SaI here with another of my games,this one is the start of my new mafia series.I got the inspiration and rules list from Fongerman,but i changed the rules a bit. The main change on mine is it isn't just one series that i took roles from. I have a big list of roles and when the game starts i will assign them based on the number of players. I will not mention what the roles are in the thread,but i will say how many people of each side there are(town-mafia-3rd party). So,without anything else to say really,here are the rules

1. This game will be held in 48 hour blocks. During the appropriate phase everyone who has an action will PM their actions to me. After the 48 hour deadline I will write up the actions and post them, therefore starting the day round. That is where you vote to execute a player.

2. Ask me if you have any doubts about something you wanna do.

3. NO outside discussion of this game unless you have been told otherwise by me(by no outside discussion I mean that you can only communicate with each other in this thread)

4. If you are unsure what the roles mean, please ask first, rather than halfway through the game. As always, action choices are sent in to me via PM.

5. Every post you make in this thread must be related to this game and this game only. Posts about other games will be reported as spam

6. You may claim a role whenever you want,it could even be a fake claim(you can pm me if you need a fake role to claim),you just cannot quote the pms i send you.


Game play:
First round begins:

•I post an opening Write-up signifying the start of the game

• Each player decides on an action and sends their PM. Anyone with ability or skill may choose to use it. The evils and Rogue decide together who they want to kill. Note: There is going to be a 48 hour limit to send in your actions. That way there's less waiting on one person. If someone doesn’t send in their action on time their role will be re-assigned to anyone interested in joining the game

• I post first scenario, including murders, saves, etc.

• After the scenario, the players still alive decide who is guilty, and who should be eliminated. Players vote and the person with the most votes is removed from the game. Note: Anyone can choose to abstain(not vote).

Now for...



(note if it fills up before we start feel free to expand upon the sign up list)