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Thread: Coming Full Festival Circle! (644)

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    I wouldn't really say it was rushed, it was just the lack of the second appeal round messed things up.

    So one of the best points of this episode was Fantina. OH MY GOD!

    Also, can anyone tell me what Johanna was saying while watching the Grand Festival. Her facial expressions made her seem more worried then proud so I was just wondering.

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    It's kinda weird that Mime Jr. battled (man I wish I could see that battle, too bad that they only showed the end) and even won, but still didn't evolve. Shouldn't it be a Mr. Mime by now?

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    My opinion: Nando Vs Zoe was the best contest battle we've ever had. Period. It was a great mix of actively trying to emphasise your Pokemon and their moves (not showboat, as someone said above) and battle at the same time. I mean contest battles aren't meant to be about KOs, it's just a side rule that if you get knocked out you automatically lose. Nando and Zoe really showed us a great battle. Writers, you are forgiven for last weeks transgressions

    Oh yeah, Dawn Vs Jessie. I did say in the other thread that the choice of Pokemon and the fact that it's Jessie would make it a boring battle. It wouldn't have made much of a difference if it had been a bit longer though IMO. As others have said, the real show this episode was Nando Vs Zoe. I couldn't care less about that battle, it would have been obvious Dawn was going to win even without the preview.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waterpokes View Post
    The battle between Zoey and Nando was probably one of the best battles in Sinnoh.
    The music and style was great. And I love that music. Isn't it from the Lucario movie? Either way, one of the greatest battles in Sinnoh.

    The episode was great, and I would give it a 10/10, but it dropped to 7, when I saw Dawn and Jessie battle. Dude, it sucked. I don't know what's wrong, but during this entire Festival, everything they do with Dawn's appeals or battles, it plainly sucks in my opinion. Zoey, Ursula, Nando and Jessie's appeal were so much better then Dawn's, and the battle between Zoey and Nando was super super great compared to Dawn and Ursula's battle, and then we see Jessie and Dawn battle.

    They should give a little effort, when they do Dawn's battles. Yeah yeah, loved the Nando VS Zoey battle though. One of the better things in Sinnoh.
    I definitely see where you're coming from about the battles, but I don't know how you can say Dawn's appeal sucked. I thought it was great, especially considering it was another ice appeal

    Anyway, here's high hopes for Dawn Vs Zoe eh?
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    Nando vs Zoey is probably now my most favorite contest battle. That is one fierce Kricketune he has there! No really, the battle itself was elegant and graceful. This battle felt more like a final battle.

    I feel bad for Jessie, as others have said. All we see of her GF is an appeal and a really one-sided battle. I'm so glad she got there because of how much she improved, but really they could have put any of Dawn's rivals in her place instead (Kenny?).
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    I thought Zoey & Nando's contest battle was cool. Dawn & Jessie wasn't that great. Though I'm glad Dawn make quick work with Jessie like she did. We all know Jessie wanted to do more than just squeeze Dawn's cheeks after her lost. Oh well, on to the finals. I have a feeling Dawn won't be winning the Grand Festival.

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    Nando Vs. Zoey was probably one of my favorite battles in a long time, Fantina's OH MY GOD just made it even better.

