cry woke forth, and William was pushed back into the opposite wall. He felt as if blood was rushing towards his back, but he struggled, and managed to get his hands onto the ground, and crawled towards the hole. Someone’s voice started to speak.

    “Do you wish to escape?” it boomed, with a hint of wisdom.

    “Uh… Who are you?” William questioned, completely puzzled by the situation he was in.

    “A person, with a proposition for you. Do you wish for freedom, or death? You shouldn‘t keep Ming-Ming waiting, she might bite you as punishment.” the voice answered, with a blunt tone.

    “Ming-Ming…?” The name sounded familiar, but he tried to forget about it. His troublesome memory was the cause of this enormous problem, he believed, he simply tried his best to forget all about the name. Instead, he focused his attention on the deal the voice was trying to make. He assumed the voice’s owner was just trying to be dramatic, as the young boy just could not see what he thought was an aging man that had that strange an accent.

    “Kid, you had enough, didn’tja? I’ll be nice and play along, as long as you seek out your own truth…“ Rolled out from the hole, was a ball. William, noticing the color scheme of it and the strange glaring eyes that it had, quickly recognized it as some specie of pokémon, though he could not recall its name. He just noted the color scheme might have been the exact color of the balls the men carried earlier.

    The pokémon lit up in a glow of white, and William jumped back at the first moment possible. Soon, the pokémon traded away its own life force, evident from its white glow, and unleashed a tremendous amount of explosive energy from its body, destroying the apparent stone walls behind it.

    When William got up, he saw that there were guards already at the scene. They had their nightsticks at the ready in their arms and were ready to knock William “to sleep”. He could see that these guards appeared as if they were quite diligent with their job.

    The boy knew that his only hope of escaping was to fight, yet… His mind went back on to what the old man said about Ming-Ming. To him, the name just sounded so familiar. No matter what he did, the name just kept coming back to him, with its air of nostalgia.

    William leapt, as if he were a feral wolf, and struck the guards with his fists and his feet. As he went his way through them, avoiding their weapons and striking primarily at their legs, hoping to knock them off their balance, he noticed that in the cell next to him, there was only a skeleton.

    To further his surprise, he caught the glimpse of a large, muscle-bound man that had a wild, brown mustache. His own red jacket appeared to be a size too small, as it was popped open to reveal his cut chest. His eyes stared, and pierced straight into William’s heart. “So… You’re the one who defeated my grunts, eh?” he started, and paced in his dark boots, as his long, camouflage pants started to make a scratching sound, “Well… I am Gonzap. And I am not allowing you to leave this facility.”

    ‘This is ridiculous! What the hell is so special about one black arm glove, anyway?!’ William quickly dove to the left of Gonzap, avoiding his big, powerful grip, and dashed off into the city. He leapt over trashcans, as the metal containers themselves met with the Gonzap’s rage, and were thrown far across to the side.

    When it came to running, William knew that it would be fantasy to avoid Gonzap like this, but eventually he hatched a plan. He did not know if the man was dim or simply trying to be “noble”, but he noticed how there was not any trash cans thrown at him. From this, he assessed that if Gonzap did not even realize that he could throw said objects (And considering his physique, the boy knew that the man would have no trouble doing this) and capture the boy, how far could this guy’s naivety be, then? William took a quick turn, managing to grab a nearby store sign, placed the sign itself on a nearby building, and hid just next to the building, keeping himself quiet.

    Gonzap, with his immense strength, did pursue William up until he noted the “store” in front of him, confused as where the boy could have headed to. He first punched the door down, shocking William, who was still silent. After a quick survey of the inside, Gonzap decided that William finally was out of his reach, for now. He had no choice but to turn back, and rally his subordinates to fight another day.

    When William heard Gonzap’s boots finally leave, he peered out of the alley he was in, careful not to look too suspicious. He walked out, thinking the close was clear, until he met up with a young man who appeared slightly older than him. The curly locks that person had gave him a casual look, that fact bolstered from his blue vacation shirt, red tie, and his long beige slacks.

    “Hello! The name’s Bill!” the person said, extending his hand out to William. Apparently, he believed that William tried to bump into him, before simply taking his rounds around the city.

    “Uh…” was all William could manage, he was not used to this kind of greeting, as Bill grabbed his hand, and started shaking it.

