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New Students Arc
Chapter 1: Exams! October 12, 2008
Chapter 2: Arrival to the Academy! November 9, 2008
Chapter 3: Dorm Test! January 1, 2009
Chapter 4: Talk About a Reunion! February 15, 2009
Chapter 5: Old Faces in the Crowd! February 22, 2009
Chapter 6: A Decisive Battle! February 28, 2009

Training Begins Arc
Chapter 7: Recollection! Jyharri's Journey! March 12, 2009
Chapter 8: Jyharri's First Date! With a Guy?! March 29, 2009
Chapter 9: Challenge! Jyharri vs Drake! April 9, 2009
Chapter 10: Debt to the School! Jyharri vs Headmistress! April 20, 2009
Chapter 11: Torn Eevee! Her Decision! May 23, 2009
Chapter 12: Enter Charizard! Blast Burn Attack! July 25, 2009
Chapter 13: Revealed! The Black Organization Makes Their Move! July 31, 2009
Chapter 14: Dedication Through Light and Darkness! August 23, 2009

School Tournament Arc
Chapter 15: Dorm Tournament! It Begins! Part 2 Part 3 October 12, 2009
Chapter 16: Whittling Down the Competition! It Continues! October 25, 2009
Chapter 17: Winding Down! It Comes to an End! Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 December 6, 2009
Chapter 18: Ceremonial Celebration! Feelings Revealed! December 21, 2009

Tests and Holidays Arc
Chapter 19: Are the Feelings Mutual? December 27, 2009
Chapter 20: Midterms! Jyharri's Struggle! January 4, 2010
Chapter 21: Winter Break! Eevee Covered in Snow! January 18, 2010

Team Lustrous vs Black Organization Arc
Chapter 22: Team Lustrous Takes the Stage! January 22, 2010
Chapter 23: Clash! Light vs Dark! January 30, 2010
Chapter 24: From the Shadow! Sydnie's Choice February 14, 2010
Chapter 25: Falling from the Light... April 11, 2010
Chapter 26: The Recovery Begins! May 2, 2010
Chapter 27: Coming Home... May 15, 2010

Pokemon Academy: Dedication through Light and Darkness

Chapter 1: Exams!

Pokemon are very mysterious creatures. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each one comes with its own set of unique powers, some that aren’t known yet. Humans have learned to coexist with Pokemon; some have not. There are humans who are afraid of Pokemon and some who use them to get what they want. Some humans, called Pokemon trainers catch Pokemon and pit their creatures against another trainer’s in a battle. Other show off their super powered pals in a contest; these people are called Pokemon Coordinators. To become one of these trainers, one usually goes to a trainer’s school. To get into a trainer’s school, a person must pass the entrance exam or impress the school administration enough that they let them in.

“I’m so excited,” a boy muttered to himself. “To be accepted into the Pokemon Academy would be awesome!”

The boy was sitting in what looked like a fairly small arena. Blue seats surrounded five battlefields, a railing protecting anyone from falling onto the fields. Many people were there. Some were sitting in the seats; some were on the fields in the midst of a battle. Most of the kids were acting just like the young boy; sitting and thinking or talking to themselves.

“Jyharri Ahmed,” said a voice through an intercom at the top of the wall. “Report to field four.”

The boy stood up, looking around. His black over shirt complimented the red undershirt he was wearing. His black jeans seemed to be almost very tight, pressing against his legs. As Jyharri walked towards the field his red sneakers squeaked against the tile floors. As he reached the field, another boy was walking away from it. The boy wore a white sleeveless shirt with black jeans.

“Hey,” he said as Jyharri was by him. “Are you going to field four?”

“Yeah I am,” Jyharri replied.

The boy laughed. “Good luck then. The proctor is very good. I barely won.”

Jyharri simply nodded at him. “I’m not a push over. I’m also very good.”

The boy laughed. He patted Jyharri on the shoulder which basically said, “Yeah right.”

“My name’s Brandon by the way,” the boy held out his hand.

“Jyharri,” Jyharri told him as he shook his hand.

“Hope to see you at school,” said Brandon as he walked off.

Jyharri looked at the field he was heading to. The proctor there wore a blue blazer that stopped at the feet. As Jyharri walked closer, he noticed the proctor was a female. Her black hair covered her face, save for her left eye. Jyharri’s hair parted above his forehead, coming down to his cheeks. As the young boy approached the proctor, she turned around.

“Are you Jyharri?” she asked.

Jyharri nodded as he took a big gulp, trying to calm himself down. He pulled out one of his Pokeballs and showed the proctor he was ready for his battle.

“You’re eager aren’t you?” she asked, chuckling a little.

The proctor also took out one Pokeball and tossed it into the air. As the ball reached its maximum height, it opened, shooting out a white light. The light hit the ground and formed a medium-sized purple creature. It had a huge mouth with yellow lips and peg like teeth on each corner.

“A Loudred huh,” Jyharri said as he chuckled. “Zangoose, stand by!”

Jyharri tossed his Pokeball onto the field, it opening and releasing the same white light. This time the light formed a creature that was mostly white in color. It possessed deep red markings on its face, chest and paws.

“Ok trainer,” the proctor yelled. “This will be a two on two battle! You win and you’re in the Academy. You lose; well all I have to say is better luck next year. You may start first.”