    I watched the episode with my bf and he asked if Zoey was a lesbian lol

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    -The episode starts with one recap, sunny-side up.
    -Jessie won against generic filler coordinator #24601. Horray! And yes, I still think her GF dress is ugly.
    -Fantina continues to be the best part of the Grand Festival. Veri veri lovery!
    -Fantina and Jessie:Ultimate contest dream team.
    -Guys, you can stop looking for S. Suikun's old Roserade avatar now. Nando caught it.
    -Dawn looks so happy in that still shot. "I'm a pretty contest princess! Yaaaay!"
    -Oh look, all four coordinators who we actually know(and who weren't losing losers who lost in the appeals round) made it to the finals. What a surprise.
    -I still can't believe Johanna couldn't be bothered to go see Dawn's GF performance in person.
    -Dawn's still wearing tracksuits as pajamas, I see.
    -Brock looks barren without a vest on.
    -Aww, Nando's playing music for all the wild Pokemon and dear god look at that Shroomish, whose smile shall haunt your dreams until the end of days.
    -Zoey's wearing a tracksuit as pajamas too. Did I miss some sort of tracksuit pajama trend that all the kids these days are into?
    -Lopunny? Really now, Nando?
    -Apparenly Kricketune's song is the song that will end the world. Leafeon's quivering, withering form is only the beginning.
    -Lopunny is dancing in the red energy of the music...I'm not even going to try to understand this one. More imporantly, how is that supposed to be an attack in any sense of the word? It's just spinning around, not hurting anything. It's not even cancelling out any of Zoey's attacks.
    -Zoey's Mismagius and Leafon use double team! How can Nando possibly have his Pokemon attack in a circlular pattern in order to destroy all the clones?
    -Nando decides to use Icy Wind(?) to destroy all the clones. I seriously have to wonder why anyone uses double team in the anime universe. It's the easiest move to defeat, and nobody ever seems to think of attacking while the clones are still confusing the enemy.
    -Zoey actually used the double team to somehow create a glowy sparkly effect behind Leafeon and Mismagius! Astounding!
    -What the hell did Mismagius just do?
    -It's slapping down the music notes from the song using hell energy tentacles? Uh, okay. Also, MUSIC DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!
    -Boy oh boy, few things are more exciting than a battle shown in still shots and 1-second clips of attacks being used!
    -An ice attack? Zoey's done! The judges can never resist ice moves!
    -...Leafeon just got wings from Mismagius' Psywave. I. am. not. going. to. ask. I'm also not going to look forward to 70 people having "omg soooooo cool!" art of winged Leafeon in their sigs for the next week or two.
    -Fantina redeems the entire situation. "OH MY GOD!"
    -Zoey wins by a hair. Well, you weren't expecting Dawn not to face the one person who's actually appeared often enough to be a real rival, were you?
    -Even the cheesy "you put up a good fight" post-battle banter was redeemed by Fantina. NICE FIGHT!
    -Dawn and Zoey are telepathic now! Or it's just a cheesy "their eyes said everything" scene. Take your pick.
    -Jessie is so happy to have gotten this far. I'm sad just imagining her crushing disappointment when she loses.
    -They hid Jessie's ROKETTO START by having Johanna watch it on TV! Boo!
    -Hey, they're hiding the entire battle by having Johanna watch it on TV! That's foul play!
    -Oh wait, now we're graced with some still shots.
    -That was quick. I suppose we should be thankful that the writers let Jessie get this far in the first place, but this "battle" was just pathetic.
    -Jessie's devistated...and now she's angry. No Jessie! Don't murder everyone in the contest hall! YOU HAVE SO MUCH LEFT TO LIVE FOR! THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ANOTHER GRAND FESTIVAL!
    -...did Jessie just compliment Dawn in the midst of her TERRIFYING RAGE? I mean, I assume Dawn's thanking Jessie for some reason.
    -At least they dumped the boring "THIS IS THE FINAL ROUND AND THESE ARE THE PEOPLE FIGHTING IN IT" speech in this episode to maximize the awesome battle time for the next ep.

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    i thought it was a terrific battle but Dawn has never beaten Nando it should have been Dawn and Nando in the semi final

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    I'm still not liking what they did to Jessie's battle, but it was a decent episode. Like others said, it was ace and Zoey vs Nando is probably the best contest battle up till date, but Dawn vs Jessie ruined the episode from being a perfect 10.
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    I'm a little late but I gotta say I just loved the Zoey V.S Nando battle.
    I'm not into contests this saga but gotta admit that one was impressive.
    Every thing they did about it, the animation every thing was just brilliant.
    I'm more so as every one else disapointed by Dawn V.S Jessie.
    I was rooting for Jessie, I mean I knew she wasn't going to win but I was hopping she'd get pretty far and get an actual battle in the Grand Festival but oh wells.
    Over all, pretty fun episode. Can't wait to see what happens in the finales, I predict Dawn to win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deathseer View Post
    So having 2 of your Ribbons handed to you makes you an excellent Coordinator?

    Hmmm. Must be up there with creating appeals that only show yourself off instead of you Pokemon and thinking of your opponent as trash.

    How did I not catch that?
    she made it to the top four, jessie got further then may did in her first GF.

    may got to the top 8, jessie got to the top 4. also, jessie would have to be good to get to the top 4. nando, zoey and dawn also got there so what does that say about her improvement from hoenn to sinnoh?

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    Zoey must have improved a lot since her last contest battle with Nando at Hearthome City, and then she manage to defeat him. And Dawn completely beat Jesslina and made it to the final round with Zoey.
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    It's bad enough that Jessie acted liked a poor loser (as usual) but what she did and said to Dawn was nothing short of disturbing.

    But then again, I would expect anything less from Jessie.

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    Default I can't wait to see Nando's Loppuny!!!

    I looked at some of the episode pictures on this site and this episode features one of two Pokemon I really wanted to see in battle... Loppuny! I never thought I'd see Loppuny, my favorite pokemon featured in a battle on the TV series! Ok... There was the episode Arriving in Style but anyway I can't wait to see Nandos Loppuny Perform at the Grand Festvial even if I already know the outcome... I love Loppuny! And I Love Gardevoir To!!!

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    Okay, I woke up early enough catch it at the beginning today.

    Like everyone else, I really liked the Nando vs Zoey battle. The combinations might defy logic, but it was an intense battle nonetheless. The only part of the battle I had a problem with was Lucky Chant. How does a move that prevents critical hits allow one to grow red tentacles? I loved the part where Krickitune is in danger of being owned that Nando just shouts for Lopunny to save it, and it does. Such an urgency from Nando the calm bard is unheard of, so it took me by surprise. The end of the battle was epic. Nothing more to say about that.

    Sadly, the Dawn vs Jessilina(sp?) battle seemed tacked on. It was as short as a Diglet and, from what was seen, Dawn seemed to be in control for the whole time- minus the part where Seviper wraps one of the rodents, it was just like a Team Rocket vs Team Twerp battle. I wish they could of fleshed this battle out, maybe a separate episode. That way Jessie could show the skills we know she has, as we only saw a onesided battle. I had no idea what Jessie was going to do to Dawn, but complimenting/ scaring her is in character for her, and I laughed.