    “You know, you should come to my house ‘n meet my parents!” Bill finished, and walked William to his house, on the other side of city, despite the fact William was reluctant to go.

    Bill’s house looked similar to many of the houses in the city, which were all colored in a gold hue. William kept imagining Bill’s family talking in the same manner he does: a family of casual-wearing hicks with that weird funny accent.

    Instead, the thought was proven incorrect. Bill’s family was actually rather polite and cheerful. However, in the back of William’s mind, he left as if there was an inconsistency somewhere with Bill’s parents.

    “Hi! You must be Bill’s friend, William, right?” said an older woman, which William assumed was Bill’s mother. She was wearing a yellow dress, with violet flowers decorated on to it. As well, she gave an air of calm and serenity.

    ‘… Wow, what a surprise’, William sarcastically thought. Bill’s dad was in a lab coat, sitting silently at the dinner table, showing off his long jeans on the table. Even from seeing Bill’s parents, William still had a nagging feeling that there was an oddity in the room.

    While Bill’s mother stepped out of the living room to William assumed would be the kitchen to cook up dinner, a young girl poked William’s arm with a ball similar to the ones carried by his pursuers.

    “Here. My brother calls it an Eevee,” she said, with a timid tone, sucking the side of her thumb. One may assume that she was Bill’s sister, judging from her young age, and the fact that she did appear to live in Bill’s home.

    “Uh… I don’t ‘do’ pokémon, sorry.” William replied, trying to be sincere without showing any of his malice.

    “But don’tcha know, William?” interrupted Bill, with his odd accent, “Eevee are a kind of special pokémon. It could evolve into seven different forms!”

    “I stand by what I said.” William stayed adamant about his thoughts.

    “Take it, it’ll serve you well. I mean, I have many of ‘em, and you seem like decent folk. It‘s perfectly fine for you to keep.”

    “But that doesn‘t make sense. You can look at anyone and think they‘re good on the outside, but don‘t you think that some of those ‘good guys’ really have evil intentions on the inside?”

    “It’s not like they’re going anywhere.” Bill shrugged his shoulders. “Like I said, you don’t seem the type to harm people, and I think that this Eevee would be a nice addition to anyone’s party.”

    William remembered the term “party” from somewhere. It reminded him of a time where he battled against a bespectacled young man who, for some reason, was accompanied by a snake-like pokémon…

    Bill placed the small ball into William’s hand, and showed him to another room, which was filled with clothes of all sorts. After about an hour, William was dressed in new clothes, a gray t-shirt, black shorts, and wore his signature black shoes, clean and fresh.

    The boy eventually left Bill’s house, waving bye to the sudden hospitality he was offered. He found it quite strange, as he already became used to the fights he had to go through just to get to where he was today, barely living. He was hit by another stroke of nostalgia, about having a small kitten-like pokémon. He remembered the two of them fighting, yet loved the company of each other.

    As he walked around the city, looking for a place to stay, he assumed, from the color of most of the buildings, that he was currently in Goldenrod City, a city known for its casino, its mall, and even how large and glorified its own Pokémon Center was.

    Luckily, he noticed that the city’s Pokémon Center was so close to him, noting the signature red roof and the “P.C.” sign right on the right of the front of the building.

    Upon entering, the teenager felt a sense of grief inside him. Most of the passerby had one thing on their mind: Pokémon. He had on his left discussion about the tactics and strategies in battling, while on his right, how to groom them, and make their fur glisten and shine like glitter. After walking a bit, he saw that a nurse was walking towards him, and, with a smile, sweetly started a conversation.

    “Oh? Are you new here, young man? You appear foreign.” she said, with a hint of grace.

    “Are you saying that because of my black skin?” replied William, somewhat confused by the blatant question.

    “Hm! I bet you have a mangy pokémon, too, am I right?” it seemed apparent that the nurse’ attitude flipped as gracefully as a flip of a coin.

    William shrugged his shoulders, and threw down the poké ball in his hand, releasing out the silver-colored fox from it, “Is that mangy to you?”

    It was as if the nurse did a complete 180 again, cooing at the sight of the small pokémon, “Oh! It’s SOO cute! It’s even shiny! You must be a master breeder to raise this, huh?” exclaimed the nurse, in complete awe of William’s Eevee. “Oh! Did you give it a nickname? It’s a cute one, right?”

