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    Default ~The Normal Type Club~

    Hello and welcome to the Normal Club. I recently had a period where i was inactive on Serebii but am here often now so decided to make a club! Anyway, this is a club for people that love practically the ultimate all-rounder pokemon. Some normal types have high defense, some with high attack. And, they can't learn a great variety of move types. They also have a big variety in appearance, some are cute and some are vicious.

    Anyways, hoping that a few people will join and here are the rules:

    1. All general Serebii rules apply.
    2. No spamming, trolling or mini-modding.
    3. When joining, please state the phrase 'Snorlax x Purugly = Infinity'
    4. Be nice, and don't be too harsh when giving bad points about Pokemon or other types.
    5. Try not to break these rules, as it will result in being banned, from a week to ever.
    6. Don't ask to be a co-owner. I will ask a few people to be co-owner if they are active in this club.
    7. When joining, edit the phrase in #3 by adding to the word infinity, 'to the power of pie'
    8. Don't laugh at the above statement... haha...
    9. Only i can accept members, i will be here quite often so you won't have to wait too long.
    10. Don't double/triple post

    Owner: Zorg

    No.1 Machop Fan
    The Eeveelutionary One

    I will soon be updating this post with rank systems and banners and such. Please join in the mean time if you wish to. While joining you can answer this topic:

    Should we have weekly spriting competitions?
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