Apparently we don't have this yet. May be jumping the gun a little, as we don't even have the character's names...

But w/e. Shipping between the male and female character of pokemon Black and White, Touya and Touko. Discuss.

PS: If I'm too eager, mods, feel free to tell me/delete/move/whatever necessary. Don't want to get on anyone's wrong side.

Black King: Storm The Pikachu
White King: Naminésky
Black Queen: riolulu
White Queen: Vycksta
Black Rook: Kindrindra
White Rook: Bryony
Black Bishop: Eevee248
White Bishop: xxGlassRose
Black Knight: pokefan#493
White Knight: Silver_Seoul
Black Pawn: Mr. Joker
White Pawn: alyssonrose