    William stared at the little fox. Then looked at the nurse. Her pink dress was only overshadowed by her charming smile, and cheery disposition. He even saw the nameplate that said, ‘Joy’.

    “Uh… It’s name… Is…” William began, and started to think. The nurse kept on staring at the small Eevee, with her eyes signaling that she wanted to pet it. However, the small pokémon backed up to William’s leg, becoming timid at the sight of the nurse’s gaze. At that moment, he thought of the perfect name, “It’s called Rydia.” he finished at the nick of time.

    “It’s such a cute nickname! Come on, I‘ll show Rydia, and you of course, to your room.” she bowed, with a cheery grace, and started leading the trainer to another room.

    While walking, William saw that the Pokémon Center was mostly colored in strawberry and vanilla colors, which he thought was… Rather childish. He looked down at his small pokémon, who was following him by his side. He just noticed that he didn’t even know the gender of the thing, and was iffy about actually checking, so he figured that he would worry about that later on.

    Eventually, the nurse guided him to his room with its rather small and quaint atmosphere, similar to most hospital rooms. He noticed that there was also a silver bag in the room, just sitting on the bedspread with its own over-the-shoulder strap.

    Is it me, or do these nurses always have something for new coming trainers?, he thought, as he jumped on the bed, and laid there on his back, staring at the ceiling in deep-thought. Rydia tried to jump on to the bed with her master, but to no avail. Instead, she took a small nap on the floor next to him.

    After a few minutes of contemplation, he actually went ahead and unzipped the top zipper of the bag, not considering if the room he was in could possibly be someone‘s else room. By logic, if he were to be in someone’s room, that one person would’ve already tried to check his room, and get his bag back, right? This made him question the ditzy-ness of the nurse that gave him this room, as if she did not know if the room already had a guest, or not.

    The bag itself contained a small, black watch, made in the style of a small beetle. Judging from its appearance and texture, he believed it was of those popular trainer items, a PokéGear. He took it out of the of the bag, and open it up, just to check out its peripheral. He noticed the fact that, the PokéGear’s registered to him, seeing his name as its owner, and noticing the numbers that were saved on it.

    Before he could react to seeing his old friends’ numbers, someone knocked on the door to his room, someone knocked on the door to his room. Judging from the light sound, he assessed that it had to be someone who was polite, perhaps even courteous. The only other person who would knock in such a manner would be a thief, and there was no doubt there would be a thief in the midst of this town.

    He noted Rydia’s position near the bed, and carefully, he opened the door, taking caution to whatever danger he may face.

    “I have a package for a Mister… William, does that say?” a tan young girl was at the door, wearing some sort of green deliverymen outfit. From under her green cap, her bright red hair fall down to her shoulders, as she carried a small brown box in her hand.

    “You sure you’re not visiting the wrong Pokémon Center?” William was confused by this girl’s sudden appearance, “I didn’t order anything recently.”

    “I’m suure you did, sir! Or else I wouldn’t have this job!” the girl’s enthusiasm shined through, as she went inside the room without William’s consent, and jumped on the bed, dropping the box on Rydia’s head.

    Before the young boy could even react, the girl jumped down from the bed, and tended to the small fox pokémon, “I can’t believe you treated her this way!”

    “That’s a girl…?” William closed the door, confused by what was going on, “Wait, what do you mean?! I haven’t done anything to her!”

    “Yes you have!” the girl held on to Rydia, who was struggling in her grip, “This poor thing just wanted a warm home, and everyone cast her aside just because she was metallic-colored, unlike her siblings! What kind of jerk are you to treat her like this?!”

    “… You do realize I just got the thing, right?” William walked over to the two, “Do I really have to care for her well-bein’? It’s not even like I wanted to have her with me.”

    “… You *******…” The girl left go of Rydia, walking to the door, with the young pokémon walking to her master’s side, “You were given a chance to seek out the truth, and yet…” She shed a tear, “You wish to keep Ming-Ming and Suupuushan waiting in the dark, while you treat this gift of yours as a piece of trash…”

    Before William could utter another word, the delivery girl left, leaving him with the box on the ground. He sat down on the bed, and look into Rydia’s dark eyes, sighing. As of now, he was forced into this grand journey of whatever awaited his call.
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