Jyharri chuckled once more. “Ladies first,” he said with a little bow.

“Big mistake,” said the proctor. “Loudred, use Stomp!”

Loudred jumped high in the air, positioning himself over Zangoose. As the purple creature fell, he brought down his right foot.

“Zangoose, block,” Jyharri told his Pokemon.

Zangoose smiled and crossed his claws over his head. As Jyharri thought, Loudred landed on Zangoose’s claws, no damage done to Zangoose.

“Throw it,” Jyharri said as he pointed towards the roof.

Zangoose pushed Loudred back into the air, higher than before. Zangoose didn’t need a command for the next attack. He knew what his trainer was thinking. The Cat Ferret Pokemon jumped into the air, his left claw surrounded by what looked like electricity. The claw turned different shades of purple and pink as Zangoose flew through the air. When Zangoose and Loudred were on the same level, Zangoose brought his claw down onto Loudred’s head, knocking him into the ground.

“Finish him,” ordered Jyharri.

As Zangoose came down, his claws started to glow white. Zangoose turned his body so that his face was towards the ground, claws ready to strike. Jyharri smiled as his Pokemon slammed into the proctors, bashing and beating it with his claws. As Zangoose jumped back, Jyharri gave it a “good job” pet on the head.

“That is one powerful Pokemon,” the proctor complimented as she recalled her Loudred. “Are you ready for my next Pokemon?”

Jyharri simply nodded as he recalled his own Pokemon and pulled out his second Pokeball.

“Go Kricketune!” the proctor cried as she tossed her Pokeball.

Out of her second Pokeball came a red Pokemon that resembled a conductor or stringed instrument. It had a mustache, two small feet, black wings, and scythes for hands.

“Eevee, stand by!” Jyharri shouted, tossing his own Pokeball.

After the white light disappeared a small fox like creature was on Jyharri’s side of the field. It had brown fur, a bushy tail that has a cream-colored tip, and a furry collar that is also cream-colored. It also had brown eyes and big ears.

“Eevee use Quick Attack!” Jyharri told the small Normal type.

Eevee ran towards Kricketune, only seen as a cream colored blur. As Eevee neared the Bug Pokemon, Kricketune put his scythe like arms down in front of him, points out.

“Eevee stop!” Jyharri called out.

The Normal Pokemon was lucky his trainer had a quick mind. Eevee barely managed to stop right before Kricketune’s sharp arms. Eevee looked up at Kricketune, a mad look on her face. Kricketune smiled as he swatted Eevee back to Jyharri.

“Kricketune doesn’t like it when other Pokemon get into his bubble,” the proctor told Jyharri. “You’ll have to try something else.”

“Try a Shadow Ball,” Jyharri decided.

Eevee jumped back to her feet and opened his mouth wide. Black energy started to gather in her mouth in the form of a ball. Jyharri pointed his finger at Kricketune, signaling to fire away. The ball was launched from Eevee’s mouth and flew towards Kricketune. Kricketune tried to scuttle out of the way, but the attack was too fast for the bug type. The proctor was shocked to see her Pokemon hit the ground.

“Are you all right buddy?” the proctor asked Kricketune.

Kricketune replied with a click, shakily getting up.

“Eevee use Tackle now!” Jyharri shouted.

Eevee dashed towards Kricketune, just like before, but much slower. As Eevee collided with Kricketune, the Bug Pokemon started to glow white as he crossed his arms. He didn’t even move an inch either.

“What gives?” Jyharri asked confused. “Eevee’s Tackle connected, but Kricketune didn’t take damage or even move.”

“You are an amazing trainer yet you don’t know the power of Bide?” the proctor asked. “This next attack should be fun. Release it!”

Kricketune pushed out his arms, releasing the light. As the light his Eevee, she flew back towards her trainer, hitting the ground hard.

The proctor started to clap her hands together as she said, “Well that’s that.”

“I don’t think so,” Jyharri said, an angry look on his face. “Don’t underestimate my Pokemon!”

As the proctor looked across the field, she could see Eevee starting to stand up. The Normal type was shaking as she got up, but she got up regardless. The proctor seemed surprised as Jyharri laughed.

“Eevee hit Kricketune with Iron Tail!” Jyharri yelled.

Eevee ran towards Kricketune, her tail starting to glow. As she was about to reach Kricketune, Eevee jumped. Flipping in the air, Eevee gained momentum as she fell towards Kricketune. The proctor gasped as Kricketune did too. Eevee slammed her tail into Kricketune’s head, knocking him into the ground.

“Now it’s over,” Jyharri said as he pulled out Eevee’s Pokeball.

“Congratulations,” the proctor said, still somewhat surprised. “And welcome to the Pokemon Academy.”

The proctor recalled her fallen Pokemon back into its ball as Jyharri did the same with Eevee. The proctor walked over to Jyharri and handed him a card. The card read, “Welcome to Pokemon Academy! If you are in possession of this card, you have passed the entrance exam. Congratulations! Boats leave for the Academy tomorrow at 9:00 AM sharp. Don’t forget to register the first day of school!”

“Sweet,” Jyharri exclaimed. “I can’t wait!”

“Good luck at the Academy,” the proctor told Jyharri.

“Thanks,” Jyharri told her as he ran off to go tell everyone he knew.


A short beginning chapter, but it is only the beginning.