    How sad that PUSA didn't fix the "day form Cherim at night" scene. They use to fix minor errors like that.

    Overall, a fine episode.
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    Sadly I wasnt up for the first five minutes, but I already knew that Nando, Zoey, Jessilina and Dawn all made it to the Semi-Final round!

    Also, I didnt notice about the Cherrim till now actually, being at night. Why didnt I think of that before? xD

    I also spied those two guys from "Tanks for the Memories!" in Jessilina's fantasy.

    Nando VS Zoey

        Spoiler:- Nando VS Zoey:

    Now time for Dawn VS Jessilina.

        Spoiler:- Dawn VS Jessilina:

    And now for the epic moment weve been waiting for, The Final Round! Dawn VS Zoey! The conclusion of the Grand Festival is here, and I can't wait!

    Overall, very amazing episode, and with a great battle included. Jessilina VS Dawn couldve been better, but ah well, what'cha gonna do? Lets see how Dawn VS Zoey does, though its gonna be great!
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    I thought this episode was awesome, even though Dawn VS Jessilina wasn't that great. But, that was to take the spotlight off of Dawn for a moment since she'll get a lot of spotlight in DP177. Zoey VS Nando was simply amazing. I wished it was the final match! Next is Dawn VS Zoey where the winner will be crowned!

    Fun Fact: As of this episode, Dawn has gotten the farthest in any major tournament, since Ash was Top 8 in the Hoenn League and May was Top 4 in the Kanto Grand Festival. Maybe Dawn could win the Sinnoh Grand Festival too!!
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    So it finally comes to this huh? Who will be victorious? I hope Dawn lose. Also, X-Scissors should've overpowered Leaf Blade due to type advantage, but then again, Krictetot's stats are poor.

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    Awesome episode. Zoey and Nando's battle was spectacular. Their Pokemon pulled off some neat combination techniques. Now both Zoey and Dawn are in the finals. I can't wait to see the conclusion.

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    amazing episode easily the best so far until the sinnoh league and the music built it up to an epic climax perfect 9/10 only prob was the first 5 minitues the dub was slow and felt pushy but other then that perfect

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    This episode was good. It was awesome to see Bug Buzz and Lucky Chant. Thought it was odd that Jessie angrily approached Dawn and no one tried to stop her.
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    IMO the english version was bad compared to the awesomeness of the japanese version of Nando vs Zoey.

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    After not having written a review last week because I was so outraged at how totally exaggerated and logically flawed that episode was, I'm happy to tell you that I liked this week's episode again

    HOWEVER: The episode was a two-edged sword as well.
    On the one hand, we had a truly brilliant battle between Zoey and Nando throughout which I was totally delighted and excited, on the other the writers not only skipped two entire rounds (round 2 and 3), but also rushed through the Jessalina vs. Dawn battle as if it were an unimportant opener or whatever.

    Firstly, why in the world did they have to skip two entire rounds? Wanting us to assume that it is Zoey, Nando, Dawn and Jessalina of all people who make it to the semi-finals with ease is not only bad and predictable plot-writing, it also reminds me once again of cheap old DEM tricks. Yes, I could explode whenever they seem not to be able to think of any other solution than relying on DEM plot devices.hdear:
    WHY couldn't the writers just forgo unimportant episodes like "Regaining Home Advantage" or "Dealing With A Fierce Double Ditto Drama" ? Nobody would have missed them, but now we DO miss at least one further episode dedicated to contest battles...
    I somehow feel cheated and I can't get my head around it, so all I can say is: "What a crazy world we live in sometimes!"

    Secondly, the showdown between Jessalina and Dawn was an unworthy match, plain and simple, and I'm delighted to see that so many of you actually agree with me on this! Once again, writers, cut out one unnecessary filler and you have plenty of time for a breath-taking and, above all, worthy battle which does justice to both Dawn AND Jessie
    you know what? I can't help thinking that the writers just couldn't be bothered to make up another battle as epic as the one between Zoey and Nando!

    But as I don't want my review to end on a sour note, I'm once again emphasizing how much I enjoyed Zoey vs. Nando. Considering that contests are going to come to an end soon, it'll probably go down in history as one of the best contest battles ever!
    I'd also like to make a BGM request: What's the piece of music called which was playing while Nando's Lopunny was eliminating the Double Team attack with Blizzard?
    IT WAS PURELY EPIC and moved me as only a few other pieces of BGM can.

    Yes, as I said before, it was an episode with drawbacks but also fantastic moments. Now I'm really torn how much points I should give. Let's say:

    7 out of 10 points
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    Hm, the battle was so awesome in the Jap version, the Dub totally ruined it -__-

    Still I love the combo between psywave and aerial ace, it was very pretty ^^

    7/10 if the Dub was as good as the jap it'd be 8.5/10
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    The battle between Nando and Zoey was much better than I thought. The writers did a good job to make it look really nice.

    And Jessalina's reaction to losing was hilarious. She sounded like an animal.

    8.5/10. Dawn vs. Jessalina sucked.

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