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Thread: For The Love Of Meowth (646)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Painkiller2001 View Post
    Have there been other times we've actually seen Jessie re-call Wobbuffet to it's Pokeball before?
    If there has, then this has to be the first time I've ever seen it happen before.
    It's really rare outside of seasons 3-5.
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    Cute episode - one of the better filler out there. Meowth is totally superficial! Falling out of love just because Glameow evolved. Mamie (sp?) was really cute. I don't really like Meowth-centric episodes all that much, but this was a good one.
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    That moment when you realize that this episode has Torterra's only 1 vs 1 win. Followed by that moment when you realize that Torterra got a 1 vs 1 win. Further followed by that moment when you realize that it's against Jessie thus no one takes it into account ever and just says that Torterra got no wins as a Torterra. *Okay-meme*
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    Default For The Love Of Meowth 646

    For Rubyed
    Mitsuhoneys abilitie allows him to collect sweet honey after battle i believe so you just need to fight wild pokemon using a mitsuhoney and hope he picks some up, like the pickup abilitie but with sweethoney.

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    Nice episode in general especially it show some development between the two cats. I like the way Nyarth become more active in battling rather than just stealing Pokémon. His way of throwing a monster ball looks awesome and swift to me. Especially when this is the first time that a Pokémon sent out a Pokémon if I remember correctly.

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    Meowth sure seemed stronger than usual in this episode. Too bad Team Rocket didn't split up for good here, I was hoping that they would. I think this was a pretty good episode overall 8/10

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