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    Default The RPG Sign-Up Yellow Pages

    RPG Sign-Up Yellow Pages

    Welcome to the Yellow Pages! RaZoR LeAf and I talked about this a while back. Have you as a player come across a promising game, only to find that it had died before it had even started? Or have you as a GM had trouble with keeping up plot steam as fewer players stay active? Well this thread is here to help you!

    Needs more entries please...

    Some rules to keep things organized:

    1. Only post in this thread to add your game to the first page directory, change the entry, or ask for a removal.
    2. Only add an entry when the game’s main thread has been started. This directory is for on-going games, not new ones.
    3. Inform me if sign-ups become closed or you have given up the game, or you’ll keep getting requests to join.
    4. If it’s a minor edit (like a change in number of positions open), you may simply VM me the change instead.
    5. For potential players: questions should be directed to the GM. I just keep the list.

    And here is the entry format:

    RPG Name:
    Game Link: (please put this in long 'http' format so I can link from the name)
    Sign-Up Link: to the sign-up thread, long format
    Game Master: Your username; co-GMs may be listed optionally.
    Fandom: Pokemon, other series, original?
    Genre: whatever best fits.
    Blurb: This is your ad space, where you’ll draw players to join your RPG instead of others. 100 word limit (and I will count).
    Positions (optional): Do you have a certain kind of character need? Does your RPG have too many Trainers and not enough Coordinators? Please note that here, including the number of slots left open if space is limited.
    Requirements/Restrictions (optional): Are you super picky or is there something you will absolutely say ‘no’ to? Might want to warn potential players before they sign up.
    Other (optional): If something won’t fit elsewhere. Don’t go on too long here.








    The Earth is Collapsing
    Game Master: Toobworm, djhappy can be considered a co-leader..
    Fandom: Pokemon Series
    Genre: Post apocalyptic, sci fi
    Blurb: You can choose one of two time periods to Role Play in, these two are:
    The future.

    You are an average kid, who was lucky enough to find a pokemon that fit's the icy cold climate of Teric. You want to fight for freedom,find all the missing pokemon, and learn about Roberto, a man that was said to have hidden away most of the pokemon. The main goal, set by Vaughn, your new leader, is to follow in Roberto's footsteps.


    The past

    You are a Pokemon Trainer, wanting to help out during this great time of need. Roberto has a plan to save all the pokemon, but you don't know exactly what it is yet. But you know you can trust him.
    Positions: I could use mainly people in the past, and one or two people in the future. (Read the intro to get what I'm talking about)

    Requirements/Restrictions: Well...I need good writers, and good characters

    Other: I'm kinda desperate, some people are dropping out because they don't have time, and I really need to have a few more people.









    Memento Mori: Even Gods Must Die
    Game Master: Niihyl
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Genre: Adventure… the rest is secret. Mustn’t give away the plot.

    Blurb: Arceus will destroy the world. He will kill everyone. You… and a group of others have been brought together by Gin, an old man who is actually Giratina, to either convince Arceus to spare the world, or help destroy him. It is the only way to save the world, yourself, your friends and family, and everyone around you. But can you trust Gin? That’s for you to find out.

    Positions: For now, regular human or Pokémon characters. Later on… more… interesting characters will be needed.
    Requirements/Restrictions: Have good sign-ups. I’ll infer your skills based on your Sign-Up. Also, be fast. We move really quickly compared to a lot of RPGs.

    Other: I’m not going to haphazardly shove your characters into the plot. There will be several moments where joining in will be allowed. At these different times, different characters will be needed. Also, I've set it up so that you have NO NEED to know the plot up to now.




    Pokemon: Crystal Chronicles
    Game Master: The Black Glove
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

    Blurb: When Pokemon vanish, technology shuts down, and mysterious dark creatures attack humans on sight, the world is forced into the dark ages. Thankfully, the discovery of Poke'cite has allowed humans to protect themselves from the creatures- until now.

    Positions: Anyone and everyone is welcome.
    Requirements/Restrictions: 1 Pokecite and basic weapon to start the game, you may not be a high-ranking knight, blacksmith, or Poke'cite specialist. Otherwise, go wild.

    Pokemon Gijinka Academy
    Game Master: Mon1010, Rotom310
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Genre: School, Fantasy

    Blurb: An RPG about a school for Pokemon Gijinkas. A Gijinka is a human who is born with a Pokemon soul. As a result, they are able to communicate with the species of Pokemon whose soul they share. They can also use that Pokemon's abilities, and in some cases they received some of the physical characteristics of that Pokemon. I have no set plot for this, so you can pretty much do anything you'd like.

    Positions: I need more teachers. I'd also like more male students. (There are mostly girls for some reason.)

    Other: Sign Ups remain open indefinitely. Don't worry about being late.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Shadows
    Sign-Up Link:

    Game Master: ShinyLugia101
    Fandom: PMD
    Genre: Adventure/Friendship

    Blurb: Dialga once made a prophecy that's taking its toll today. The two other Pokemon Planets, Coronia and Zendera, have been attacked by a group of powerful Pokemon. Now, on the Planet Solada, Arceus has been kidnapped and chained by sixteen elemental chains. Before getting chained, Arceus released some power from his plates to summon sixteen Humans, as the worst is coming...

    You can play as either as one of the sixteen Humans that have turned into Pokemon and joined a Team, or as an aspiring Team or somebody with a different job that somehow gets caught in this crisis.

    Positions: The RPG has recently started to slow down due to people becoming inactive. There are still a few Human Team spots and a lot of Non-Human spots remaining. Remember that some Pokemon aren't allowed to be used (listed on the "Sign ups" thread, "Rules" section)

    Requirements/Restrictions: Just to warn you, when it comes to rules, I can be quite strict with them. So don't go trying to break them.

    Project Legends

    Game Master: Virawl | Rotom310 | Mon1010

    Fandom: Pokémon

    Genre: Adventure

    Blurb: A mysterious group plans on resurrected Arceus from its slumber and using it to create a world where they are gods. However, Arceus can only be awakened by the presence of true chaos. They plan to start a war between Legendaries. You are a Legendary Child. Not quite human, but not quite monster. A child with a special bond with a Legendary, granting them powers beyond imagination. You don’t know who you truly are, but somehow, you have to unite with the other children and try to stop chaos from consuming the world.

    Positions: Currently, we have quite a few Legendaries left unclaimed. Check the Sign-Up Thread for the list, but if one interests you, please feel free to reserve it.

    Other: There are only a limited amount of Legendaries available. Once one is taken, its gone. So reserve yours quickly.











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