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    Ok, a bit of background on Jin's Gijinka Project (known in my area as Tan's Gijinka Project): Jin's Gijinka Project is, as the title would have you believe, a project where I attempt to draw each and every Pokemon as humans. Unlike most other gijinkas (it basically means "pokeman"), my characters are unique in that they all each have one superpower/ability, from the common 'invisibility' to the more unique 'summoning a performing stage'. Most of you will notice the names I give each ability (those big words in the middle of each picture) are actually references to music/games/movies/something completely different. This is entirely intentional.

    This project began in 2008, when I first started compiling all my gijinka ideas into sketchbooks (I had ideas way earlier than 08). In April 2010, I decided to showcase my ideas on the Internet, where I choose a gijinka everyday to draw on a piece of A4 paper, color it (they aren't colored in my sketchbooks), and scan it into the Net to post on my blog. Which is here, by the way: Gijinka Project Showcase Blog
    Visit my blog for explanations on each ability. (Which I'm too lazy to copy and paste here...some of them can be surprisingly long.)

    On the subject of criticism, I'll accept anything that I could use to improve my drawings, though I might not practice any suggestions that might change my art style to one I'm not comfortable with. Also, I tend to be a bit lazy sometimes, and it shows in some of my drawings (such as Cherrim and especially Spiritomb). I'd prefer if you guys don't criticize my lazy tendencies, thank you very much; I'm here for advice on art. (If all I wanted was to show you my work, I could just post the link to my blog and leave it at that...but that's not gonna help me improve anything...)

    Here they are, sorted numerically by generation:
        Spoiler:- Kanto:

        Spoiler:- Johto:

        Spoiler:- Hoenn:

        Spoiler:- Sinnoh:

        Spoiler:- Unova:
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