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Thread: Razor Claw Vs. Scope Lens? Or zoom, or wide, or whatever...

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    Default Razor Claw Vs. Scope Lens? Or zoom, or wide, or whatever...

    I decided to raise a Drapion for in game playing, just because I have an open spot on my team and you can catch a high level Skorupi in the Safari Zone. So now I have it, and Im deciding what moveset and stats to give it. Right now its this:

    Drapion w/Sniper
    Scope Lens/Zoom Lens/Razor Claw
    -Swords Dance
    -Cross Poison
    -Night Slash
    -Ice Fang

    I was trying to pick which item to use, when I realized, I don't know the difference. I know that Razor Claw is an evolution item, but I think it also boosts the ratio, and I think Zoom Lens works after you go second, but then what's the advantage of that? Could someone clarify what the specifics of these three items are?

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    Razor Claw raises the Crit ratio by one level. Same with Scope Lens. No difference between those two. However, Zoom Lens is totally different. It works that, when you go after your opponent, you accuracy is increased massively. You don't have any low-accuracy moves. So don't use a Zoom Lens. Zoom Lens is good for slow pokemon with moves such as Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder, Focus Blast, and the like.
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